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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Quarter Street - Fantasía     World 03/07/2015
Salsa Dura done right... It’s tough, it’s gritty and ballsy, and in terms of musicianship, writing and production, it straight up cooks.
¡Oiga Papa! Listen up! The trombones come in thick and strong. Fantasia, the first song on Quarter Street’s self-titled LP is authentic ‘salsa dura’ from the old school. Hard salsa. It’s not shiny, it’s not clean and poppy or unduly jazzy.

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Other tracks by Quarter Street:  Tumba La Caña Jibarito  -  De Cualquier Manera
Conchillia - Witchdoctor     Pop, World, Roots 22/06/2015
Drawing from a world of inspiration, Conchillia shimmers with luscious, tuneful appeal to create a new sound underpinned with global beats and pulsing with vibrancy & vitality.
A lyrical Caribbean style dance tune, with nods to pop, rock and calypso beats.

Other tracks by Conchillia:  Afraid of the Dark  -  Sneaky Song
Jinja Safari - Find My Way     Pop, World, Rock 28/05/2015
One of Australia’s most endearing indie-pop outfits, Jinja Safari, have re-emerged with new single ‘Find My Way’; a snippet lifted from their highly anticipated forthcoming third album.
Find My Way’ was written around a series of events that occurred while the band was touring the UK.

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Carrol Karpany - Womad     Indigenous, World 21/05/2015
An eclectic mix of sounds with a Spanish gypsie influence Carrol Karpany sings about people, land and culture.
‘Snapshot III’ showcases the best emerging artists being recorded now at CAAMA Music, the record label responsible for unearthing Aboriginal classics such as Warumpi Band, Frank Yamma and Coloured Stone.

Luis Patner - Saltwater Dreaming     Indigenous, Folk, World 21/05/2015
Luis Patner sings of the dreaming - tradition, culture and the natural indigenous lifestyle.
‘Snapshot III’ showcases the best emerging artists being recorded now at CAAMA Music, the record label responsible for unearthing Aboriginal classics such as Warumpi Band, Frank Yamma and Coloured Stone.

Freedom Summers - Spirit of Endurance     Reggae/Dub, Folk, Roots, Chill 07/05/2015
Soul Folk Reggae. Soul as in conscious. Singer/Songwriter, guitarist, sound engineer and fine artist. Recorded album using solar power hence, title, Songs of the Sun. Her paintings on the cover.
Harold Cazneaux, (DickSmith’s Grandfather) in 1937 took a photograph of a tree in S.A, which he called ‘The Spirit of Endurance’. (Gallery NSW). I came across this tree whilst passing through the Flinders Ranges and had a oneness experience with her. Then travelled out into the desert, Southern Lake Eyre.

Other tracks by Freedom Summers:  Obvious  -  Living Water
Ben Kelly - Chop Wood     World, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Roots 30/04/2015
Eclectic Roots artist, Ben Kelly fuses musical styles and genres into his own voice where healing transformation and a transcending of the synthetic world occurs.
Chop wood, part of a 3 song series from the new album 50'000 People. The series is Chop wood, Carry Water, Meditate. All 3 songs of the series where written while i was street performing in between shows on tour. The unfolding of a personal transformation and healing. 432hz.

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Other tracks by Ben Kelly:  50'000 People  -  Life is Free (The Hello Song).
Natsuko Mineghishi - Nanpasen [Wrecked Ship]     World, Pop, Acoustic, Cover Version 24/04/2015
Japanese soprano who covers genres from Classical Opera, Lieder, J-Pop, Enka and Ballads. She is also a Karate World Champion who can sing and demonstrate at the same time.
Wrecked Ship [Nanpasen] is an acoustic cover of famous 80's J-pop. A song of a broken heart. Soul sinking like a wrecked ship while yearning for reunion. This track features the low range of Natsuko who usually sings in her top range classical voice. Piano accompaniment by Len Vorster.

Other tracks by Natsuko Mineghishi:  Ettou Tsubame [Wintering Swallow]  -  Funauta [Sailor's Song]
Kallidad - Death Fiesta     World, Folk 21/04/2015
Kallidad is a three piece fiesta party band from Sydney. From humble busking roots, the group has toured Australia, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Hungary and the Czech Republic.
The title track of Kallidad's latest release contains all the band's trademark sounds; tribal percussion, flamenco guitar, metal shred and bouncing riffs, all crushed together in a three and a half minute burst of energy that is utterly unique and sounds like no other band.


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Avi And The Uprising - Wahe Guru     Folk, Rock, Ethnic, World 17/04/2015
A golden bass baritone voice, infectiously hummable choruses, distinct and original lyrical imagery, innovative world fusion arrangements and critically acclaimed videos have powered singer songwriter Avi's musical uprising.
A runaway hit on BalconyTv, this song has an infectious chorus, lush acoustic world sounds with rich esraj (a cross between the violin and the sitar) harmonies layered to perfection, powerful bass baritone vocals and a message of keeping the faith in this crazy world delivered with wit and passion!

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Other tracks by Avi And The Uprising:  Boom Boom Shiva  -  Tamasic Electric Tools
Ann Leung - Jevolo     World, Soundscapes, Instrumental, Atmospheric 02/04/2015
In search of beautiful...Honest evocative songs delivered in an authentic style. Songs of spirit, inspiration and humanity.“healing”, “earnest” and “quirky”.
Evocative and epic soundscape with ethereal vocal layers.. a journey that builds slowly to a magnificent crescendo, and begs for a suitably epic & moving film to sit alongside.

Written by Ann Leung & Michael Fix.
Vocals: Nadia Sunde and Ann Leung

Coisa Linda - Para de Bobeira     World, Funk, Jazz 30/03/2015
Coisa Linda means “Beautiful thing” in Portuguese. The group plays samba and bossa nova, making the joyful and vibrant music from Brazil come to life:Brazilian music played by Brazilians!
Para de Bobeira is a Brazilian funk song with a contagious groove, a catchy riff and will put you in a happy mood. The song is an invitation to dance (and even if you don't understand the lyrics in Portuguese, that's what you'll feel like doing).

Fraudband - Special Time     Rock, Psychedelic, Instrumental, World 30/03/2015
Fraudband have developed a sense of their own sound over two releases – the “First Songs” cassette in mid-2014 and now their “Some Things” 10” vinyl, both for Kasumuen Records.
Time is hard to find together, when it is found it's Special Time. A rollicking guitar rides over a swing time.

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The Barleyshakes - The Smell Of Whiskey     Folk, World, Roots, Alternative Country 30/03/2015
One of the best Irish bands in Australia today. Queensland music award winners for World music. "Glorious, Rip Roaring stuff"
A really high energy upbeat look at immigration to Australia and the effects it has on all immigrants with special references to the Irish Australians.

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Other tracks by The Barleyshakes:  The Sailor and the Maid  -  Step It Up Mary
Adam Dunning & ChanCé - Gallipoli     World, Pop, Soundscapes, Folk 25/03/2015
Called the Voice of Summer by the BBC, and known abroad for his beachy melodic style, Adam Dunning has a strong following across Turkey, ideal for a Gallipoli collaboration.
Gallipoli was recorded in Istanbul to mark the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing in 1915. “We wanted a commemorative work paying homage to our soldiers at Gallipoli, but also to the coming together of three cultures in peace for the ANZAC centenary” - Adam Dunning and ChanCé (Sansin Tuzun).

Laique - Closing Time     Jazz, World 24/03/2015
Original compositions in the style of speakeasy-era jazz with a fleck of French Manouche and a speck of Flamenco fuelled by espresso martinis.
Closing time is a song about the stories that unfold in the arms of a late night martini bar.

Other tracks by Laique:  The Last Bend  -  At First Blush
Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight) - Tell You A Story     Blues/Roots, Australian Indigenous 23/03/2015
Lyrics are inspired by Canned Heat's 'Going Up The Country'. This song is about my journeys, school, university, Broadway and more.

Other tracks by Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight):  Pain O Pain  -  Purrku Purrku
Mat Brooker - The Butterfly Thief     World, Jazz, Acoustic, Instrumental 20/03/2015
Soulful gypsy flamenco guitarist, Mat was described as “the Jimi Hendrix of Spanish guitar”. Expressive, sensual moods.
A moody, reflective nuevo flamenco guitar piece. A winding, delicate motif expands and gains energy as it is supplemented by accompanying instruments (percussion, bass, rhythm guitar). Some classical guitar influence meets rock/pop a la "Classical Gas".

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Other tracks by Mat Brooker:  Ocean City Sounds  -  Mirror to the Sky
Mzaza - Ghosts     Ethnic Multicultural, Folk, Ethnic 12/03/2015
With first single ‘Enfants du Chemin (Children of the Road) nominated for Best Song [World] in the upcoming Queensland Music Awards, anticipation is growing for Mzaza’s second LP Ghosts.
A song about the haunting memories of an unlived life, ‘Ghosts’ is the title track from Mzaza's second LP.

Linsey Pollak - Plačam za ...     World 10/03/2015
Often referred to as "That Carrot Clarinet guy" (over 70 million video views) Linsey wears many musical hats and here is the maker of the wind instruments that he plays.
This 7/8 melody is in a traditional Macedonian Folk style. "Plačam za ....." means "I cry for .......".
The featured wind instrument is the Gaidanet (made and designed by Linsey). Other players are Tunji Beier (zarb), Philip Griffin (electric bass and tambura and Louise King (cello).

Other tracks by Linsey Pollak:  Raining in Skopje  -  Re-acquaintance / Sandansko Horo