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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Sian Evans - Concrete, Paper, Plastic     World, Jazz, Folk 27/08/2010
Sian Evans: Not genre specific, but to be less precise, somewhere between Folk oriented jazz - Roots with a quirky nu-gypsy twist…..possibly?
More a world flavour with the small orchestra accompanying, something of a Montagues and Capulets feel, or the opening scene from Edward Scissor hands, "the definition of..." in predominantly 6/4 time and a nice Latin bridge to twist, explores the depth of lifes philosophy and the definition of a name.

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Other tracks by Sian Evans:  Concrete, Paper, Plastic  -  Umbrellas
South African Australian Multicultural Association - Shosholoza/Daar Kom Die Alibama/Dinah Kanakia     World, Live Performance 26/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4EB_Songs of Hope South African Australian Multicultural Association recorded by 4EB as part of their project, Songs of Hope.
Shosholosa was a lament sung sometimes when away from home, while doing hard labour. It has become one of South Africa’s most popular songs, especially as an anthem at sporting events. The Gumboot Dance arose out of oppression of labourers in gold mines

Blaise Mukendi and Mixed Beans Multicultural Community Choir - Apondi     World, Live Performance 26/08/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4EB_Songs of Hope Blaise Mukendi, a singer originally from Congo was recorded by 4EB as part of their project, Songs of Hope.
A traditional Kenyan call and response song, performed by Blaise Mukendi and the Mixed Beans Multicultural Community Choir.

A young man is encouraging the community to respect the beautiful girl Apondi and not shun her disability. The chant is often used as a working song to work quickly.

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Heart Tribe - Burnin'     World, Dub, Roots 24/08/2010
Heart Tribe are a funky reggae dance band with delectably new world flavours! Experience their fresh hi-fi sound, powerful lyrics, unique instruments, dubby soundscape and tight improvisatory style, check 'em!
Inspired by the floods and fires we had in mid-2009; this song is full of dynamics, energy and emotion and is crowd favourite because of its energy and tempo change mid song. The unique instruments you hear include a cimbalom put through a wah pedal, and an 11-holed bamboo flute!

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Other tracks by Heart Tribe:  Somewhere in Between  -  Six Foot Under
Rebetiki - Fold Beauty     World, Live Performance 21/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_3PBS_Easey Street Sessions Rebetiki recorded by 3PBS as part of the stations weekly flagship live music program "Easey Street Sessions."
Rebetiki present an acoustic passage through a musical style just as vibrant today as it was during its initial development.

Akoustic Odyssey - Ilios     World, Live Performance 07/07/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_5UV_Live Music Fest 2009 Akoustic Odyssey as recorded by Radio Adelaide during their Live Music Fest in September 2009.
Akoustic Odyssey's track "Ilios," taken from their album of the same name.

With an original blend of instruments and musical flavours, they will take you on a journey, an odyssey, through rock baroque, Latin jazz, Mediterranean and medieval dances.

Benn DeMole - Amor y Temor     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Experimental 04/06/2010
Benn DeMole is a composer, a musician/vocalist, and a physical performer. He records, mixes and creates the artwork for his unique pop blend of found sounds, acoustic/electronic instruments and voices.
Amor y Temor - Love & Fear, a bi-lingual dubby Trip-Hop tune with guest vocals by Señoita Mistica. Layers of beats, bass, saxophones, strings, sampled and live vocals, and the purring of a cat create a warm sonic bed to recall those moments of uncertainty in love.

Other tracks by Benn DeMole:  El Mundo Desde BsAs  -  Cycles Of Moments
Way Out West - Music For April     Jazz, World, African, Instrumental 24/05/2010
Trumpeter and composer Peter Knight and Vietnamese traditional music virtuoso Dung Nguyen lead this six piece of talented cross cultural instrumentalists that infuse jazz melodies with international influences.
The longing nostalgia of Peter Knight's trumpet muses a soulful melody punctuated with long pauses with over an ostinato from the drums and mallet percussion.

Other tracks by Way Out West:  Blues For A Jungster  -  The Sedonista
Andrew Langford - Caterpillar     World, Instrumental 22/04/2010
Andrew Langford is recognised internationally as a major exponent and interpreter of the didgeridoo. He Founded the Sounds of Starlight Theatre in Alice Springs, home of “The Didgeridoo Show Outback”.
The song opens with a voiceover by Mervyn Rubuntja, one of the traditional owners of the caterpillar ceremony.

The Arrernte tribes of Alice Springs believe that ancestral caterpillar beings created the MacDonnell Ranges during the Dreamtime… three species of caterpillar beings swarmed across the landscape and created the topography.

Other tracks by Andrew Langford:  Calvert Expedition  -  Todd River
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Do Anything Go Anywhere     Funk/Soul, African, Hip Hop, World 22/04/2010
Inspired by the infectious afro-beat music of Nigeria and its neighbours, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra delivers contemporary African funk to Australian dancefloors.
A 9-minute afrobeat ride, Do Anything Go Anywhere features verses from both Melbourne's own 1/6 (winner of the Hilltop Hoods Initiative 2010) and Tumi (who was recorded by the band on a visit to Africa in 2009). Declan Jones features on trumpet followed by sage words from Lydia Acquah.

My Sauce Good - Dogs are Marching     Pop, Swing, World 06/04/2010
Tasty acoustic group playing Originals, French Swing/Jazz, soulful Hebrew & Latin-American folksongs, Bohemian & contemporary tunes given a new lease of life. Fun, flavoursome and stylish with a gypsy edge!
A song about the epidemic of urban dogs being carried around the city in hand bags. High energy with a klezmer groove.

Other tracks by My Sauce Good:  Ces Bottes  -  Hasta Siempre Comandante
Lia Scallon - Lullaby of Love     World, Chill, Atmospheric, Classical 10/03/2010
Irish-born singer and sound healer Lia Scallon, has composed/produced seven truly unique albums, since 2002. 'The Sounds of Sirius Compilation’, includes extracts from all seven ‘Sounds of Sirius’ titles.
A soothing, uplifting lullaby of love....“Utterly superb - Lia’s finest work to date... – a truly ‘classical’ piece, that deserves to be discovered. What I find unique is the mystical context - as if the Goddess herself speaks to me from within my own heart.” Graham Major – Fish Records

Other tracks by Lia Scallon:  Starsong  -  Song of Love for the Animals
Kevin James - Temple of my heart     World, Ambience, Live Performance, Acoustic 04/03/2010
Weaving ancient Mantra’s with English interpretations, Kevin James' anthemic songs are an effective platform to dissolve the ego, reconnect to the heart and send out positive prayers to the world.
This is a live recording of up to 100 voices singing the sweet melodious chorus of "Ela" a universal word for God and Goddess, light and wisdom. This song is a prayer of reconnection.

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Other tracks by Kevin James:  Asatoma
The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Two Sides of the Truth     World, African, Hip Hop, Funk 01/12/2009
Mammoth 20-piece Public Opinion Afro Orchestra deliver a contemporary blend of hip hop and African funk to Australian dancefloors.
Two Sides of the Truth, featuring The Poet MC Tumi (South Africa) was released in November 2009 exclusively on 12" vinyl. The group's conscious lyrics and West African grooves are relevant today, while remaining faithful to the message and sound of afro-beat.

Other tracks by The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra:  Future Africa  -  Let Them Know
Los Cabrones - Mucho Muncho     World, Jazz 17/11/2009
Australia's premier Afro-Cuban Latin-Jazz group, the 15 piece, LOS CABRONES, release their long awaited debut. Formed in '95, LOS CABRONES compliment their original grooves with tunes from the masters.
Los Cabrones have been touted as Australia's premier Afro-Cuban latin jazz group and this eponymous debut recording goes a long way in justifying the hype. Cribbing chops from New York's latin jazz greats, the sound is defined by unrelenting, dizzy polyrhythms, 'tight as' horn arrangements.

Other tracks by Los Cabrones:  Hola Que Tal  -  Nikko Solero
Australian Jewish Music Ensemble - Lech Lamidbar V'hitpalel     Jazz 16/11/2009
Jewish music tells an incredible story of a journey; both into the soul of man and throughout the physical world.
"Celebrates the kaleidoscopic history of not only Jewish musical traditions, but also the diverse geographies that have shaped them .... all through the prism of an earnest jazz exploration that resists the temptation to segue into kitschy lounge pastiche." Review by Adrian Elton

Other tracks by Australian Jewish Music Ensemble:  Ma Testahalchi  -  Erev Shel Shoshanim
Jen Anderson - The Goddess of 1967     World, Soundtrack (Film Related) 16/11/2009
Composed by Jen Anderson (Simone de Beauvoir's Babies, Pandora's Box, Sentimental Bloke), THE GODDESS OF 1967 soundtrack CD is a stirring, atmospheric collection original of works from the film.
“Anderson’s music is quite beautiful... an enormous musical achievement. Superb.”
Rick Rutjens - InPress Magazine

Other tracks by Jen Anderson:  Best Of Friends  -  First Touch
Barney Mcall/Badal Roy/Rufus Cappadocia - Ali Gordum Taksim     Jazz, World 13/11/2009
Vivid is the collaborative trio CD from Barney McAll, one of Australia's finest jazz pianists, tabla player and percussionist Badal Roy and cellist Rufus Cappadocia.
Barney McAll's is a singular talent on the world stage. A few months after releasing his outstanding, highly personalised perspective on traditional Cuban music, Mother of Dreams and Secrets, he has expanded his horizons to embrace African and Indian music.

John Shand (SMH)

Other tracks by Barney Mcall/Badal Roy/Rufus Cappadocia:  Painless  -  Jex
Drama for Yamaha - Diver     World 29/09/2009
Archipelago is the latest release from electronic experimental world music dabblers Drama For Yamaha.
Tribal drums, chorus-drenched guitars, group singing, ocean, etc.

Miriam Lieberman - Monsoon Rain     World, Acoustic, African, Folk 25/09/2009
Miriam Lieberman's songwriting is inspired by her background in Latin, African and Contemporary folk. She accompanies her powerful vocals with kora (African harp), acoustic guitar, and balaphone (wooden xylophone).
Miriam wrote this song while living the shanty town artist quarter of Guinea West Africa during the first rains of the wet season. Living in a small house with a tin roof during the hot months the rains where so joyfully recieved.

Other tracks by Miriam Lieberman:  Home  -  Deep Blue Sky