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Zzaapp records

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4096 Salts - Green Ant Sound     Electronic, Breaks, Experimental 13/07/2017
4096 Salts makes sounds with laptops and records them onto cassette tape late at night when everyone's asleep. 4096 lives in a rainforest near Melbourne.
Wet and squishy abstract electronics!

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Cooperblack - I Assume     Electronic, Pop 19/11/2015
Cooperblack is Jeremy Conlon. Synth-heavy electro-pop from way out in the Australian desert - Yuendumu, NT!
I Assume - Cooperblack
First Single from the new Coopeblack EP 'Return To The Big Eyes' Electro-pop (in French?!) from Yuendumu, NT.

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Laptop Destroyer - Wizard Thrasher     Electronic, Hip Hop, Industrial 08/07/2015
Laptop Destroyer is Kris Keogh, a guy from North-East Arnhem Land (NT) making heavy, heavy bass music. Mix engineer for major labels by day, sound murderer by night!
"I hate wizards. I hate everything about them. I can't stand elves or goblins either, but wizards are the worst. So i made a track that sounds like a giant robot giving a wizard a solid thrashing. This is what it takes for me to get by..." - Laptop Destroyer

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Laptop Destroyer - Devilfish Two     Electronic, Techno, Experimental 11/12/2014
Laptop Destroyer believes in breaking everything into bits, falling over underwater, battling laser slugs and then recording the output into a tazer plugged into the biggest PA you ever saw.
One Roland TB-303 getting murdered in a metallic chasm. Kinda.

Sparkle Gang - Bring You Back     Electronic, Pop 02/03/2014
Sparkle Gang is the sugar water tear that hangs in your eye. That stings with glitter and bubbles with warm lemonade.Sparkle Gang is Mel Stringer.
'Bring You Back' was written on the 22nd floor floor of a small apartment on the beach in Surfers Paradise. The ocean seemed to go on forever from the balcony.

This version is features a hard candy coating of ZZAAPP production from label boss Kris Keogh.

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Laptop Destroyer - Commercial Sellout Rubbish     Electronic, Hip Hop 21/02/2014
Like a StarWars battle on an underwater bouncy castle, Laptop Destroyer brings wobbly bass and banging beats direct from Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Buzzing instrumental hip hop. Beware.
Commercial Sellout Rubbish is co-lab between Laptop Destroyer and Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet). It came about when Kris got Evelyn to come to the NT to play a solo Pikelet show. They became friends and mailed bits of audio back and forth until you have banging track!

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