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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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The Taste - Sunday Funk     World, Instrumental, Chill, Easy Listening 27/09/2017
With a buffet of musical influences ranging from funk, rock, soul and hip-hop, The Taste unique genre mashing sound will have you craving your next bite in no time!
The near instrumental four word two chord jam ’Sunday Funk’ highlights the collective mash of musical talent across The Taste with instruments such as Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Congo’s and Electric Guitar all taking centre stage throughout the five minute tropical infusion.

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Other tracks by The Taste:  Take Over  -  The Calling
Steven North - Bajre Da Sitta     World, Pop 23/09/2017
Creation, Inspiration, Passion & Love: Steven North is an electronic music producer that is inspired by music from all over the world and expresses it in his music pieces.
Bajre Da Sitta is a happy, vibrant and exciting song that sings about the magic of the woman. A very popular Punjabi song used at weddings and Steven has turned this song into a pop hit.

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Other tracks by Steven North:  Wonder (No One Needs To Be Afraid)  -  Live to Dance (Original Mix)
Apakatjah - Irriti Nyinapayi     Ethnic Multicultural, Australian Indigenous 22/09/2017
From the desert of Central Australia comes Apakatjah, an acoustic duo combining intricate guitar work with ancient languages & stirring harmonies
With a slight hint of “dessert reggae” and their signature acoustic guitar riffs to drive the song home the duo fuse English lyrics and escape with their traditional language to create a contemporary yet ancestry rich masterpiece.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (NT Awards)

San Lazaro - Ladridos (Cy Gorman Remix)     World, Electronic, Jazz 19/09/2017
For over a decade, San Lazaro have been playing and writing original Latin music in Melbourne. A tribe of lost Latinos, cobbled together from all over the Spanish speaking world.
Blending the futuristic and the classic, Cy Gorman’s remix of San Lazaro’s sultry ballad Ladridos is a mesmerizing meeting of two worlds. A a dark, sparse and completely analogue tango ballad twisted into a deeply bent piece of
symphonic electronica, synthesizing elements of cumbia, deep house and dub.

Benjamin Walsh - Mellow Tron     World, Instrumental, Experimental 12/09/2017
Benjamin Walsh is a world-renowned percussionist and is legendary for his ability to adapt and fuse styles, creating and reinventing approaches to traditional formulas of rhythm and sound.
Instrumental Drum Track using experimental techniques.

Other tracks by Benjamin Walsh:  Crumpled & Glitched
Airileke and Dizz1 - Full Freedom     Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, World, Industrial 07/09/2017
Airileke’s former band Grrilla Step w DJ Dexter was the first in AU to create & perform Krump. His PNG & Oz roots creates a new sound with futuristic ideas.
Airileke and Dizz1 use the energy of Krump to deliver a powerful message for West Papua. It’s the first time the Krump community has rizen for a solitary cause.
Merging rap, spoken word and the aggression of Krump mashed up this is a powerful call for Full Freedom.

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Cris Gamble - Stars     Hip Hop 19/08/2017
Growing up around it and listening to the music ever since he could remember, Cris Gamble has always had an ear for good Hip Hop.
The latest single from Gamble, ’Stars’, showcases the same Latin-American roots that’s characterised previous releases. Gamble’s bi-lingual flow has captivated listeners Australia-wide, including triple j and radio presenters throughout the nation.

‘Stars’ was recorded at The Cave studio where Cris Gamble and TPDIB first started recording.

Stray Hens - The Dreadful End of Marianna for Sorcery     Folk, World, Atmospheric 16/08/2017
Twin fiddles, bass and drums form a tight, sometimes complex framework for harmony-heavy arrangements. Traditional and classic folk from the Australian and UK scene are led by each band member.
This track highlights the full range and ability of the band. Soaring fiddles, lead vocals from the three front women. Ryan Tews' distinct drums lift the Anglo-Celtic side of the Hens' sound. Produced by Luke Plumb, the Hens' arrangement of Karine Polwart's ballad places the band in the living tradition.

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Other tracks by Stray Hens:  Diamantina Drover  -  Song of the Inland Rain (The Confluence)
Grace Barbé - Afro-Sega (Tony Allen Remix)     World, Reggae, Rock 11/08/2017
Awarded “Best World Act” seven years running in WA, Grace Barbé is a global ambassador for Indian Ocean music, fusing Afro-rock and reggae with island rhythms of Seychelles and Mauritius.
Internationally acclaimed Seychelles songstress Grace Barbé has teamed up with the pioneer of Afrobeat, Nigerian drummer Tony Allen (dubbed by Rolling Stone as one of the greatest drummers of all time) to remix ‘Afro Sega’, the lead track from Grace’s latest album ‘Welele!’.

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Tania de Jong - Flying Free     Classical, World 02/08/2017
Tania de Jong is an acclaimed soprano who presents magical performances across classical, music theatre, contemporary, spiritual and world genres.
The song is a delightful classical crossover piece featuring the beautiful soprano voice of Tania de Jong and the Piano work of Anthony Barnhill. The full orchestral backing adds the richness and depth the song deserves.

True Vibenation - Heaps Good (Samuel L Jackson)     Funk/Soul, Electronic, World, Hip Hop 26/07/2017
Blending earth shattering bass, big brass, African rhythms and hip-hop, True Vibenation signal a new generation of artists making the music of true global citizens.
‘Heaps Good (Samuel L Jackson)’ will chaperone you out of your seats, armed with an instrument in one hand, your heart in another and music as a chosen strategy to combat oppression, urging you to join the global protest against injustice.

Other tracks by True Vibenation:  Heaps Good (Samuel L Jackson) (Clean version)
Danny Ross - Rosas (Live In Cuba)     Blues/Roots, World, Live Performance 21/07/2017
A deeply moving, distinctly engaging performer, Danny is an artist truly evolving within his craft - exploring and uniting diverse genres and ideas.
After first debuting his current single "Roses” at the end of last year, Danny Ross headed to the historic EGREM studios in Havana, Cuba. Teaming up with members of the Bueno Vista Social Club and mixed by Grammy nominated Carlos Castro (Michael Jackson, Selena Gomez).

The Bombay Royale - I Love You Love You     World, Psychedelic, Rock, Soul 07/07/2017
The Bombay Royale are a world conquering cult band hailing from Melbourne Australia.
Angular synthesisers, gated snare and riffing sitar. ‘I Love You Love You’ is vintage Bollywood injected with 80's influences like Bowie, Talking Heads and Wire. At once a lovers’ duet and more subtly a protest about the bureaucratisation and automation that impinges on every aspect of modern life, love included.


Other tracks by The Bombay Royale:  Ballygunge
Band of Dawn - Cinders     Folk, World 23/06/2017
Australian/Canadian folk rock songstress Kimberley Dawn collaborates with The Tea Party's Jeff Martin, Violinist Luke Moller and more to deliver ethereal vocals, intricately textured sound and an exotic neo-victorian aesthetic.
This track explores the dual outcomes of bushfire (read: change), which can be both catastrophic and a catalyst for rebirth. Cinders is an imaginative, string-heavy track, punctuated by Dawn’s hauntingly beautiful vocals and produced by the singer-songwriter under the guidance of Jeff Martin from Canadian rock band, The Tea Party.

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Other tracks by Band of Dawn:  Forget Me Not
Cool Out Sun - Lament Not (Lamento De Exu)     Hip Hop, World, African, Rap 23/06/2017
Cool Out Sun is comprised of kids that won't put the drumsticks down in class. The beats; provocative. Lyrics; imaginative. Cool Out Sun are a creation of artistic escape.
In an effortless stride, Jones brightens your day juggling optimistic lyricism with colourful melodics. His stylistic approach is an uplifting and laxed’ out invitation to Cool Out Sun’s positive vibes. Turn it up, recline and Lament Not dear friends.

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Other tracks by Cool Out Sun:  Time For Love (Tempo De Amor)  -  Song For Sons
Luka Lesson - Living Artefact feat. Kahl Wallis     Hip Hop, World 20/06/2017
Luka Lesson is a best-selling author, Australian Poetry Slam champion, spoken word and hip-hop artist with two EPs and tours with Nahko Medicine for the People, Akala and Tiki Taane.
“Luka Lesson shines on Living Artefact, sharing with us a much-needed dose of culture, ancestry and heritage. His flow is hypnotic and his delivery radiates strength. Kahl Wallis’ voice uplifts. The two together make this song truly hit home.”
— L-Fresh the Lion

Fiona Kernaghan - The Angel Within     World, Acoustic, Roots, Atmospheric 15/06/2017
Writer of 11 No.1 hits worldwide, Fiona Kernaghan, is one of Australia's most versatile singer-songwriters. Her recent songs are a lyrical amalgam of ideas and philosophies that resonate with her.
Intuition is the continuing theme in “The Angel Within”. While the subject matter keeps an eye on celestial realms the production is one of the more conventional pop approaches on “The Art Of Being”. The lyric urges us to look to the future with newfound wisdom and clarity.

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Fiona Kernaghan - Oh, Mary     World, Acoustic, Christian, Easy Listening 15/06/2017
Writer of 11 No.1 hits worldwide, Fiona Kernaghan, is one of Australia's most versatile singer-songwriters. Her recent songs are a lyrical amalgam of ideas and philosophies that resonate with her.
“Oh, Mary” is perhaps the most transcendental song of all on “The Art Of Being”. It features a sparse, classical guitar arrangement and unique origin.

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Fiona Joy - Through Cloud     Classical, World 08/06/2017
Fiona Joy’s latest release on Blue Coast Records, ‘Into The Mist’, epitomizes the art of contemporary solo piano recording in todays market.
Fiona's use of the 1885 Steinway Grand and the evident super high resolution recording of this tracks make it an absolute joy to listen to.

Other tracks by Fiona Joy:  Galloping
John Sammers - (We Won't Be) Terrorised     World, Folk 05/06/2017
John has just completed a landmark album with triple Grammy winner Justin Guip. He is #1 Australian Singer Songwriter on N1M and his current release went No1 in Folk/Rock.
(We Won't Be) Terrorised had lyrics written to support the protests at Standing Rock and all proceeds of the sale of the single goes to the tribes seeking to protect their sacred lands from corporate interests. It is a rollicking acoustic based track with a powerful message.

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Other tracks by John Sammers:  Crossroads Ahead  -  Believe