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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Diger Rokwell - All Time Glow (ft. Mathas)     Hip Hop, Electronic, World 04/11/2016
Diger Rokwell is an artist that knows no boundary, as represented through the nonlinear output from the Perth based multi instrumentalist and DIY dabbler.
'All Time Glow' (ft. Mathas) see Diger dabbling back into the realms of his sample based musical production, featuring a ‘mindful’ hip-hop styling. Mathas jumps up to lend his vocals to the track, to see the first release from the long-time friends and founding members of The Community.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

Anna Salleh - Noites Cariocas     World, Jazz, Acoustic 02/11/2016
From honey-smooth bossa nova and ballads, and irrepressible samba, to playful swing, cool jazz and enchanting choro, singer/guitarist Anna Salleh channels songs of beauty, sorrow, irreverence and joy.
Noites Cariocas (pronounced 'noichez kah-ree-oh-cahs') means 'Rio Nights' and is in the choro style. This form of music from Rio de Janeiro was originally instrumental but this song is set to almost untranslatable Portuguese lyrics that touch on themes of sleepless nights from a vexed relationship. Call it 'Brazilian vocalese'!

Other tracks by Anna Salleh:  Caravan  -  Manhã de Carnaval/Black Orpheus
G*Rey - Sentir     Pop, Electronic, World, Chill 28/10/2016
Electro French Pop from Australia, G*REY teams Geraldine with producer Dan Gullaci.
"Sentir" means ‘feeling’, as in feeling emotions; feeling one’s skin, heartbeat, etc. It’s got a disco feel to it. It’s a seductive track, evoking a classic, yet contemporary sophistication reminiscent of the likes of Françoise Hardy, Francoiz Breut, Air and Moloko, with French verses complemented by a chorus in English.

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Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O'Keefe - Kauai Oo and Yosemite     World, Atmospheric, Experimental, Soundtrack (Film Related) 28/10/2016
Linsey Pollak and Lizzie O'Keefe perform and record "Dangerous Song" where the human and the animal combine, playing sounds of endangered species and voice.
Linsey plays animal calls using a midi wind controller where breath, lip pressure and fingering control real animal call samples. This track features the sound of the extinct Hawaiian bird the Kauai Oo, the endangered Yosemite Toad and the Mexican Wolf, along with Lizzie's vocals and whistling.

Other tracks by Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O'Keefe:  Nawar and Athar  -  Deep Ocean Sabah
Matt Hsu (mat-shoo) - Mycelium     World, Folk, Experimental, Instrumental 28/10/2016
Matt Hsu (mat-shoo) is a one-person experimental orchestra and founding member of The Mouldy Lovers. A multi-instrumentalist and field recordist sculpting songs that are kooky, ethnic, intimate, grand and playful.
‘Mycelium’ is a 1-person symphonic delight in 3 distinct movements; evoking Studio Ghibli soundtracks and inspired by the hidden intelligence of forests. With a craftsperson approach, Matt hones and hews from raw sound materials created in a makeshift bedroom studio housing a collection of 20 (sometimes impromptu) acoustic instruments.

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Sol Nation - Sun Comes Up     World, Reggae, Ska 28/10/2016
Cooked Upbeats and Spicy Rhythms
Sun Comes Up is a Ska/Reggae song that talks about life and uniting people no matter who or where you from. Its about loving life and having a party till the Sun Comes Up.

Other tracks by Sol Nation:  Like it Like This  -  Spread the Word
Amanaska - The Only Way     Ethnic Multicultural, Electronic, World, Chill 26/10/2016
Amanaska create an unforgettable, immersive journey around our multicultural world. 
The Only Way was inspired by and quotes Simon read somewhere about the way adults lose their sense of wonderment and the ability to enter imaginary worlds and truly dream - like they did as a child.

Other tracks by Amanaska:  Run From It  -  Nothing In This World
The Coconut Kids - Un De Plus     Folk, Pop 17/10/2016
An Adelaide based French-inspired indie-folk four-piece producing global music. The Coconut Kids defy genres using ukulele, brass, bass, keys, violin, mandolin, percussion and powerful vocals.
Sung about last year’s French Paris attacks, “Un De Plus” exudes romance, melancholy & hope with its gentle mix of brass, baritone ukulele and French vocals.

Broadway Sounds - Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting     Pop, World, Dance, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 12/10/2016
'You would think Aussie electro-funk trio Broadway Sounds grew up on the West Coast with super groovy, warped, high and low synths that are so funkin’ funk' - Stereogum
Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting somehow cohesively blends 80s synth with intergalactic nintendo boogie that leaves you thinking “Of course! Why didn’t I come up with that?!”. It is clear example of the band’s frighteningly creative minds and insight into the chaos the group formulate on dancefloors.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Pepa Knight - Company     Pop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, World, Psychedelic 07/10/2016
After taking some time out to close the final chapter of Jinja Safari’s journey, musician and songwriter Pepa Knight has returned under his solo moniker with new single ‘Company’.
The anthemic indie-pop cut draws on comparisons from the likes of staple influences Peter Gabriel, Glass Animals and Local Natives; whilst retaining the songsmith’s signature approach to writing with multi-instrumental and jungle-esque elements prominently featured and melded with his affectionate and dream-laden vocal melodies.

Peter Allan - Fire and Ice     Pop, Ambience, World, Easy Listening 06/10/2016
Peter Allan is a session vocalist contracted to Scamp Studios. Peter Allan is a fine singer whose clear vocals coupled with the arrangement gives us a song for all ages.
The song Fire and Ice is about two lovers where one has had bad experiences and doesn't really give much of themselves to the relationship. It's a rocky relationship but eventually emotional barriers are lowered and love wins out. Fire and Ice reflects the sometimes imbalance between lovers.

Other tracks by Peter Allan:  Drinking Raspberry Daiquiri's  -  High on Life
Sampology - Natural Selections     Electronic, Soul, World 06/10/2016
Natural Selections is the breathtakingly refreshing EP from producer, Sampology. A torchbearer for collaborative inspiration, Sampology’s passion for extracting emerging talent from the Brisbane’s Soul/Electronic scene shines with Natural Selections.
This track sounds like it’s got loads of samples in it, but everything except for the bird sounds Sampology recorded himself, even the drum kit sounds. The backbone of the track is a kalimba Sampology layered in with different interweaving polyrhythms.

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Other tracks by Sampology:  Different Star (Ft. Laneous)  -  Thicker Than Water (ft. Tiana Khasi)
Vanessa Craven and Lunar Dust - Forbidden Dance     World, Instrumental, Ambience, Atmospheric 06/10/2016
Vanessa Craven, of Welsh-Indian background, is an Australian singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Vanessa is attracted to folk, blues and alt-country styles of music and continues to explore other genres.
Sometimes our 'dance' in life takes a deviating path - this tune encapsulates that - hence the title "Forbidden Dance."

Other tracks by Vanessa Craven and Lunar Dust:  You're Leaving  -  Suzanne
mistery + Werd - Family Matters     Hip Hop, Rap, Ethnic 03/10/2016
Sydney based MC mistery is one of the godfathers of Australian hip-hop. From his involvement with Brethren to his graffiti work, his music is straight and true to the elements.
Family Matters is an assertion of hip-hop music with respect for your heritage. mistery and Werd deliver a track that has a positive energy and beat, with conviction in their voices.

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Willow Beats - Dvaraka Pt. II     Pop, Electronic, House, World 30/09/2016
“I’m glad to say Willow Beats are back. They’re so distinct, (Kalyani) has such a distinct take on melodic structure and the new track is really terrific.” - Richard Kingsmill
Vocalist/Writer Kalyani suggests that “Dvaraka is a bit angry, and also sad, but will get you dancing and feeling contemplative.”

Xylouris White - Black Peak     World, Folk, Experimental, Ethnic 28/09/2016
Xylouris White is the pairing of renowned drummer Jim White (Dirty Three) and one of Crete's best-loved artists, lute player George Xylouris.
Black Peak the title track of the album opens with a plucked riff, backed by pounding floor toms and a powerful vocal.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)

Blue Child Collective - Slow     Funk/Soul, Funk, World 28/09/2016
Aplatform to facilitate the sharing of art in all its forms, BCC's more than just one man and a guitar, but a collective creation contributing to the culture of connection.
A song about slowing down our fast paced lives, "Slow" is the first single off BCC's latest release, "Saturn Saw The Seaside". Featuring contributions from both Australian and French musicians, this is a tune to groove to!

Other tracks by Blue Child Collective:  The Ultimate Image  -  Gardener
Grey Yard - Freedom     Hip Hop 21/09/2016
Grey Yard is a hip hop duo out of Melbourne who create hip hop music with a combination of live instrumentation and lyrics.
‘Freedom’ mixes modern hip-hop elements with traditional Malagasy sounds, and with lyrics spoken in three different languages the song discusses the struggles of both social and environmental issues in developing countries.

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CODA - 7AM (feat. Royce Doherty)     Electronic, World, Pop 16/09/2016
CODA is a collective of classically trained musicians who have consistently transcended musical boundaries with their trademark blend of strings, percussion, world and electronica.
‘7am’ is pure electro pop mixing driving electronica with the bands' trademark haunting strings and eastern vocals courtesy of country soul singer Jackie Marshall. Imagine a David Lynch film scene, the heroine lost on a highway at 7am

Rodean - Abolim     World, Electronic, Techno, House 31/08/2016
Sydney based composer, producer, DJ and founder of 'Capital Classique'. Lover of music with a celestially diverse and eclectic sound, challenging norms and hammering the boundaries of electronic music.
Abolim integrates the driving pulses of house music with the complex rhythms and chanting voices of tribal music. Originally sound recordings of farmers were captured by Greg Simmons at a small village in Goa, India. With these recordings, Rodean further composed and produced the recordings into a dance piece song.