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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Boo Seeka - Fool     Electronic, Soul, Psychedelic, Hip Hop 26/11/2015
A hip-hop/psych-soul-tronic duo making waves in Australia and Europe. A soothing vocal that massages the soul, atop a bed of pulsating synth sounds and electronic grooves.
Bollywood synths and samples with a punching beat, dribbled with colourful guitar riffs and synths that sizzle like a tangerine neon sign on the Miami strip. A summer ready tune, topped off with Boo’s signature soul-filled vocals singing verses that’s more infectious than glandular fever.

Peter Miller - A New Day     World, Acoustic, Folk, Jazz 26/11/2015
Australian Guitarist Peter Miller has recorded several albums and tour Europe extensively.
A new track from Peter Miller featuring the special talents of Jeff Stratton on Keyboards and Neil MacLeod on Flute. A slight right turn away from his solo instrumental work. It's a stunningly beautiful track.

B2M - Parlingarri     World, RnB, Pop 25/11/2015
B2M (Bathurst to Melville) is a seven-piece band from the Tiwi Islands, 80km north of Darwin in the Northern Territory.Their music is Tiwi R‘n’B, Soul & Pop.
Parlingarri, which means dreamtime or "a long time ago" has ancient chants at the beginning of the song that has never been heard beyond the Tiwi Islands until now.

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Other tracks by B2M:  Home  -  Muli Muli La
Shohrat Tursun Trio - Mida Wawasi     World, Dance 06/11/2015
The Shohrat Tursun Trio is a dynamic combination of ancient Uyghur melodies and African chant and rhythms woven into contemporary compositions in a multi-lingual ensemble of world music fusion.
Mida Wawasi, the single title, means Celebrating Life and coming together. It is sung in two languages, Ghanaian and Uyghur and is an upbeat, vibrant fusion of African drumming and chanting, Uyghur soaring vocals and dutar playing, layered with a driving mandolin.

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Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics - Ain't Nothin'     Funk/Soul 17/10/2015
Perth's Odette Mercy is a frontwoman who owns every stage she steps onto, and Her Soul Atomics deliver fresh, tight and gritty soul straight to your dancing bones.
This song is about unrequited love. Odette delivers the message "she just don't love you" to her friend, who just isn't getting the message.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: R&B or Soul Live Act of the Year (National Awards)

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Other tracks by Odette Mercy & Her Soul Atomics:  Booby Trap  -  Ain't Nothin' (clean edit)
Diana May Clark - Hang On (featuring Chico Cesar)     World, Folk, African, Acoustic 08/10/2015
Debut Album release 'The Other Side of the Girl' from Diana May Clark, is a captivating mix of Beatlesque pop with Musica Popular Brasileira flair and elements of other genres.
Guitarist Doug de Vries and I wrote this ‘hi-life’ together after an inspiring weekend at WOMADELAIDE where we met Chico Cesar. Chico contributed this soulful vocal improvisation when I visited him in Brazil, recorded in Paraiba. The lyric is about the friends and teachers who help you along the way."

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Other tracks by Diana May Clark:  Amandinha  -  Vanilla vs. Barcelona
Peter Joseph head - Minna De (All Together)     Pop, Folk, Garage 08/10/2015
Melbourne based Peter Joseph Head makes avant-folk with a socially aware, lyrically philosophic bent.
A song written Japanese about hanging out with friends and going away "Minnae de - all together"

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Other tracks by Peter Joseph head:  10 Years Gone  -  Floating World
Joseph Tawadros - Odd Tango     World 06/10/2015
Continuing his characteristic style of creating new and unusual musical soundworlds with the Oud, this album features superlative guest musicians from across the musical spectrum.
Mesmerizing speed and virtuosity from the whole ensemble.

Other tracks by Joseph Tawadros:  Truth Seeker Suite in A: I Truth Seeker  -  Three Sketches of Gallipoli: I Dawn
Queen Porter Stomp - Impossible Possibility     World, Folk 30/09/2015
Raised in the swamps of Sydney's Inner West and bred in the traditions of New Orleans finest music. A wicked mix of ukulele, lush vocals, banjo & horns.
A catchy horn riff based song with lyrics that will transfer you to only places only your dreams could take you. Based on novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Impossible Possibility features vocals, trumpet, trombone, tuba, ukulele, Banjo and drums.

Other tracks by Queen Porter Stomp:  Those Walls  -  Muddy Shores
Nhatty Man & The Lalibelas - Andnegar     World, African, Roots, Jazz 26/09/2015
Renowned Ethiopian reggae and roots singer Nhatty Man meets Melbourne based Ethio-Jazz ensemble The Lalibelas
The first single off Multicultural Arts Victoria's Visible 10 album, Andneger sends a message to loved ones far away "until we meet again, I don't want you to be sad, wait for me with a smile".

The track can be purchased on MAV's Bandcamp:

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Galliano Sommavilla - Song/Day 36 'Maryanne's Paris'     World, Instrumental, Atmospheric, Downbeat 24/09/2015
Melbourne contemporary pianist/ instrumental composer /author (cooking books with accompanying original music Cd's) / foodie (Series '365' - 365 original song s in 365 days)
Part of Series '365' (compose, arrange, record and upload 1 original song a day for a year), top 10 instrumental song award ASA songwriting competition and Finalist of Best Ambient / Instrumental Song/Akademia 2015 music awards, moody atmospheric instrumental with an electronic tapestry of choral sounds

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Other tracks by Galliano Sommavilla:  Song/Day 357 'Got Me thinkin'  -  Song/Day 100 'More Than Fair Too'
Judex Rose - L'amour Li Fou feat Anne-sophie Paul     World, Easy Listening 02/09/2015
Anne-Sophie Paul winner of a Star is born in Mauritius join force with Judex Rose music composer , songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, living in Melbourne Australia to produce exotic music sega.
Anne-Sophie Paul, winner of a Star is born in Mauritius joins forces with Judex Rose in Australia to deliver a beautiful duet a blend of Sega and Segga rhythm. Hope you will enjoy this exotic music.

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Simon Hudson Band - Do Me A Favour     Blues/Roots, Funk, Soul, World 02/09/2015
Magicians of groove, Simon Hudson Band own the dance floor. With roots, funk and Latin grooves, great original songs, and infectious energy, they’ve wowed countless audiences throughout Europe and Australia
Sometimes you have lose what you have, to realise what you need.

Other tracks by Simon Hudson Band:  Never Knew Why  -  Mobile Phone Love
Azadoota - Lishana (Jesus Spoke My Language)     World, Christian, Ethnic 29/08/2015
They were hailed as “the act that sums up the WOMAD spirit”. They sing in the language Jesus spoke. Azadoota delivers an Assyrian extravaganza of percussive dance-rock worldbeat.
Classic Azadoota featuring punchy brass on a merengue groove propelled by guira and tambourine, this catchy and danceable song "Lishana" (which means Language) is an upbeat rallying cry for young Assyrians to preserve their ancient Aramaic language.

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Wild Zinnias Collective - Crisis     Folk, Roots, Acoustic 29/08/2015
Wild Zinnias Collective are from Byron bay.. a political folk rock band with an Irish singer and writer ... rhythms with mandolins and banjo etc with a current political view...
Poor old Henry, doesn't like refugees, being held in detention, like POW's,.. he fought in the war so that people could be free... And Mary, horrified that 2 women are murdered every week in domestic violence mania . It's also about penguins and polar bears.

Other tracks by Wild Zinnias Collective:  Slave Trade  -  Come to Your Senses
Broadway Sounds - Shonky Man     Pop, African 24/08/2015
'Shonky Man' is the follow up to 'Sing It Again.
Shonky Man came out of a jam the band had lying about, which had a sort of an afro disco vibe to it. It then quickly turned into a song, which is now a little bit of a lot of different genres!

Tides2music - It's Broken     World, Pop, Easy Listening, Rock 10/08/2015
Tides2music play a broad range of popular covers that span several musical decades. A three piece unit, they have recently been focusing on developing David’s original compositions.
A lover lost, a broken heart and so many unanswered questions. The lyrics of this song focusses on the one left behind and the broken heart she is trying to heal.

Other tracks by Tides2music:  Damn The Man  -  Let's Make it Feel Like Christmas
J Motor - Jungle Daze     Pop, Rock, African 08/08/2015
Sydney musician Jonathan Vassallo has his fingers in many pies. For the last ten years, he’s worn many hats as a writer, performer, storyteller, creative consultant and video director.
Jungle Daze is bouncy and tropical with trance, electronic undertones and a heavy bass line. There are indie pop elements in the instrumental arrangment with lyrics that are somber and impossible to not sing along to.

Szymon - Medusa     World, Acoustic 03/08/2015
Music was Szymon Borzestowski's life. He lived it & breathed it. The Newcastle artist would happily lose himself in his bedroom studio for days. Playfully honing his humble hypnotic art-pop.
Posthumous release from young Newcastle artist Szymon who releases the psych-pop gem ‘Medusa’ taken from his debut album Tigersapp set for release on August 21 on Eloper Music.
‘Medusa’ is the third taste off the album after singles ‘Katyusha’ and the Top 10 Hype machine and critically acclaimed track ‘Golden’

Juliana Areias - Flecha ( Arrow)     Jazz, World, Ethnic, Roots 29/07/2015
The Bossa Nova Baby, Juliana Areias, has been compared to Bebel Gilberto, the genre’s golden girl. Now this Sao Paulo-born singer is the toast of Perth’s jazz scene." The Australian.
A fast and energetic samba song inspired by Rio de Janeiro to celebrate its 450 years as a city. The city's full name is St Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro. St Sebastian usually is painted holding arrows in his hands. Also arrows analogies to The cupid Love Angel, Greek Centaurs.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016:Best World Music Act

Other tracks by Juliana Areias:  Night in Takapuna  -  Mare Cheia ( Full tide)