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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Dangerous Song - The Olive Leaf     World, Atmospheric, Experimental 12/08/2019
'Dangerous Song' is a performance project that combines the amazing voice of Lizzie O'Keefe with sounds of endangered animals played by Linsey Pollak using a WX5 (midi wind controller).
The Olive Leaf
from Songs of Emzara by Dangerous Song (Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O'Keefe)
Endangered species sounds used in this track:
Booroolong Frog (CR), Humpback Whale (LC)
played by Linsey on WX5 controlling Thumbjam
Linsey also plays his self made/designed Cylisax

from Songs of Emzara, released July 5, 2019
performed & composed by:
Linsey Pollak & Lizzie O'Keefe

Other tracks by Dangerous Song:  Calm before the storm  -  Reconnect
Yellow Monday - Kanchendzonga     World, Acoustic, Atmospheric 02/08/2019
Yellow Monday - Worldbeat meets Indie/Folk. Interesting Grooves. Eastern ~ Gypsy ~ Progressive ~ Singer/Songwriter ~ and more
Workers picking tealeaves disappear down to the valley floor as the northern horizon fills with a giant creamy cloud. Gazing through this vast hazy valley from Darjeeling to the north, I slowly become aware that I'm not looking at a cloud at all but the massive mountain known as Kanchendzonga.

Dr Effector - Starman (feat. Ben Scarf)     World, Retro, Cover Version, Dance 27/07/2019
Dr Effector is a Sydney based musican/producer
Rejoice at the death and cry at the birth - Starman is a celebratory homage to the life and music of the David Bowie. The end of the song always reminded me of a samba style melody so I went one step further and "calypsised" [sic] it.

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Hashshashin - Crossing The Panj     World, Instrumental, Classical 23/07/2019
A ragged and cathartic mix of Middle Eastern psychedelia, progressive rock and transcendental drone.
With an instrumental arsenal at their fingertips and a newfound mastery for crafting lush, atmospheric soundscapes, the sum of Badakhshan’s many elements is somewhat of an adventure for both old fans and new. These compositions almost command listeners into a place where trancelike rhythm and contemplative introspection are impossible to ignore.

VanderAa - Higher     World, Dance, Pop, Roots 18/07/2019
Australian brothers, VanderAa are producers, multi-instrumentalists, live performers and environmentalists who translate organic sounds of drums, djembe, beatboxing, didgeridoo, guitar, and vocals.
During VanderAa’s time in Melbourne in 2017/2018, a creative burst of inspiration birthed this song. It was through a deep meditation where Aaron was confronted with the powerful lyrics and the song transformed from his vision to their instruments. Together, brothers Aaron and Levi worked on the layers and differing elements that have made “Higher” the track it is today.

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Soul Cleaners - Gamma Gemini     World, Soundscapes 10/07/2019
Soul Cleaners, a blend of musicians and singers, from blues to pop, soul to jazz. Like all good music we are Soul Cleaners. Take care of your soul.
Gamma Gemini, Star burst! Radio burst! one hundred thousand eyes looking deep into the universe! Written in 7/8 time

Isaka Reborn And Adam Salone - Party Animals     World, African 28/06/2019
Adam Salone born in Australia and Isaka Reborn from Kenya of Congolese origin are the ultimate Dancehall Duo for Australia
A nice Dancehall party song from Isaka Reborn and Adam Salone on a Reggaeton beat produced by Adam Salone in Sydney.

Passi Jo & Warako Musica - Together     World, African 28/06/2019
The debut album from award-winning band Warako Musica, lead by internationally acclaimed Congolese musician Passi Jo. From the outset in 1998 Warako Musica was one of Australia's most energetic bands.
Together is about living together in global harmony, from Africa to Australia/Oceana, from the Americas to Asia; from Europe to the Middle East... Composed, arranged and sung by Passi Jo in Lingala, with additional words in English by backing vocalist Ruth Kennedy. Jim Swainston - guitar; Chris Lesser - keyboard; Conrad Henderson - bass; Gustavo Moreno - drums.

Other tracks by Passi Jo & Warako Musica:  Dimbo (Version 2)  -  W M Pachunga
Topher Mac - Up And Over     World, Psychedelic, Experimental, Acoustic 19/06/2019
‘Riding the folds and ripples of the great gown of life’. Topher is currently living the dream, travelling around oz and writing heaps...
“Up And Over” by Topher Mac. This song is mellow and diverse, with a rich, acoustic tone. The arpeggios are dreamy, almost like floating on a calm ocean. The song acquires a new depth, with big, cinematic drums and some amazing electric guitar tones. Fans of artists like Local Natives or Fleet Foxes are definitely going to dig this one!

Gordon Koang - Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)     World 19/06/2019
Gordon Koang is a household name in South Sudan, with 9 incredible albums. Currently seeking asylum in Australia, Gordon spreads a message of peace, love and unity, dancefloor style.
‘Stand Up (Clap Your Hands)’ is a favourite from Koang’s live performances, an invitation to the audience to get up and strut their stuff. He comments on the ‘seriousness’ of music in his adopted country, asking listeners to dance with their loved ones and feel the message of his music; namely - peace, love and unity.

Steve Hensby Band - Naf Naf     World 19/06/2019
The Steve Hensby Band are heavy on the horns and very danceable! “Steve Hensby is a decidedly less evil Will Wonka 9/10” - xpress magazine
A song in French that gets the dance floor moving!

Other tracks by Steve Hensby Band:  Loving Heart  -  Tale Of A Slide Trombone
Eldafyre - Before and Far     World, Folk, Acoustic, Chill 17/06/2019
A stylist male poet singing to world island folk.
This song was written on the coast of byron bay.. on sacred land.
It's about living, love. Life on earth. Respecting mother nature.
The connection we all have or lack to have as a human species on the planet.

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Other tracks by Eldafyre:  Walk Away  -  Moments of Paradise
Dubarray - Rise and Fall     World, Chill, Easy Listening, Ambience 11/06/2019
Uplifting, Soulful & Euphoric, Dubarray combine a fresh fusion of boundary bending world soul music layered on a bed synth based ambience and organic undertones.
Dubarray's new single 'Rise and Fall' is an ambient atmospheric soundscape which was inspired by the bands frequent trips to Queenslands beautiful Heron Island. The euphoric vocals, swelling synths and easy listening groove teleports you to a tropical island paradise landing you in the solace of somewhere between Moby's Porcelain & Cafe Del Mar.

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Mahmood Khan - Jagamarra     World, Easy Listening, Indigenous, Classical 25/05/2019
Mahmood Khan with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra
Mahmood Khan recorded this song with Willoughby Symphony only a few weeks ago. The orchestral arrangement is done by Doug Emery with David Griffin conducting.

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TARSHITO - IPO MAMBO     World, African, Rock, Electronic 10/05/2019
TARSHITO is one of Australia's most prolific composers and longtime exponent of world, fusion, new age and devotional music. A master of improvisation fusing tribal with modern music.
The song of local birds, floats in and out of African drums and chanting, with awesome vocals by Sasha Michalitsianos.

Yellow Monday - World Through Those Eyes     World, Acoustic, Folk 08/05/2019
Yellow Monday is an acoustic band based in Sydney. Original compositions with a "World", "Singer/Songwriter" and "Indie/Folk influence. Tabla...Cittern...Baglama...Cello...Fretless Bass...12 String Guitar...more.
A song about the Syrian War. This song asks the question of Politicians and Military leaders "How can you see the World through those eyes?"

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Other tracks by Yellow Monday:  Simpatico  -  Should I Jump
Barleyshakes - Travelling song     World, Folk, Roots 06/05/2019
The Barleyshakes manage to be at the forefront of traditional Irish music while breathing it new life. Irishtown is currently the Queensland album of the month on ABC local radio
Written on the Hill top stage at Woodford folk festival while the Buddhist monks chanted in the new Millennium. This uplifting track features fiddle, low whistle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals. It's a celebration of life on this beautiful planet

Other tracks by Barleyshakes:  Jim's bike  -  Lay me down
Sullie - Tears of the Goddess     World, Folk 03/05/2019
Sullie sings about leaving, love, loss and broken hearts with a twist of protest. Inspired by life his songs range from sensitive acoustic ballads to bluesy and punk rock songs.
A Celtic protest song, its originated in response to a motorway way project which was bulldozing its way through the Tara valley in Ireland, destroying ancient sacred sites. The protests were ignored and the motorway finished.

The Australian people are being sold out by their politicians, approving Adani more corruption and the Tears of The Goddess will flow again.

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Salary - Pogo     World, Punk, Folk, Psychedelic 10/04/2019
Lofi Indi Rock Big Band from Fremantle and Perth Suburbs
A song about discovering punk rock and it changing the way you see the world and yourself.

Oz Harte - Moja, Moja, Moja, Moja, Glavo!     Ethnic Multicultural, Pop, World, Ethnic 25/03/2019
English born Irish Australian. Composer, Songwriter, Video & Record Producer. Composer of original EDM, Shuffle, Reggae, Croatian & Classical music. Member APRA AMCOS.
After years of drinking, the protagonist now accepts the negative consequence of his habit and pleads with others to understand his desire to remain free from alcohol.

He sings of his favourite Croatian drinks enjoyed with family and friends but is now sure he will die if he takes even one small rakija.

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