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Zero Through Nine

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Baby Blue - Fire & Ice     Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative Country 01/02/2018
Baby Blue taps into sounds of 60s surf rock, Americana & indie pop. The result is charming and considered concoction from an exciting new talent to watch.
The first single from The sophomore EP by Melbourne's Baby Blue is a nihilistic garage psych burner. In the words of front woman Rhea Caldwell "Everything ends so do what you like with your life."

Huntly - Please     Electronic, Pop, RnB, Gay Alligned 19/01/2017
Huntly is a trio from Melbourne, creating "doof you can cry to".
‘Please’ is a tropical garage/2 step beat plagued by singers, Charlie’s and Elspeth’s aches for a lost lover. Continuing their theme of self-described “Doofs you can cry to,” ‘Please’ is a story of longing, anguish and catharsis.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC), Zara Kravchenko , SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Other tracks by Huntly:  Templehof
Take Your Time - Sleep In     Electronic, Pop, House, Downbeat 24/10/2016
Melbourne duo who make their own brand of diva house ready for the kind of club that serves cappuccinos.
‘Sleep In’ is about believing in your pals. It’s really heartbreaking seeing your friends/loved ones struggle, when you know that they’re full of potential and deserve better – ‘Sleep In’ is like a warm embrace for your loved-ones, letting them know that you’ve got the time for them

Other tracks by Take Your Time:  I Feel It Every Day
Marcus - Toast     Hip Hop 15/07/2016
Australian rapper Marcus is one of a new breed of young artists striving to turn his niche local hip-hop scene into a world-class hotbed of cultural innovation.
​‘Toast’ ​is the musical brainchild of Marcus & Basquiat JR (the producer behind the 2015 Joey Badass hit ‘Christ Conscious’​). The unlikely duo connected through Twitter over mutual respect for each others' music and set about creating a song that pushes the envelope of hip ­hop in Australia.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Japanese Wallpaper - Cocoon     Pop, Electronic, Ambience, Chill 01/07/2016
Electronic singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne. Unlike many of his electronic contemporaries, Japanese Wallpaper focus's less on production, and more on melody to create his brand of lush, ambient pop.
“Cocoon” is the first new track since his EP, and in no way departs from his cool and translucent signature style. This time round, Strum lends his own deep and raw vocals to the single, which adds a sincerity to the tenderness of the track and its subject.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: DJ or Electronic Live Act of the Year (National Awards)

Japanese Wallpaper - Forces (feat. Airling) (Yumi Zouma Remix)     Electronic 21/01/2016
Having dominated 2015 with the release of his debut EP, a regular strings of sold-out performances, Japanese Wallpaper reveals his Deluxe Remix EP ahead of his performances at Laneway Festival.
The Yumi Zouma remix of "Forces" maintains the beautifully layered vocals of Brisbane local Airling, while maximizing the atmosphere of the track into lush oblivion.

RaRa - Faries     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop 10/08/2015
Ll’vo, The lovely me, River Deep and KL are RaRa: a Melbourne hip hop group characterized by colossal personalities. As River Deep told SpeakerTV: “We’re kin, but we’re a singularity.
Pink and Teal was a collab’ heavy collection of straight up bangers, new track ‘Faries’ signals a journey into new territory, showcasing just how much RaRa can do on their own. RaRa are full of instrumental surprises and stunning sentimentalities and ‘Faries’ wastes no time in reminding us of that.

Japanese Wallpaper - Forces (feat. Airling)     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 28/03/2015
Japanese Wallpaper’s talents transcend his mere 17 years. A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, the word ‘prodigy’ certainly springs to mind.
Japanese Wallpaper's latest collaboration is his most auspicious yet. Featuring ethereal Airling on vocals, “Forces” pulses with intensity, and Strum says it's the first time he and a collaborator had nothing prepared. Instead, they worked from scratch together, and three days later they'd written their next single.

Edward Francis - Braver     Electronic, Folk, Experimental, Jazz 07/02/2015
Abstract, Jazz inspired, singer-songwriter based in Alice Springs. Edward Francis uses swirling saxophones and scattered vocals accompanied by driving micro-house drums which please as much as they can disorientate.
Braver is an open-letter to friends. “I think being honest and open with your friends, even with those you feel closest... the hardest thing can be admitting how important they are to you.” Swirling-saxophones and scattered-vocals are accompanied by driving micro-house drums which please as much as they can disorientate.

Leaks - Could I Be     Electronic, RnB, Chill, Dance 10/01/2015
Leaks, real name Thomas Guida, uses a variety of unique decaying beats, beautiful harmony blends, and distinctive vocals to create the eccentric mixture of electronic, dub and new wave R’n’B.
Leaks, real name Thomas Guida, uses a variety of unique decaying beats, beautiful harmony blends, and distinctive vocals to create the eccentric mixture of electronic, dub and new wave R’n’B.Leaks, real name Thomas Guida, uses a variety of unique decaying beats, beautiful harmony blends, and distinctive vocals to create the eccentric mixture of electronic, dub and new wave R’n’B.

Other tracks by Leaks:  Underthought  -  Often Its You
Japanese Wallpaper - Between Friends (ft. Jesse Davidson)     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat, Chill 17/09/2014
Gab Strum aka Japanese Wallpaper is the most recent winner of Triple J’s Unearthed high, but that’s merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Strum’s achievements over the last 12 months.
Japanese Wallpaper returns with his third and arguably most mature single yet, ‘Between Friends (ft. Jesse Davidson). The track mixes Strums signature ambient, forlorn and swirling arrangements with equally young upstart Jesse Davidson’s heartbreakingly smooth vocals the perfect accompaniment.

Lower Spectrum - Khlever     Electronic, Experimental, Dance, Instrumental 26/06/2014
Lower Spectrum bathes your brain in lush textures, with surprising and explosive atmospheres set in unencumbered, unearthly spaces, all blending against crackly vinyl chops, warm analog colours and deep-­laced rhythms.
Lower Spectrum has meticulously pieced together the infectious, kaleidoscopic sounds of his new EP titled, Traces. The first single, Khlever, to be taken from the upcoming EP, injects rising orchestral swells, absorbing melody lines built around layers of deep pulsating rhythms and warm analogue colours. WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Electronic Producer RECOMMENDED BY: FBi RADIO, SYDNEY

Japanese Wallpaper - Waves (Ft. Pepa Knight)     Pop, Ambience, Electronic, Chill 15/05/2014
17-year-old ambient pop producer who counts Gotye, Chet Faker and Bombay Bicycle Club as fans.
The enigmatic Japanese Wallpaper returns with ‘Waves (ft. Pepa Knight)’. The track is a consolidation the young musicians comprehensive ability to write beautifully forlorn, down-tempo electronica. Strum has once again cast the song perfectly, with Jinja Safari muti-instrumentalist Pepa Knight providing a dreamy, blissed-out performance vocal track that conveys.

Tom Day & Monsoonsiren - Love Is Rare     Electronic, Ambience, Chill, Atmospheric 27/03/2014
PhD Chemistry student by day, world class ambient escapist by night.
the opening song from the EP, is a triumphant example of Tom's more ambient productions, as well as Nathan's (Monsoonsiren) soaring falsetto, which serve as the building blocks for their collaborations.

Other tracks by Tom Day & Monsoonsiren:  Elegiac