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Yes Rave

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Simo Soo - Spruce Moose ft. Aphir & Yon Yonson     Hip Hop, Electronic, Rap, Pop 10/04/2018
Simo Soo is a rapper and producer simultaneously dabbling in pop and noise to create truly future hip hop music that sounds like nobody else in Australia.
Melbourne via Sydney rapper/producer Simo Soo teams up with R&B vocalist Aphir and Sydney's fav band, Yon Yonson for 'Spruce Moose'.

It's Kylie meets a G-funk Blade Runner with social anxiety raps, cartoony synths, tugboat samples and unpredictable drums.

‘Everything Is Going To Be Okay’ drops 13/4 thru Yes Rave.

Tofu Mountains - Call     Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Hip Hop 21/03/2018
Melbourne electronic music producer mixing the sounds of the club with the sounds of volcanoes, heartbeats and trashcans.
Tofu Mountains debut double A side single

Other tracks by Tofu Mountains:  Speak
Bilby - ILY+YLM (prod. Meltycanon)     Hip Hop, Electronic 15/02/2018
Sydney rapper/producer Bilby mixes hip hop with early '00s emo and indie with spectacular results
A cute af love song by Sydney rapper Bilby featuring production from Alabama's Meltycanon.

Other tracks by Bilby:  Walkin 2 The Lake (prod. Meltycanon)  -  Sydney Rapper (prod. Meltycanon)
Swaré - Purple Kites     Electronic, Dance, RnB, Funk 01/02/2018
“I have never once known what I am doing”— SWARÉ
With ‘Purple Kites’ Swaré has shifted gears again; this time offering up a deliciously soulful, R&B tune with trap and future bass influences that escalates into a big punchy chorus that hits you right in the feels. ‘Purple Kites’ also showcases Swaré’s range like we haven’t heard before.

Simo Soo - Independent     Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, Electronic 20/12/2017
Simo Soo throws beats influenced as much by modern pop and club music as avant electronica right at you whilst rapid firing hyphy raps about life and death. Sweet.
Simo Soo flexes over a very sexy club beat before turning the track into a psychedelic doom mantra by the end.

Swaré - Remember     Pop, Electronic, Dance, RnB 17/11/2017
We first heard from Swaré back in August with his eminently danceable debut ‘I Want You to Move’ and now he’s back to set dance floors aflame with ‘Remember’.
The latest offering from Swaré takes a different route from his debut release without losing any of the things we love about Swaré: slick vocals, big electro beats and oh so catchy choruses. Produced by ARIA-nominated Michael McGlynn (L-Fresh the Lion, Little May) and Toby Chew Lee of MOZA

Failr & Marky Vaw - Aesthetic     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Dance 11/11/2017
Failr is a sweet producer, Marky Vaw is a sweet rapper. Sweeet.
Aesthetic AF

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Other tracks by Failr & Marky Vaw:  Tallboy
Simo Soo - Ey Das Me     Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Punk 11/11/2017
Simo Soo's hard to pin down, between throwing beats influenced as much by pop and club music as avant electronica, Soo spits fast rhymes and punky yelps right at you.
Whereas his nihilist AF mixtape ‘We’ve All Been Tricked...’ from February was bars upon bars of raps about anxiety, depression and feeling completely lost, ‘Ey Das Me’ is a downright chirpy affair. Soo flexes on being the only ‘cutie, twinky punk genius’ in the game

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Clifford Carpenter - Work     Hip Hop, Psychedelic, Electronic, Britpop 26/07/2017
Clifford Carpenter is a solo musician and vocalist mixing hip hop, punk, industrial, psychedelia and shoe gaze.
Clifford Carpenter's 'Work' is a beautiful dark twisted fantasy filled with anxiety and social media that sounds like a morning-after Modafinal party with Morrissey.

Failr - Anxious Boy ft. Bilby     Electronic, Hip Hop, Chill, Downbeat 17/03/2017
Sydney based electronic producer
Eyyyy sweet news right here, Sydney electronic producer Failr just teamed up with Sydney emo-rap-prince, Bilby for “Anxious Boy” which is vvv much the chillest of Autumn anthems.

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Simo Soo - Love Song ft. Sissi Reagan (prod. Bistro)     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Rap 24/02/2017
Simo Soo makes hip hop with a whole bunch of punk, noise pop, club music and samples on top. You ever heard anyone that sounds like Simo Soo? Probably not.
Sydney's Simo Soo & Sissi Reagan deliver a love song about loss in the present but gains in the future over production from Bistro, like the 2017 internet sequel to Amy Winehouse's 'Rehab' filtered through Kylie Jenner, Four Tet & Lil Yatchy.

Other tracks by Simo Soo:  I See U ft. Bilby (prod. Lowgrind)  -  Sh**ty Speakers (prod. Spaceboy Neil)
Sissi Reagan - In The Dark (prod. Lowgrind)     Electronic, RnB, Pop, Rap 24/02/2017
Sissi Reagan (formerly known as Zsa Zsa LaFine) is a Sydney based vocalist, dancer and artist specialising in transforming dancefloors into rooms of dancing, making out angels.
Sydney's Sissi Reagan teams up with producer Lowgrind for a sexy sax jam, the sound of George Michael & Amanda Lepore sharing a bubble bath watching World Star Hip Hop videos. Chill party music to cruise to. This ain't your mama's dinner party music.

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Sissi Reagan - Crowd Goes Wild     Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance, House 06/01/2017
Sissi Reagan (formerly known as Zsa Zsa LaFine) is a Sydney based vocalist, dancer and artist specialising in transforming dancefloors into rooms of dancing, making out angels.
This is hi-energy dance music, this is a pop singer singing over a version of Blade Runner starring Danny Brown and Courtney Love and set in downtown Chicago. You wanna dance? Play this.

Sissi raps, croons and Donna Summers over the beat with hints to house, punk, disco and pop.

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Melt Unit - You Can Have This     Electronic, Breaks, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, House 22/12/2016
Sydney experimental dance producer, Melt Unit makes intense club music influenced by gabber, Jersey, jungle, footwork, breakcore and more. The hypest of music yessssss.
Sydney experimental dance producer, Melt Unit team ups with Simo Soo & Zsa Zsa LaFine for a club banger. Like the 2016 version of "Valley Girl" meets DJ Khaled level positivity.

Simo Soo - Klaus     Hip Hop, Electronic, Pop, Experimental 03/12/2016
Simo Soo makes hip hop with a whole bunch of punk, noise pop, club music and samples on top. You ever heard anyone that sounds like Simo Soo? Probably not.
'Klaus' is the first single from Sydney weirdo rapper/producer Simo Soo's 2016 mixtape. This is a fresh and well slept Soo rapping so tightly over a Yon Yonson produced banger with lyrical references to anxiety, gaslighting, depression, ADHD and medication.

Credits boast backing vocals by Marcus Whale (Collarbones/BV) and Bilby.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

FishGuts - I Don't Think She Likes Me     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 26/10/2016
Cute-core punk rock band featuring Sydney's Simo Soo and Zsa Zsa LaFine. Songs about sharehouses, biscuits and cats. How does anger sound so cute?
Taken from Yes Rave's 'Yes Rave/Yes Sydney Vol. 1' compilation.

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B00bjob - Brown Shane Warne     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic 21/10/2016
B00bjob is the cheekiest rapper. He made a song title from an amateur YouTube skateboarding URL, unfollowable social media and his official site features only images of him in space.
Produced by King Single (Rob of Bare Grillz), this is three minutes of hilarious boasting. B00bjob rides the beat like the lovechild of Styles P and Jadakiss, he’s a dragon shooting flames on all his haters. Rage to this then chill like ‘hehe f**k it life’s cool’.

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Bilby - Stingray     Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Chill 21/10/2016
Bilby aka Blinky Trill has been writing songs since the summer of 2013. Since then he has become the emo-rap prince of Sydney.
'Stingray' from Bilby's 'Botanicals' mixtape is a hip hop anthem of feeling lost in Australia in 2016. The track takes cues from Atlanta and New York's new weird rap movement but also from early 00s emo, punk and indie rock. Somewhere between Das Racist and the Microphones. Catchy AF too.

Other tracks by Bilby:  Interst8 M8s  -  Well Regarded
Zsa Zsa LaFine - She Hot     Electronic, House, Hip Hop, Dance 21/10/2016
Proper party music for proper party queens and geniuses. Bass that belongs on Oxford St at 4am, spilling onto sidewalks, holding back boozy barf to make out with your bestie.
New single from Sydney's Zsa Zsa LaFine, 'She Hot' is the happiest diss track imaginable. It's part 90s house anthem, part devotional modern day Tumblr hip hop with a beat produced by rapper/producer Simo Soo. This is an empowering sugar rush wake up.

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