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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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The Strides - One For One     Reggae/Dub, African 30/07/2013
The Strides bring together some of Sydney's best new talent in Afrobeat, reggae, jazz and hip-hop, spurring a new wave of Sydney interest in the hypnotic grooves of Afrobeat.
'One for One' showcases the talents and rhymes of LTL Gzeus alongside the incredible vocals of future-soul rising star Ngaiire, in a song about self-realisation, self-discovery, and coming to terms with a new world that is not what you expected.

Snowny - You Call Me     Pop, Dance, World 26/07/2013
I am a singer, songwriter, producer and actor. I spend most of my time creating beats and writing songs.
When people are in love, in the beginning things run smoothly but when they allow other people to interfere with their relationship. Result to chaos. This song reminds lovers that what about those good times we had, where are they?

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Other tracks by Snowny:  No More  -  Doesn't Matter How
Rafa Godoy - Mulata     World, Folk 22/07/2013
Venezuelan/Australian singer songwriter Rafa Godoy, brings together a fusion of folk, rock and world music in his exciting new album.
This track was inspired by a mulata girl I once knew. It features vocals, nylon guitar, accordion and cajon.

Other tracks by Rafa Godoy:  Mi Problema  -  A Bit Of Coffee
The Bombay Royale - Phone Baje Na (Bajo Bajo Remix by Pasobionic)     Electronic, World, Downbeat 05/07/2013
To celebrate their first northern-hemisphere tour, a prize slot at Glastonbury festival and a year of good work, The Bombay Royale are releasing a bass-heavy, head-nodding Bollywood hypno-hop remix EP.
Pasobionic's jilted post-Dilla bounce sets The Bombay Royale's Phone Baje Na in a whole new light.

Other tracks by The Bombay Royale:  Phone Baje Na (Damn Moroda Remix)  -  Phone Baje Na (Monkeymarc Smokin' Remix)
Blake Noble - Truck     Rock, Roots, Grunge 21/06/2013
Blake Noble plays percussive 12-string acoustic guitar, where he hits the face and body of the guitar to produce incredible drum sounds, while simultaneously mixing in the ancient Australian Didgeridoo.
TRUCK is the second video from the brand new album Underdog by Aussie multi-instrumentalist Blake Noble. This track features the gritty rock vocals of Cody Beebe, who fronts the Seattle band Cody Beebe & The Crooks. It has been compared to Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.

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Other tracks by Blake Noble:  North Carolina  -  Waitomo
Felicity Lawless - Rainspeak     Rock 18/06/2013
Fiery flamenco and bohemian singer, Felicity Lawless stimulates the senses and elevates the soul with music fusing Gypsy, world, rock and folk elements.
Rainspeak is a mysterious journey with haunting violin hooks over a hynotic, acoustic/rock sound. The lyrics are powerful and there are strong vocals with walls of harmony. It is a rocking song to make the listener feel empowered.

Other tracks by Felicity Lawless:  Unfold  -  Olé
Fiona Joy Hawkins - The Journey     World, Acoustic, Instrumental, Easy Listening 18/06/2013
Celtic/New Age pianist, composer and singer Fiona Joy Hawkins celebrates her most epic and significant album 600 Years in Moment recording with a handmade Australian piano and ancient world instruments.
Very "Lord of the Rings" and Enya'ish. Acoustic instrumental with vocals.

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Other tracks by Fiona Joy Hawkins:  Naked Love  -  Running on Joy
Vitabeats - One World Rhythm     Pop, World 12/06/2013
After the re-release of the Vitabeats album Spot the Spanner on iTunes, two years ago, Andrew and Lissa Barnum have been inspired to re-animate their Vitabeats project.
The infectious 80’s electro sounds of the Vitabeats comes through loud and clear on this beat driven pop track.

Other tracks by Vitabeats:  Flowers In The Wilderness
Future Destin - Raise Him     Hip Hop, Christian, Rap 10/06/2013
In 2009 Future became a solo artist playing Gospel rap / Hip hop where and now is about to release his first album Power of Three - Trinity.
The song Raise him is from the upcoming album with collaboration with Christina Laloata

The Electric I - The Vocabular of Theoph     World, Experimental, Pop, Rock 30/05/2013
The Electric I is a Melbourne born music project and the result of an inspired blend of virtuous musicianship, conceptual dare and cultural cross-pollination.
This song experiments with traditional Salsa Rhythms and progressive pop merging different blends of Latin folklore with contemporary rhythms.

Other tracks by The Electric I:  La Anatema
Nicola Milan - The Scent of Her Perfume     World, Jazz 22/05/2013
Sophisticated, sensual and romantic, Nicola Milan’s blend of easy listening jazz combines the sultry cool of Melody Gardot with the elegance of Diana Krall.
A dramatic and passionate tango that tells the story of a man haunted by the lingering memory of his lost love. His love’s memory is personified as her perfume which lingers tauntingly throughout his apartment. Sung with Nicola Milan’s sultry vocals, this magical track features a soaring violin solo.

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Other tracks by Nicola Milan:  Love Me More  -  The Waiting Game
Fabels - Nek     Electronic, Atmospheric, Experimental, Psychedelic 08/05/2013
at this stage only through band camp.
a loop drone based track with Dutch lyrics, based on a real life story told to Hiske by her mum , about someone getting stuck in a revolving door .....

Other tracks by Fabels:  Semaphore  -  Everything
The Mouldy Lovers - Yonder Ruckus     World, Ska 08/05/2013
Rocketing onto the Australian music scene, The Mouldy Lovers are known for their wild live performances and high energy blend of gypsy, ska and punk.
Yonder Ruckus is the title track of The Mouldy Lovers debut album of the same name. It combines upbeat gypsy and ska elements, making it a perfect party track. Lyrics by Gavin Cook.

Other tracks by The Mouldy Lovers:  Toro  -  Wake In Fright ft. Laneous
Judex Rose - Round About     Funk/Soul, Soul, Easy Listening, Jazz 24/04/2013
Judex Rose born in Mauritius, is a music composer, songwriter, living in Melbourne Australia. Afro-Soul Power is a blend of soul music, influenced by the the power of native music.
This track is influence by the Neo-Soul sound and the smooth-Jazzy Loungy Atmosphere.

Other tracks by Judex Rose:  Mr DJ  -  Riviere Des Creoles
Mama Toto - Strange Mistress     Folk, Acoustic, Soul, Blues 24/04/2013
Mama Toto is fresh, hauntingly familiar and addictive. A sound that is spine tingling, with harmonies like honey and lyrics that cut deep,Mama Toto is sure to thrill the senses.
Strange Mistress is a snappy song that explores the difficult issue of mental illness and it's unpredictable effect on relationships.

Other tracks by Mama Toto:  Reconnect  -  With You In My Arms
Takadimi - Into The Night     World, Jazz, Folk 24/04/2013
The group bring you into their worlds through inventive improvisations and evocative soundscapes. Takadimi exerts a genuine obsession for the possibilities within genres and their indefinite boundaries.
Bulgarian folk-style tune with an ancient line of Irish heritage, experimenting with being a Jazz musician on this particular night whilst drifting through the Blue Mountains and whispering 'Takadimi-takita, Takadimi-takita' quietly to itself. Shh. Listen.

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Other tracks by Takadimi:  You Know, You Know  -  Therese
Dead Can Dance - Children Of The Sun     World, Ambience, Atmospheric, Live Performance 17/04/2013
Dead Can Dance are an ethereal neoclassical world music duo which formed in Melbourne, Australia, in August 1981 with Lisa Gerrard on vocals and Brendan Perry on vocals and guitar.
“Children of the Sun” is the album’s ‘welcome to the show’, statement said Perry. The lyric addresses human evolution and how our genetic code is infused with ancient memory, right up to the present, celebrating nature – the Woodstock generation’s legacy.

Other tracks by Dead Can Dance:  Amnesia  -  Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
Bustamento - Livin' The Dream     World, Roots, Reggae, Folk 16/04/2013
Nicky Bomba's Bustamento unleash, 'Living The Dream', a new single from their ARIA nominated album. After their main stage Bluesfest performance the band have now announced an east coast tour.
Livin' The Dream is a classic style Mento/Calypso track.
Energetic grooves it is upbeat, with punchy horn lines that will make you shimmy.
Lifted from the ARIA nominated album 'Intrepid Adventures To The Lost Riddim Islands'. It was acclaimed in reviews and featured on major networks and stations nationally.

Other tracks by Bustamento:  Mañana
Paul Ruske - Uncertain Times     World, Acoustic, Live Performance, Christian 13/04/2013
Paul Ruske's debut album Uncertain Times. Mixed by world renowned Tchad Blake. Includes collaboration of Washed in the River with Grammy Award winning Soweto Gospel Choir composed by Paul.
This song was written by Paul when he was going through the birth of his first child and he was questioning the state of the world and what was important to him re family and friends.

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Other tracks by Paul Ruske:  Head in the Clouds  -  Washed in the River
The Midnight Wookiee Combo - Chillactic Groove     World, Chill, Downbeat, Ambience 01/04/2013
The Midnight Wookiee Combo take you on a journey through space and time - mellow and ambient tunes with a hint of cosmic chill and a touch of quirkyness.
Haunting, ambient saxophone laid over an easy chillout lounge beat and relaxing keyboard melodies.

Other tracks by The Midnight Wookiee Combo:  Lost in a Tumbling Module  -  Catwomen of the Moon