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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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CODA - Am I A Pony (feat. Melanie Pain)     World, Downbeat 30/05/2016
This collective of classically trained musicians has consistently transcended musical boundaries with their trademark blend of strings, percussion, world and electronica.
'Am I a Pony' is catchy tongue in cheek art pop featuring the French indie darling Melanie Pain. Downbeat electro cool with soaring string and accordion lines. Serge Gainsbourg meets Picasso’s french Dada.

Other tracks by CODA:  Run to Me (feat. Jane Tyrrell & Jessica O'Donoghue)  -  Golden Times (feat. Royce Doherty)
Drop Legs - Criminal     World, Hip Hop, Reggae 27/05/2016
Drop Legs is a 7 piece party band that plays a fusion of pumped up Reggae Hip Hop jams. Influenced by their vibrant coastal surrounds, they love to party.
Criminal depicts a story about an ordinary citizen who get caught up in the system for a minor weed offence.

Other tracks by Drop Legs:  750 mL to Paradise  -  Hungover Days (Desmond Cheese Remix)
Jane Cameron - Rising Sun     Folk 25/05/2016
Blending folk, blues and jazz influences, Jane Cameron and her band, the Crazy Carnival, create their own unique sound that is as captivating as it is hard to categorise.
Rising Sun starts with a simple strummed uke and builds to a gloriously uplifting carnival of drums, strings and rich vocals. It is a story of hope in the face of hardship and shows the power we hold to transform our perspective on the daily challenges of ordinary life .

Other tracks by Jane Cameron:  Away  -  Picket Fences
Conchillia - Snorkel Face     Pop, World, World 10/05/2016
Globally infused Conchillia draw on a world of inspiration to create a new sound, pulsing with vibrancy and vitality, from calypso to blues and lots in between.
A reminiscence of Snorkel Faced light flippered days under the weightless Maldivian oceans, with the taste of salt and cool oranges.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

Other tracks by Conchillia:  Numb  -  Hunter or a Gatherer
Zephyr Quartet - Adana     World, Instrumental, Classical, Folk 07/05/2016
Zephyr Quartet is a string quartet performing original, diverse music. This release is a collection of folk music from Macedonia, Israel, Mexico and Finland arranged by members of the group.
Adana is a traditional Macedonian folk tune arranged by Zephyr's cellist Hilary Kleinig. It is stirring, beautiful, tender and forceful, taking the listener on a short but epic journey.

Other tracks by Zephyr Quartet:  Noumi, Noumi Yaldati  -  Klockar Aleksanteri
Felicity Lawless - Love is the Answer     Rock, Roots, Folk 29/04/2016
Fiery flamenco and bohemian singer, Felicity Lawless stimulates the senses and elevates the soul with music fusing Gypsy, world, rock and folk elements.
Love is the Answer is a journey through sound and emotion with uplifting vocals and an exquisite guitar and brass arrangement. Lyrically it explores life's trials with a view to always returning to a loving place.

Other tracks by Felicity Lawless:  Cowboy Cameraman  -  Run Awhile
Fiona Joy - Calling Earth     World, Ambience 28/04/2016
A decade after the ethereal tunes from Fiona’s breakthrough albums ‘Portrait of a Waterfall’ and ‘Angel Above My Piano’, the NSW based musician and storyteller set to release ‘Signature Synchronicity’.
With its’ calm, soothing vocals and easy crescendos, Calling Earth, gives the sense of outer space, an out of body experience. Listening to Fiona’s ethereal voice contrasted against the strong piano will show you both the freeing and heart racing feelings of floating in space.

Other tracks by Fiona Joy:  Ceremony  -  Grace
Cathy Menezes - Waves of Seven     Jazz, Dance, African, Blues 22/04/2016
Being inspired by the Great Masters of Music such as George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Chick Correa and Russell Ferrante, this album possesses a combination of Latin and Jazz genre.
Waves of Seven starts off with hand clapping, which instantly drives the infectious rhythmic beat that sets off a soulful Latin and Jazz blend. Because of its unique introduction and complex rhythmic pattern, it seemed worthy to be the 1st track of the Album "A Dream".

Other tracks by Cathy Menezes:  Will You Be Here  -  Don't Know Yet
Chris Flaskas - When The Gold Is Gone     Blues/Roots, Folk, World, Rock 15/04/2016
Sunshine Coast multi instrumentalist sensation Chris Flaskas creates a unique style of music "Earth Rock" employing an array of traditional instruments including the Australian didgeridoo and Hawaiian lap steel slide.
At such times in this world where we as a race are breaking the moulds of our own conceptual conditioning and control "When The Gold Is Gone" reminds us that beyond the gold/ material possessions lies the truth and heart of our existence being relationships and the love we share.

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Other tracks by Chris Flaskas:  I Believe  -  When The Gold Is Gone (Remix)
Berardi Foran Karlen - For How Long     Jazz 14/04/2016
Queensland Music Award Winners - nationally and internationally acclaimed Australian musicians Kristin Berardi, Sean Foran and Rafael Karlen combined and created their debut album 'Hope in My Pocket' (Released Oct-2015)
For How Long - Off the Debut BFK Album 'Hope In My Pocket'

Developed to explore the powerful experiences and emotions contained in the correspondence of men & women involved in our military past. The songs explore themes of hope, fear, separation, loss, love, and conditions of war.

Other tracks by Berardi Foran Karlen:  A Mothers Plea  -  Hope In My Pocket
Kaisha - Devils Tongue     World, Acoustic, Folk, Atmospheric 13/04/2016
Kaisha are a Middle-Eastern influenced acoustic-rock band from Melbourne. An all-female trio with mixed Armenian-Australian heritage and an exceptional union of progressive shamanic sound-scapes, acoustic rock and traditional middle-eastern rhythms.
This track was inspired by the events of the Armenian Genocide, in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary in 2015.

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Other tracks by Kaisha:  Crow Head  -  Golden Angel
Hui Fei Ngoo - Mimosa Pudica     Pop, Rock 25/03/2016
20-year-old Melbourne based Mandarin Pop/Rock singer-songwriter/producer. Specializes in music & lyric composition, mixing & mastering and performance. He sings, plays piano and guitar.
The people who criticize you often do not know you, don't try to be someone else, be yourself~ Hope you like this original song "Mimosa Pudica", and I hope you can share it out and support original music! :)

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Nattali Rize - Natty Rides Again     Reggae/Dub 18/03/2016
Ask her where she comes from, she’ll tell you “All Directions”. Of mixed global heritage, Nattali Rize, known for her work fronting epic roots band Blue King Brown.
Nattali Rize (of Blue King Brown) collaborates with Julian Marley, son of the late great Bob Marley, on new deep reggae track. Their rare video clip was filmed at Bob Marley’s house and surrounding areas in Kingston Jamaica. This is a first-of-its-kind release for any Australian singer.

Catherine Meeson - Rainbow Bridge (Across the Deep Blue Ocean)     Electronic, Atmospheric, Psychedelic, Folk 07/03/2016
Catherine Meeson is an ethereal, electro & progressive folk /rock solo artist, composer of instrumental soundscapes and songs. Original, eclectic and compelling, she pushes the boundaries of genre.
A transoceanic love story, delivered as a progressive, ethereal wave, neo psychedelic pop/rock song, that is both soothing & stimulating to the senses and heart. It draws one out over the waters with longing embrace and delivers you into the arms of the beloved.

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Other tracks by Catherine Meeson:  The Outpost  -  The Motherland
Amaru Tribe X Nhatty Man - Positive Vibes     World, Roots, African 04/03/2016
The rhythms and melodies of Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia unite as The Amaru Tribe meet Ethiopian superstar Nhatty Man
A collaboration between Amaru Tribe and Nhatty Man. Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia sharing their positive vibes in the city of Melbourne.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

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Sampa The Great - Blue Boss     Hip Hop 23/02/2016
Sampa The Great. A female poet and singer songwriter who expresses through music, poetry and visual art.
"Blue Boss opens with swift, Spanish-sounding guitar melody, a stunning antidote to her uniquely thin-yet-punchy vocal tone. The percussive rhythm adds to that kind of Latino sound, as does the muted trumpet, adding a rich new colour to the soundscape. She's slick, she's fast, and lyrically illustrative" - Indie Shuffle

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: The Heatseeker Award, Hip Hop Live Act of the Year, R&B or Soul Live Act of the Year


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

Merrilyn Air - Junction Island     World, Atmospheric, Instrumental, Easy Listening 11/01/2016
Merrilyn Air is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has released an eclectic selection of albums over her lifetime. She is a proponent of the connection between music and mental health.
Junction Island features the wildlife sounds of the narrow strip of land at the confluence of the Darling and Murray Rivers. Peaceful acoustic guitar, harmonica and piano complete the beautifully peaceful soundscape.

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Desert Mulga - Nyirripi     World, Reggae 08/01/2016
Formed in 1998 and a household name throughout the Central Desert, Desert Mulga is the quintessential desert reggae band.
Nyirripi is one of the tracks off Desert Mulga's debut album 'Tangapa Yanu' released on CAAMA Music' new Therrka label.

Lugh Damen - Around the Beltane Fires     Folk, Dance, World, Country 08/01/2016
Lugh Damen is a gifted singer/song-writer and multi-instrumentalist who embraces a wide range of styles from classical and blues to rock and folk.
A new, original song about Beltane the ancient Celtic fire Festival that celebrates the fertility of the coming year. The song "Around the Beltane Fires" was written for the first Ever "Rebirth of Beltane"
Festival in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia.

Astrid Zeman - Counting Sheep     World, Atmospheric, Ambience, Acoustic 26/11/2015
Wistful soprano melodies floating above richly layered strings and beats. Surrealist, ambient soundscapes.
This piece was recorded using only guitar and voice. No other instruments or electronic sounds were added. I strum, pluck, knock and tap the guitar, rap knuckles against the wooden body, scratch nails along the strings, even sing into the cavity to produce an ethereal choral effect.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Astrid Zeman:  Imagination  -  Dark Horses