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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Julian Curwin - Dancing On My Own Grave     Jazz, Acoustic, World 19/10/2012
Julian Curwin (founding member of three-time ARIA Award winning gypsy/swing outfit Monsieur Camembert) brings us 'The Mango Balloon: Volume 2' a stripped-back version of tango/spaghetti Western 10-piece The Tango Saloon.
Dancing On My Own Grave is the first single from the second installment of Julian Curwin's 'The Mango Balloon' project. A delicate waltz featuring guest vocals and guitar from Brian Campeau (Elana Stone Band, The Green Mohair Suits).

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Other tracks by Julian Curwin:  Grindhouse  -  Bubble Boy
Kooii - Kick It     World, Funk, Reggae, Jazz 08/10/2012
Brisbane-based Kooii are a band pushing boundaries in contemporary Australian music with their rhythm-driven fusion of Afrobeat, Reggae and Funk. The new EP is ‘Call Out’ another brilliantly pulsating release
A rhythm driven celebration, featuring pulsating percussion and smooth trumpet lines. Sitting beside a hooky vocal line, 'Kick it' is a grooves to a distinct beat. The horn line and vocals of Award winning composer Peter Hunt, will draw you in and move your body.

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Sergio Ercole - Primo Incontro     Classical, World 07/08/2012
Sergio Ercole is one of Australia's leading Latin/classical guitarists.
Through Primo Incontro, the listener is transported to an imaginary village of cobblestone alleyways where it’s impossible to not join in the party and give in to its melody. The classical guitar is joined by percussion and other guitars to help with the party atmosphere.

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Grey Bull - Go Down     Hip Hop, Dance, Rap, Hardcore 30/07/2012
Music is my passion and an important source of happiness in my life. I love people and having fun.
Go Down is a high energy track with a special melodies that stimulates your mind and make you want to put it on replay and never get bored. People like the introduction a lot and lyrics match the instrumentals as well.

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Other tracks by Grey Bull:  Pills of the Dancing  -  Know About You
Papa Chango - Theme From The Matador     Funk/Soul, Jazz, World, Instrumental 30/07/2012
What does it sound like when you drop Charles Bronson off at Barbarella's space-pod? It sounds like Papa Chango, that's what.9-piece afro-funk outfit straight out of Melbourne town.
"As the sun descends into an orange haze over the dusty, wind-swept town, our hero casts his gaze across the empty streets ... watching ... waiting ... and now, moving ... "

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Other tracks by Papa Chango:  A Challenger Appears  -  Boneyard
Matthew Fagan - Voyages     World 23/07/2012
Matthew Fagan recorded by 88.3 Southern FM.
With La Fiesta Flemenco Group, performed live to a shoal dance at the 2013 Globe To Globe World Music Festival in Kingston, VIC

Other tracks by Matthew Fagan:  Danza  -  Arabesque
Klezmania - Dance Me     World, Folk 23/07/2012
Australia's leading Klezmer band recorded by 88.3 Southern FM
Yiddish cover of Leonard Cohen's Dance Me to the End of Love, performed live at the 2012 Globe To Globe World Music Festival in Kingston, Vic.

Other tracks by Klezmania:  Mazel
Geamala - The Kiss of a Martyr     World, Atmospheric, Soundscapes, Acoustic 16/07/2012
Geamala are a spiritually uplifting and powerfully dynamic world music group. Fusing huge tribal drumming, 12 string acoustic guitar, Shaku Hachi (Japanese Flute) and Soaring Vocals.
The Kiss of a Martyr is an instrumental piece that reads as a sound track to the struggles of the tribal/indigenous peoples of the world. Celebrating their special connection and understanding of creation, reaching an epic and uplifting climax that symbolizes the strength and determination of the tribal warrior spirit.

Other tracks by Geamala:  Forking Paths
Susanna O'Leary - By My Side     Pop, World 28/06/2012
Susanna O'Leary is an award winning singer/songwriter who weaves pop/rock with Latin and world influences to create music reflective of her Colombian heritage and love for various musical styles.
This upbeat Latin pop song is reminiscent of the Gipsy Kings and features Spanish guitar performed by renowned session guitarist Louie Shelton.

Other tracks by Susanna O'Leary:  Doing This For You  -  Incredible
Madre Monte - Subidero     World, Reggae 14/06/2012
Hard hitting horns funkin’ up 50s style Cumbia, tight rhythm section dissecting Afro-Colombian progressions, skankin’ guitars infusing reggae grooves, and a front man recreating the ancient mythological stories of Colombia
Subidero is about giants who used to to walk the beach close to the town "El Valle" in the state of Choco, Colombia. People haven't seen them since electricity and TV came to the town of El Valle - only the oldest people in the town tell of their history.

Other tracks by Madre Monte:  Breaking News  -  El Diablo
Appleonia - My Wanderer     World, Soundtrack (Film Related), Pop, Ethnic 01/06/2012
After years of playing in bands all over the world, Jessica Chapnik Kahn took a bite of a magic apple and became Appleonia.
"My Wanderer" is a cover of the Indian song "Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi", which originally featured in the 1951 Raj Kapoor Bollywood film "Awaara". Performed by Appleonia, the song has been translated from Hindi to English, and features in the 2012 documentary about director Jennifer Lynch called "Despite the Gods".

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Other tracks by Appleonia:  My Wanderer (radio edit)  -  My Wanderer (acoustic)
fiona joy hawkins - Flight of the Albatross     World, Classical, Acoustic, Ambience 01/06/2012
Live at the Q with Fiona Joy Hawkins and The Blue Dream Ensemble is a standout Celtic/New Age performance. Favourites from Hawkins' award winning albums come to life.
Piano based Orchestral, with Irish Whistle - beautiful, thematic

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Other tracks by fiona joy hawkins:  Moving On  -  Standing Up
Blackbirds - Chebo     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Folk 03/05/2012
Hailing from Byron Bay, Blackbirds is a talented trio of international musicians. The warm vocals, ukulele and percussion bring to mind sweet island melodies as they recreate classics.
This traditional song was taught to Renee while in Zambia working in remote communities. The song means "all worldly things shall pass but our souls will always remain so this is where to focus". With Blackbirds, Renee produced an interpretation of the song including sound bites from her trip.

Other tracks by Blackbirds:  Want You Bad  -  Just Be Good To Me
Band Of Brothers - Luka     Classical, Folk 27/04/2012
Band of Brothers recorded by Radio Adelaide during WOMADelaide 2011.
Two sets of virtuoso siblings – Slava and Leonard Grigoryan on guitars, with Joseph Tawadros on oud and his brother James on req - in a stunning live performance at Womadelaide 2011

Other tracks by Band Of Brothers:  Blackbird  -  Freo
Exodus - Nina Limu (Lets gather together in Love)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Reggae, Jazz 23/04/2012
Exodus is: Emmanuel Alias (vocals), James Latar (vocals), Vincent Likambo (lead guitar), David Quirino (bass guitar), Joshua Tower (drums), John Jolet (vocals), Moses Olaa (vocals), Election Otongolo (vocals).
'Nina Limu' meaning Let’s gather together in the love of God.
Transcending borders, it brings together African Diaspora who fled to Egypt as refugees from Sudan, ending in Melbourne to create 'Exodus'..
Written by Emmanuel Alias & James Latar (lyrics), Vincent Likamba & David Quirino (music), produced/mixed by Ivan Khatchoyan.

Anbessa - Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Hip Hop, Reggae 23/04/2012
Diverse singer/songwriter Aminata Doumbia teams up with acclaimed Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop producer Jake Savona (aka Mista Savona) to present their offering 'I am Yours' on Visible 5 CD.
Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)
Sung in Swahili, God is the only solution to all our problems and the only way.

Aminata Doumbia (vocals) Jake Savona (bass/ programming), Anita Larkin (balafon/ percussion), Chiko Henderson (guitar).

Written by Aminata Doumbia & Jake Savona, produced and mixed by Jake Savona.

Kamerunga - Burke's Lament     World, Folk, Jazz, Rock 20/04/2012
Kamerunga has redefined and reinvigorated Australian folk, blending original composition with tradition and elements of world music, jazz, classical, rock and reggae to create a vivid new fusion.
An original composition, Burke’s Lament is a poignant song based on a letter that the ill-fated explorer Robert O’Hara Burke wrote in 1860 on the day before he died at Cooper’s Creek in Australia’s “red heart”. It features an intro and outro performed by oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros.

Other tracks by Kamerunga:  Fannie Bay  -  Queensland Whalers
Dyan Tai - C.O.O.L.     Pop, Electronic, Dance 10/04/2012
Malaysian-born singer/songwriter Dyan Tai releases his debut single and music video C.O.O.L. featuring his infamous disco-ball keytar.
Song written about embracing your inner geek and be cool no matter you're a try hard hipster, flaming gay, an ethnic stereotype - can still be cool.

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Other tracks by Dyan Tai:  Part Time Lovers
The Bombay Royale - You Me Bullets Love (Radio Edit)     World, Retro, Soundtrack (Film Related) 05/04/2012
The Bombay Royale are a Melbourne band dedicated to honoring and reviving the funky, bizarre and mysterious music of vintage Indian cinema.
The title track to The Bombay Royale's debut album, this blistering bollywood surf number is full of action. Available for free download from

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Other tracks by The Bombay Royale:  Sote Sote Adhi Raat (Radio Edit)  -  The Perfect Plan
Lamtech - Stay Strong     Hip Hop 03/04/2012
Lion Mountain Studio is a community project initiated and controlled by members of Sydney's Sierra Leon community.
Surviving and building a life as a refugee in Australia.