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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Astrid Zeman - Counting Sheep     World, Atmospheric, Ambience, Acoustic 26/11/2015
Wistful soprano melodies floating above richly layered strings and beats. Surrealist, ambient soundscapes.
This piece was recorded using only guitar and voice. No other instruments or electronic sounds were added. I strum, pluck, knock and tap the guitar, rap knuckles against the wooden body, scratch nails along the strings, even sing into the cavity to produce an ethereal choral effect.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Stephen Goodhew, FBi Radio, Sydney (NSW)

Other tracks by Astrid Zeman:  Imagination  -  Dark Horses
Asad and Sofia - Boro Baba Ma Katet Nestom     World, Live Performance 08/10/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4EB_Songs of Hope Asad and Sofia recorded by 4EB as part of the project, Songs of Hope.
There are many languages in Afghanistan and this song is in Dari. Translated, its title means ‘I am not with you’ which is a lighthearted song from a woman playing the daira which is a large shallow drum like a tambourine.

Appleonia - My Wanderer     World, Soundtrack (Film Related), Pop, Ethnic 01/06/2012
After years of playing in bands all over the world, Jessica Chapnik Kahn took a bite of a magic apple and became Appleonia.
"My Wanderer" is a cover of the Indian song "Ghar Aaya Mera Pardesi", which originally featured in the 1951 Raj Kapoor Bollywood film "Awaara". Performed by Appleonia, the song has been translated from Hindi to English, and features in the 2012 documentary about director Jennifer Lynch called "Despite the Gods".

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Other tracks by Appleonia:  My Wanderer (radio edit)  -  My Wanderer (acoustic)
Apakatjah - Irriti Nyinapayi     Ethnic Multicultural, Australian Indigenous 22/09/2017
From the desert of Central Australia comes Apakatjah, an acoustic duo combining intricate guitar work with ancient languages & stirring harmonies
With a slight hint of “dessert reggae” and their signature acoustic guitar riffs to drive the song home the duo fuse English lyrics and escape with their traditional language to create a contemporary yet ancestry rich masterpiece.

2017 NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE: Live Act of the Year (NT Awards)

Ant Aggs - Mama     World, Chill, Easy Listening, RnB 24/02/2015
Ant Aggs is a Producer and pianist based in Brisbane. Previous bands: Afro Dizzi Act / Resin DogsWorked with: Tim Finn, Toni Childs, Tony Royster Jr, Jackie Marshall
Music soothes the soul. And this tune proves it.
Mama is the first single from "The Tropics", and tropical this tune gets!
Features Jamie-Lee Renagi Va'a on vocals.
With these beautiful melodies and harmonies, it's the perfect tune to chill out to in a comfy hammock.

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Other tracks by Ant Aggs:  Mugbo e  -  The Tropics
Anna Salleh - Noites Cariocas     World, Jazz, Acoustic 02/11/2016
From honey-smooth bossa nova and ballads, and irrepressible samba, to playful swing, cool jazz and enchanting choro, singer/guitarist Anna Salleh channels songs of beauty, sorrow, irreverence and joy.
Noites Cariocas (pronounced 'noichez kah-ree-oh-cahs') means 'Rio Nights' and is in the choro style. This form of music from Rio de Janeiro was originally instrumental but this song is set to almost untranslatable Portuguese lyrics that touch on themes of sleepless nights from a vexed relationship. Call it 'Brazilian vocalese'!

Other tracks by Anna Salleh:  Caravan  -  Manhã de Carnaval/Black Orpheus
Ann Leung - Mahatma     Ethnic Multicultural, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, World, Gay Alligned 03/12/2014
in search of beautiful….Ann seeks to create “insanely beautiful spaces” through the energy and healing power of music. Honest, evocative, inspirational, and quirky. Come, share the journey.
Organic tribal rhythms, tabla drums, chanting, psychedelic sitars, vintage electrics - an uplifting tribute celebrating the teaching and spirit of Mahatma Gandhi

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Other tracks by Ann Leung:  Mia's Song  -  Sky Meets Land
Ann Leung - Jevolo     World, Soundscapes, Instrumental, Atmospheric 02/04/2015
In search of beautiful...Honest evocative songs delivered in an authentic style. Songs of spirit, inspiration and humanity.“healing”, “earnest” and “quirky”.
Evocative and epic soundscape with ethereal vocal layers.. a journey that builds slowly to a magnificent crescendo, and begs for a suitably epic & moving film to sit alongside.

Written by Ann Leung & Michael Fix.
Vocals: Nadia Sunde and Ann Leung

Angeezy & Choi - Why Not     Ethnic Multicultural, Hip Hop, African, Funk 17/10/2011
Melbourne’s first and only female Rwandan hip hop artist 'Angeezy' (aka Angelique Nzabanita) comes together with Melbourne’s finest funk drummers and beat producers Choi (aka Ivan Khatchoyan) for Visible5.
21 year old Angeezy (aka Angelique Nzabanita ) was immersed in American hip hop and since the age of 9 has been free-styling and rapping with the dream of one day recording and performing her own music. She has quickly realized this dream and established herself as one of Melbourne's prominent female Rwandan hip hop artists. In Visible 5 (2010) she has collaborated with Choi (aka Ivan Khatchoyan), one of Melbourne’s finest funk drummers and beat producers on her first ever track: 'Why Not' - No matter how hard life is, we can all rise above and look to a brighter future

Andrew Langford - Caterpillar     World, Instrumental 22/04/2010
Andrew Langford is recognised internationally as a major exponent and interpreter of the didgeridoo. He Founded the Sounds of Starlight Theatre in Alice Springs, home of “The Didgeridoo Show Outback”.
The song opens with a voiceover by Mervyn Rubuntja, one of the traditional owners of the caterpillar ceremony.

The Arrernte tribes of Alice Springs believe that ancestral caterpillar beings created the MacDonnell Ranges during the Dreamtime… three species of caterpillar beings swarmed across the landscape and created the topography.

Other tracks by Andrew Langford:  Calvert Expedition  -  Todd River
Andrew Andrew with Stewart Kaiaruna and Roi Viti - Te Uki Ki Mua     World, Live Performance 08/10/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4EB_Songs of Hope Andrew Andrew with Stewart Kaiaruna and Roi Viti recorded by 4EB as part of the project, Songs of Hope.
Translated, the first verse of this Cook Islands' song says:
"We look forward to the day that we will all come together to be as one that we will always have that love in togetherness and that there will be peace for generations to come."

Andrea Soler - Dragonfly     Folk 08/01/2013
Andrea Soler recorded by 4ZZZ Brisbane for the Woodford Folk Festival 2011
Andrea Soler recorded at Woodford Folk Festival 2011

Other tracks by Andrea Soler:  Paris Je Taime
Andre Camilleri - Ten Cuidado     World, Alternative Country, Pop 13/12/2017
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific and underrated songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
This is the title track of the album, the bulk of which I wrote in July 2017 whilst travelling around Southern Spain.

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Don't Let It Bring You Down  -  A Little Bird Told Me
Anbessa Gebrehiwot - Salam Ozi     World, African 04/10/2011
Hailing from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Anbessa Gebrehiwot has been performing traditional Ethiopian music for over 20 years.
Sung in Tigirinya, a song that celebrates peace within Australia

Anbessa Gebrehiwot (masenquo/ kirar/ vocals/percussion), Nicky Bomba (drum, percussion, bass guitar)

Written by Anbessa Gebrehiwot, incorporating lyrics from “Advanced Australian Fair”, produced and mixed by Nicky Bomba

Supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria

Other tracks by Anbessa Gebrehiwot:  Salam Zasella
Anbessa Gebrehiwot - Bahlina (My Tradition)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle, Live Performance 13/10/2011
Ethiopian Singer/Composer/Musician Anbessa Gebrehiwot has been performing traditional Ethiopian music for over 20 years mastering the country’s most iconic traditional instruments – the masenko (one string violin) and kirar (lute).
Bahlina (My Tradition)
Sung in Tigirinya, this is a traditional song about Tigray life - a region and culture that extends from northern Ethiopia to Eritrea.

Anbessa Gebrehiwot (masenko, kirar, vocals), Nicky Bomba (bassguitar, guitar, drums, percussion).

Arranged by Anbessa Gebrehiwot, recorded and produced by Nicky Bomba at Noah’s Ark.

Anbessa - Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Hip Hop, Reggae 23/04/2012
Diverse singer/songwriter Aminata Doumbia teams up with acclaimed Dancehall, Reggae and Hip Hop producer Jake Savona (aka Mista Savona) to present their offering 'I am Yours' on Visible 5 CD.
Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)
Sung in Swahili, God is the only solution to all our problems and the only way.

Aminata Doumbia (vocals) Jake Savona (bass/ programming), Anita Larkin (balafon/ percussion), Chiko Henderson (guitar).

Written by Aminata Doumbia & Jake Savona, produced and mixed by Jake Savona.

Aminata Doumbia and Jake Savona - Mimi Wako (I am Yours)     Ethnic Multicultural, African, Hip Hop, Reggae 17/10/2011
Diverse singer/songwriter Aminata Doumbia teams with Dancehall, Reggae/Hip Hop producer Jake Savona (aka Mista Savona) to bring a great song for Visible 5 titled Mimi Wako (I am Yours).
Mimi Wako (I Am Yours)
Sung in Swahili, God is the only solution to all our problems and the only way.

Aminata Doumbia (vocals) Jake Savona (bass/ programming), Anita Larkin (balafon/ percussion), Chiko Henderson (guitar).

Written by Aminata Doumbia & Jake Savona, produced and mixed by Jake Savona.

Aminata Doumbia - Shifting Shadows     Christian 25/10/2013
Aminata Doumbia's 'Shifting Shadows' on Visible Volume 8. The Visible compilation series is an initiative of Multicultural Arts Victoria.
The song speaks about the power of God and how only he can shift shadows.

The track was recorded as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Visible Mentoring Program with Aminata Doumbia’s mentor and producer Jason Heerah

Amaru Tribe X Nhatty Man - Positive Vibes     World, Roots, African 04/03/2016
The rhythms and melodies of Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia unite as The Amaru Tribe meet Ethiopian superstar Nhatty Man
A collaboration between Amaru Tribe and Nhatty Man. Ethiopia, Colombia and Australia sharing their positive vibes in the city of Melbourne.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)

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Amaru Tribe - Cumbia Oceanica (trans: Oceanic Cumbia)     World, Roots, Electronic, Folk 01/04/2017
Strings, Skins and wood hold together this global tribe. Bouncing electronic waves with tribal instruments and a strong musical heritage they unite South America and Oceania into one musical vibration.
Electronic beats, Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos, Didgeridoo and powerful vocal harmonies align to the Australian land creating a musical portal that connects the entire south hemisphere and gives birth to an unknown genre which they call "OCEANIC CUMBIA" or "CUMBIA OCEANICA".


Other tracks by Amaru Tribe:  La Tribu (Trans: The Tribe)  -  Positive Vibes