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Young Hysteria - No Time

Young Hysteria - No Time
When Australian singer/songwriter Jimmy Hawk began work on Young Hysteria, he had lofty ambitions: Don’t just write another album; create another world. One with enough detail, texture and dimension that a listener could step inside explore and inhabit. Terrified by the idea of being any one thing, or being of any one genre he set out to displace his comfort zone.

The new LP is 30 minutes of avant-garde pop. The inspiration: to reconcile the innocence and hope of adolescence with the face value attitudes that emerges in adulthood. The approach, a collaged aesthetic reminiscent of ’Good Vibrations,’ filled with all the highs and lows, comedy and tragedy that underscores most people’s reflections on relationships.

Embracing the limitations of no studio, collaborators and at times housing, [much of the record was penned and recorded on couches, floors, and trains in London]. This left field approach ironically enabling him to expand his DIY recordings to realize them conceptually and experimentally.

“Never Gonna Learn” is that rare song that relaxes you, causes you to lose your breath momentarily, and transports you to another place. Beautiful and brilliant." — The Revue.

“This band blew me away” — Riki Maymi, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

About this track...

Atmospheric soulful and dream filled, 'No Time' is a mysterious erotic track, transporting you to some lost Twin Peaks episode in a parallel universe.

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Genre 2 Soul
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