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Yeah Sweet PR

Yeah Sweet PR is an independent Music PR business based in Brisbane, Australia.

Offering personalised support to bands and artists, Yeah Sweet PR works with musicians to organise and manage tailored publicity campaigns - servicing music to media representatives, pursuing and arranging press opportunities, and assisting bands and artists through the stages in the lead-up to a release.

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Yeah Sweet PR

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Alex Andra - Not The Beginning     Pop, Punk, Rock 22/03/2020
Capturing vulnerable emotion and effervescent spirit, Perth’s Alex Andra draws influence from inspirations such as Stand Atlantic and Paramore to deliver high-energy, anthemic Pop/Punk full of heart and ambition.
‘Not The Beginning’ grapples with the ideas of personal growth and maintaining relationships through these transitions, acting as a vehicle to drive home Alex Andra’s message of the intensity of mental health and how crucial a part art can play in gathering a community to continue the dialogue around such topics, and how cathartic that can be as an artist.

Patient Lounge - New Man     Rock, Metal 15/02/2020
Brisbane’s Patient Lounge deliver a fresh spin on Rock/Progressive Rock music, masterfully incorporating pop sensibilities in progressive rock/metal tracks. Their heavyweight sophomore single ‘New Man’ is out 20 February 2020.
‘New Man’ is a formidable track about rebirth and growing – how “sometimes when going through something difficult, you can come out the other side a different person”. Delivering 7:53 of hard-hitting riffs and powerful hooks showcasing the heavier realm of what Patient Lounge has to offer, “’New Man’ will have people headbanging one second and singing along the next.”

Street Pieces - One for the Road     Rock, Alternative, Blues, Metal 04/11/2019
Heavy riffs, soaring vocals and relentless grooves rain over you as Brisbane four-piece Street Pieces deliver a hard-hitting Rock/Alternative Rock overload infused with blues and charisma.
Full of Street Pieces' signature gritty shrieking riffs and compelling vocals, ‘One for the Road’ tells the story of a party that turns into a riot, with groove that bursts through the gates and instantly sets the mood for the wicked rock attitude that the track delivers.

JNR - Down Low     Country, Roots, Blues 15/10/2019
Brisbane singer-songwriter JNR delivers heartfelt Country music and candid lyrics reflecting his own life journey, with his debut single ‘Down Low’ due 14 November 2019
‘Down Low’ is JNR’s official debut single, co-written with TCMF 2014’s Star Maker Winner Jared Porter and Nolan Wynne, and recorded across Brisbane, QLD and Nashville, TN. With his humble lyrical narrative and quintessential Country instrumentation, JNR tells a candid, visually-evocative story depicting his representation of a down-to-earth, modestly fulfilling life – being “high on life on the down low.”

Silver Citizen - Years Behind Me     Rock, Pop 20/03/2019
Brisbane Rock trio Silver Citizen deliver solid Alternative Rock with New Age, Hip-Hop/Rap-Rock and Pop influences, combining inventive composition with strong melodies and dynamic vocals across a constantly engaging repertoire.
“When I look into your eyes, I can see all of the years behind me” – ‘Years Behind Me’ is as deep as it is heavy. Full of introspection and longing, it reflects on moments from past relationships. The pre-chorus begs “open your eyes and see the light in me” – symbolism that is represented in the official music video.

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Patient Lounge - All You Want     Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz 20/03/2019
Brisbane Rock four-piece Patient Lounge (formerly known as Therapist) offer a fresh spin on Aussie Progressive Rock/Prog Pop-Rock music, masterfully combining innovative instrumentation, dominant vocals and zealous energy.
A song of desire for more, 'All You Want' explores the relationship between 4/4 and 5/4 time signatures, with an evolving sound that serves as a fitting representation of the distinct variety that Patient Lounge has to offer. The track opens with an alluring pop introduction that journeys through pop-rock stylings to reach its heavier prog-rock conclusion.

The Unknowns - Doin' The Grind     Rock, Punk, Garage, Rockabilly 22/09/2018
Energetic Sunshine Coast trio The Unknowns are shaking up modern music with their driving beats, raw rock‘n’roll riffs and fresh punk attitude. ‘Forever Slaving Always Craving’ out 19-10-18.
‘Doin’ the Grind’ is the opening track (1 of 4) and lead single for The Unknown's second official EP ‘Forever Slaving Always Craving’, conveying the daily grind of forever slaving away to earn a living, always craving for something more. The music video light-heartedly captures the sentiment of a young band working through the average struggles of day-to-day life.

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Roadhouse - Long Live Rock N' Roll     Rock, Blues 03/07/2018
Brisbane's Aussie Rock 4-piece Roadhouse have been keeping the rock'n'roll spirit alive, on a mission to spread hard hitting, blood pumping rock to the world! 'Triple Shot' out 03/08/18.
‘Long Live Rock N’ Roll’ is track 3 on ‘Triple Shot’, and the song to be featured in their upcoming music video. The track is zealous and punchy right from the start, with the power and high intensity of classic rock n’ roll. Roadhouse "raise their fists", spreading the message of their love of rock that "feeds their soul".

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