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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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AlithiA - Empress     World, Psychedelic 27/09/2018
AlithiA are nomadic travellers in every sense, displayed in their extensive touring history and vivacious ‘street dog’ personality, an expression / movement of which they’re proud to have pioneered.
"We didn’t choose to make this album, but rather it was it’s own entity already in the etheric plane which chose us as it’s conduit birthing parents, in turn the writing process affected myself and the other members of the band in a extremely challenging way"

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Zannah - Ashes     World, Pop 15/09/2018
Zannah is the pseudonym for the Brisbane-based contemporary world songstress, Susanna O’Leary. With an eclectic taste, Zannah’s music travels through the realms of pop, rock, latin, folk, jazz and between.
I wrote this song in the lead up and passing of best friend's mother. It was difficult to watch my friend lose such an important role model in her life and it was also hard to know how much her mother suffered as she struggled to prolong her life from her battle with motor neurons disease.

Other tracks by Zannah:  Exiled  -  Twisted and Wild
Hannaka - Ay-Ya-Ha     World, Folk 14/09/2018
Australian world music artist journeying with what is native, healing and life-giving, moving and powerful.
Ay-Ya-Ha is the first single release of Hannaka's forthcoming album, 'To Eat the Sun.' This track captures the sharp inhale we make before taking a plunge, hurling ourselves into new horizons, discovering the choices and the path that is right for us. Hannaka wrote this song during a summer of searching out waterfalls on the Sunshine coast of Australia.

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Bear The Mammoth - Mossian     World, Trance 12/09/2018
Bear The Mammoth’s sound boasts a level of polish that easily matches, even surpasses, their post-rock contemporaries in both the national and international scene.
The album's second single, 'Mossian", is a progressive post-rock classic with plenty to digest underneath its rich layers and textures.

Tailor Birds - Ashen     World, Folk 05/09/2018
"Where Will We Go to Break Free of the Crows” Tailor Birds newest album is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.
The most uptempo piece on the new Tailor Birds album with some strong percussive elements to keep the floaty, soundscape piece moving along nicely. A huge full sound from this tune with many instruments combining to add to the lushness.

Other tracks by Tailor Birds:  Rosemary and Thyme
DEREB THE AMBASSADOR - Mewuded Lemejemer     World, African, Retro, Soul 27/08/2018
Dereb Desalegn, well known vocal talent from Adis Ababa, is the lead singer for Dereb the Ambassador who play a very distinctive, vintage inspired ‘Ethio Soul’ wrapped in raw power!
A song about search for the true love.

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Other tracks by DEREB THE AMBASSADOR:  Ebo Lala
Steven North - Conjuration     World, Rock 17/08/2018
Steven North is a passionate music creator and his expression of love can be heard through all of his creations.
This epic song that utilises guitars, a sneaky Mandolin and is titled “Conjuration” because it speaks of the energies of a strong, powerful being, sitting in the shadows, waiting to emerge.

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Steven North - Mai Taunu Piyar     World, Ethnic, Electronic 19/07/2018
Steven North is a passionate music creator and his expression of love can be heard through all of his creations.
Steven has created this fun loving song titled Mai Tauna Piyra. "Mai Tauna Piyra" is the Punjabi phrase for I Love You. This is a vibrant and happy song that one cannot help but dance to.

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Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group - Pallays     World, Jazz, African, Instrumental 09/07/2018
Combining traditional Peruvian dance rhythms with risk-taking improvisation, the Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group “radiates a joyful energy that infects the entire auditorium” – Sydney Morning Herald
"Pallays" refers to the symbols and patterns found within traditional Andean-Peruvian woven fabrics. This original song presents joyful interwoven melodies supported by an infectious, humming Afro-Peruvian festejo traditional dance rhythm. As the track develops, enthusiastic audience interaction (clapping) becomes a primary focal point – adding further intensity to the percussive fire which ushers in the final horn melody.

Other tracks by Daniel Susnjar Afro-Peruvian Jazz Group:  Help You Along Your Way
Alora - Castles     World, Ambience, Atmospheric 15/06/2018
Alora's ability to paint a vivid landscape through her breathy vocals guides this ambient/chill themed track Castles into a world of it's own
Castles, the debut single from Alora’s upcoming album “Fear.Armour.Paradise” shows off a natural storytelling progression that takes you through the chapters of life’s sometimes very vulnerable journey. Laced with personal and detailed imagery the music is beautiful in its emotive simplicity.

Dubarray - Inner Sanctum     World, Electronic, Dub 02/05/2018
Uplifting, Soulful & Euphoric, Dubarray combine a fresh fusion of boundary bending world music.
A smooth an eloquent beat sets the tone for Dubarray's new single Inner Sanctum. The track slowly builds up, switching between a rap based male vocal and a singing female vocal. Inner Sanctum takes you on a beautiful and genre bending journey.

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Xylouris White - Motorcycle Kondilies     World, Folk 27/04/2018
A passion for exploration comes naturally to Xylouris White, the ruggedly visionary duo formed of Cretan lute player George Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White (The Dirty Three).
“Motorcycle Kondilies” is muscular and epic, White’s rimshots providing on-alert accompaniment as Xylouris’s reaching vocal and dancing lute lines build in intensity.

Charlotte Roberts - Stay In Your Power     World, Experimental, Hip Hop 17/04/2018
An ever evolving creatrix, sound weaver, musician and explorer of the spirit of play, Charlotte Roberts has been described as the love child of the Mad Hatter and Alice.
A poetic slam of vocal gymnastics, ‘Stay In Your Power’ is a mantra about femininity and power, the gift of life and the strength of family bonds. Tapping into hip-hop, soul and pop while simultaneously rebelling against them all, it's an experimental layering of vocal loops and beat box hooks.

Hidden Sky - Alone In This Feeling     World, Ambience, Atmospheric 16/03/2018
Hidden Sky is the ambient project of Carlin McLellan, a Newcastle-based composer, poet, and music therapist.
A slowly meandering piece which drifts along serenely. Written during a summer of endless sunlight in Finland, this song reflects the stillness of the landscape and the immensity of quietude which can be accessed through nature.

Other tracks by Hidden Sky:  We Should
Tailor Birds - White Feather     World, Folk 09/03/2018
Tailor Birds is Sophie Kinston, electronic violinist. This is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.
Starting out with one of Sophie's signature loops (ala Tash Sultana except with violin), rich layered vocals, a middle eastern style flute and percussion, this is a stand out world music track.

Nhatty Man - 1>100 (one is greater than 100)     World, African, Roots 03/03/2018
A household name in Ethiopia and around the worldwide Diaspora, Nhatty Man is currently sitting at #1 on the Ethiopian music charts with his latest album "Volume Two".
1 > 100 (one is greater than 100) is a call for unity - it's better to live as one than a fragmented community.

Other tracks by Nhatty Man:  Yemegemeriyaye  -  Emenegne
Blue Child Collective - Wattle Tree Corroboree     World, Chill, Easy Listening, Roots 02/03/2018
A Fluid Groove collaboration based in coastal Western Australia, Blue Child Collective creates art to promote the #cultureofconnection
A laid-back, latin-esque roots track which lyrically explores our ability to converse with and be guided by nature if we listen, "Wattle Tree Corroboree" is the first single from Blue Child Collective's 2018 album, "Wake Up To The Sound".

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Steven North - Everything Now     World, House, Electronic, Experimental 22/02/2018
Perth based music producer that loves to express through the creation of music. Originally a DJ and now founder of the Heart Activation Music label.
Everything Now is a song that is about living in the NOW moment to remind that everything is in the NOW and in the NOW there is everything and there is nothing. Utilising House music vibes and classical music to create an expression of creation.

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Santa Taranta - Niebla     Folk, Acoustic, World 15/02/2018
Santa Taranta plays traditional Italian music with a modern and more contemporary approach. The band brings up to light a whole repertoire hidden for the non Italian listeners.
Niebla is the first song co written by all the members of the band, and it's also the first in it's style of music (the Pizzica Pizzica) to be written in english and in Australia....that we know of, at least!

Other tracks by Santa Taranta:  Cupa Cupa  -  Sete
Neil Sagewood Trio - Bolero     Jazz, Instrumental, World 14/02/2018
The Octagon project delivers dynamic live performances which convey the fun, playful, tender and deeply reminiscent qualities of Neil's stunning compositions to audiences throughout Australia.
A fun exploration of melody in the steady Latin grooves

Other tracks by Neil Sagewood Trio:  Brothers  -  Pialla D'Azul