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Yeah Nah Yeah

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Dives - Infinte Bliss     Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 01/11/2019
Dives crafts dreamy, underwater tunes that seem to drift away from the murmur of Sydney life and find zen.
This new anthemic synth-drenched track from Sydney artist Dives blends indie dream pop with elements of ambient electronica. Infinite Bliss deals with questions of life and death, and dedicating your life to pursue the things you love.

Jermango Dreaming - La-Dee-Da     Pop 02/08/2019
Jermango Dreaming is the solo project of Sydney party planner Jermaine Sakr who looks to share his introspection through smooth synths and laid back psychedelic vocal styling.
This song is pretty self explanatory. A classic F you, “I don’t need no one” break up song. It’s a follow up of the independence found in breeze, with a bitter sweet twist.

Jermango Dreaming - Breeze     Funk/Soul 24/04/2019
Jermango Dreaming is a Sydney artist making dreamy spaced out tunes with strong grooves behind it, giving listeners the chance to shake their hips, or kick back, take it easy.
Breeze is a song about finding independence and walking up the road to buy coffee

Dives - Sea Spray     Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic, Pop 22/10/2018
Dives is a Sydney dream-pop artist who creates contemplative, shoeg-gazy psych, crafting dreamy, underwater tunes that seem to slip away from the constant murmur of Sydney life and find zen.
‘Sea Spray’ is an allegorical tussle between fear and destiny that fuses dream-pop with liquid sound design and elements of ambient electronica. It's Dives third single under Yeah Nah Yeah Records.

SCK CHX - Monday     Rock, Garage, Punk 05/04/2018
SCK CHX are a Sydney 3 piece whose music looks to find a shared space between thrashy punk and introspective meditative dream pop.
Monday recounts an early psychological consultation and receiving a tangible diagnosis for depression and anxiety. It's charging garage punk pace provides a dirty lofi soundtrack to the track's lyrical confession, and ironically suggests a sense of relief and empowerment can come with such an emotional event.

SCK CHX - Feel The Same     Rock, Punk, Garage 09/03/2018
Sydney dream-punk 3 piece whose music looks to take listeners on a journey through emotional states from deep thought to anarchic aggression
Feel The Same’ is a song of contrast, with bright dream-pop verses that draw you in with their warm harmonies, bouncy beats and sharp chords - and a punk chorus that rips you out of your seat and sends you flying through a blender of sound and emotion.

King Colour - Shimmer     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 15/02/2018
King Colour are a psych-pop four piece from Sydney whose sound falls somewhere on the sonic spectrum between Tame Impala and Mac Demarco.
‘Shimmer’ is a lucid psych-groover of a track with a lyrical sincerity and a ceaseless hypnotic beat to back it up.

Sck Chx - Spinning Around     Rock, Punk, Garage 23/11/2017
SCK CHX are a Sydney three-piece who use their shared experiences to create their own brand of dreamy music which draws from early punk, psychedelic music and new wave.
Sydney mates SCK CHX’s latest release ‘Spinning Around’ is a bull through a china shop track that celebrates the feeling of losing control, being weird and being totally okay with that

Jermango Dreaming - Modern Day Living     Rock, Psychedelic, Garage, Funk 14/11/2017
Jermango Dreaming is the psych-pop project of Sydney-based artist Jermaine Sakr. While the tone is laid-back and lulling, each track holds a strong groove, influenced by 70s/80s funk and electric-dreams.
Modern Day Living is a sultry lofi dreamer that stems from a nostalgic place - the transition from teenage-hood into the adult-world and the complicated emotional of this personal change. It touches on themes of love, lust, friendship and adventure, while reminding listeners of the complexity of departing adolescence.

King Colour - Lost My Cool     Rock, Psychedelic, Soul, Pop 24/10/2017
King Colour’s silky blend of psychedelic soul and indie rock has become a seminal force in Sydney’s indie music scene with spontaneous, improvisational live sets and an accessible studio repertoire.
'Lost My Cool' is a reflective, humble opening to the ‘Mood Lighting’ EP due out early 2018, with slinky guitars and huge spacey jams that place it somewhere on the sonic spectrum between Mac Demarco and Tame Impala.

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Jermango Dreaming - I Want You     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, RnB 14/02/2017
Jermango Dreaming is the solo project of Sydney artist Jermaine Sakr. Initially exploring slacker psychedelic rock, Jermango expanded to add funk and electric dreams a big part of the music.
'I Want You' came about through doubt, anxiety and paranoia with his relationship. Even when things don’t seem right, and anxiety gets the best of us. Its about putting that aside and wanting to be with your other half despite the horrible feelings one creates themselves.

Dives - Fresh Air (Ft. AJ the Aged One)     Rock, Garage, Psychedelic, Pop 03/06/2016
Caught in a head space somewhere between the garage and the ocean, Dives creates contemplative, shoeg-gazy psych that slips away from the constant murmur of Sydney and finds zen.
'Fresh Air' is a reflective, dream-pop anthem that explores the isolation and guilt an individual can experience with anxiety and depression. The verses are brooding, dark and confused, and erupts into a harmonious, humbling chorus line "I often wonder why you stand by me... why you still love me".

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SCK CHX - Don't Wanna Go Home     Rock, Punk, Garage, Psychedelic 01/06/2016
SCK CHX's sound is a cocktail of crunchy guitar riffs, bouncy beats and misty melodies drawing from 60's new wave punk/surf like Joy Division and the Velvet Underground.
New single 'Don't Wanna Go Home' is a cruisy punk track that deals with the concept of moving out and on with life.