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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Eldafyre - Before and Far     World, Folk, Acoustic, Chill 17/06/2019
A stylist male poet singing to world island folk.
This song was written on the coast of byron bay.. on sacred land.
It's about living, love. Life on earth. Respecting mother nature.
The connection we all have or lack to have as a human species on the planet.

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Other tracks by Eldafyre:  Walk Away  -  Moments of Paradise
Dubarray - Rise and Fall     World, Chill, Easy Listening, Ambience 11/06/2019
Uplifting, Soulful & Euphoric, Dubarray combine a fresh fusion of boundary bending world soul music layered on a bed synth based ambience and organic undertones.
Dubarray's new single 'Rise and Fall' is an ambient atmospheric soundscape which was inspired by the bands frequent trips to Queenslands beautiful Heron Island. The euphoric vocals, swelling synths and easy listening groove teleports you to a tropical island paradise landing you in the solace of somewhere between Moby's Porcelain & Cafe Del Mar.

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Mahmood Khan - Jagamarra     World, Easy Listening, Indigenous, Classical 25/05/2019
Mahmood Khan with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra
Mahmood Khan recorded this song with Willoughby Symphony only a few weeks ago. The orchestral arrangement is done by Doug Emery with David Griffin conducting.

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TARSHITO - IPO MAMBO     World, African, Rock, Electronic 10/05/2019
TARSHITO is one of Australia's most prolific composers and longtime exponent of world, fusion, new age and devotional music. A master of improvisation fusing tribal with modern music.
The song of local birds, floats in and out of African drums and chanting, with awesome vocals by Sasha Michalitsianos.

Yellow Monday - World Through Those Eyes     World, Acoustic, Folk 08/05/2019
Yellow Monday is an acoustic band based in Sydney. Original compositions with a "World", "Singer/Songwriter" and "Indie/Folk influence. Tabla...Cittern...Baglama...Cello...Fretless Bass...12 String Guitar...more.
A song about the Syrian War. This song asks the question of Politicians and Military leaders "How can you see the World through those eyes?"

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Other tracks by Yellow Monday:  Simpatico  -  Should I Jump
Barleyshakes - Travelling song     World, Folk, Roots 06/05/2019
The Barleyshakes manage to be at the forefront of traditional Irish music while breathing it new life. Irishtown is currently the Queensland album of the month on ABC local radio
Written on the Hill top stage at Woodford folk festival while the Buddhist monks chanted in the new Millennium. This uplifting track features fiddle, low whistle, mandolin, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and vocals. It's a celebration of life on this beautiful planet

Other tracks by Barleyshakes:  Jim's bike  -  Lay me down
Sullie - Tears of the Goddess     World, Folk 03/05/2019
Sullie sings about leaving, love, loss and broken hearts with a twist of protest. Inspired by life his songs range from sensitive acoustic ballads to bluesy and punk rock songs.
A Celtic protest song, its originated in response to a motorway way project which was bulldozing its way through the Tara valley in Ireland, destroying ancient sacred sites. The protests were ignored and the motorway finished.

The Australian people are being sold out by their politicians, approving Adani more corruption and the Tears of The Goddess will flow again.

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Salary - Pogo     World, Punk, Folk, Psychedelic 10/04/2019
Lofi Indi Rock Big Band from Fremantle and Perth Suburbs
A song about discovering punk rock and it changing the way you see the world and yourself.

Gary B - Serendipity     World, Atmospheric, Chill, Electronic 20/03/2019
Gary B is a producer and DJ formerly with Cafe del Mar, now producing out of his own studio in Melbourne hinterland
World ethnic deep house, main instruments hang drum, Spanish balearic guitar, sample vocal

Other tracks by Gary B:  Passengers  -  Late Bloomer
storme - Guided Heart Coherence Meditation     World, Atmospheric, Ambience, Acoustic 18/03/2019
Storme's voice is truly uplifting & engaging setting her apart from many modern day vocalists. Her unique talented composition of calming harmonies and imaginative landscapes is intoxicating.
This is a guided meditation track using crystal bowls tuned to Solfeggio tuning which has a voice guiding the listener into the meditation. Heart Coherence refers to a state of coherence achieved in a person as researched by the Heart Math Institute in California. Storme uses specific musical intervals to achieve a meditative and coherent effect.

Other tracks by storme:  Interval Toning C & E & G  -  Ho o Pono Pono
Cigany Weaver - Make Do     World, Jazz, Swing, Folk 05/03/2019
Cigány Weaver are one of Australia's most exciting gypsy-jazz ensembles whose energetic live performances invoke everything from subtle toe-tapping toexuberant dance floor foot-stomping.
In ‘Make Do’, the band take a fresh approach to the gypsy jazz artform, whilst still maintaining their characteristic upbeat blend of guitars and violin, enhanced by high, silvery vocals. The lyrics explore the nostalgic feelings associated with getting over someone or something, but then deciding that you may actually be better off without them.

Other tracks by Cigany Weaver:  Janome  -  Sweet Georgia Brown
Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra - Runes dans le Sable     World, Classical, Ethnic, Experimental 05/03/2019
SBS featured one-man orchestra Matt Hsu is releasing his debut album on T-shirt. An unconventional choice to reduce plastic CD waste, using organic fair-trade cotton. Matt plays over 30 instruments.
Composed in a 5 hour session, completely improvised, 'Runes dans le Sable' evokes a journey through a distant land and time. Matt Hsu composed this piece using accordion, trumpet, double bass, found objects, African thumb piano, t'rung, musical saw, xylophone, trombone, clarinet, shakuhachi and more. Matt enlisted the talents of up-and-coming French singer Lucie Pegna.

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Other tracks by Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra:  In Colour (ft. Blaq Carrie, Aurora & Mister E)  -  Birdnest Hair (with Ashleigh Djokic)
Manuel Emmanuel - Need More Mayo     World, Acoustic, Instrumental, Comedy 23/02/2019
The heat of his latin fire burns. Don't get to close. It's latin fire.
A passionate and fiery rendition of the Gypsy Kings hit song, Bamboleo.

Bortier Okoe - Mama Africa     World, African, World, African 19/02/2019
Bortier Okoe is experienced composer, master drummer, multi-instrumentalist and singer who is Ghanaian. His songs touch on peace among people and nations, anti-poverty, tolerance and how people can co-exist peacefully.
‘’Mama Africa’’ talks about the need for Africans to be united as the betterment and development of the African continent can only be attained with unity.

”Mama Africa” is currently on radio and TV stations across the continent of Africa . Massive airplay and viewership in countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Dubai.

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Marianthe Loucataris - Kandinsky Trance 2     World, Soundtrack (Film Related), Classical, Experimental 15/02/2019
M. Loucataris is a composer, sound designer and producer who collaborates across genre's and cultures. She has released songs and instrumental works under the project name Mahri Autumn.
Solo piano inspired by Egyptian Baladi music and the philosophy of artist Kandinsky.

Other tracks by Marianthe Loucataris:  Kandinsky Staccato  -  Thoughts
Samassin - Parigha     World, Soundscapes, Acoustic, Atmospheric 12/02/2019
Earthy, vibrant, original eastern-tinged jazz with exotic rhythms and cinematic beauty... a musical journey through ancient landscapes
Parigha:A line of clouds crossing the sunrise (Sanskrit). It is composed with the Nāsikābhūshani Carnatic mode from South India.
Instrumentation:Vocals, Flute (bass, alto and soprano) Clarinet, Guitar, Middle Eastern and Latin American percussion

Other tracks by Samassin:  Māya : The Invisible World  -  The Shimmering
Honey 2 Honey - Tone Of Voice     World, Electronic, Dub, Downbeat 31/01/2019
Honey 2 Honey are a Canberra/Sydney dub R'n'B fourpiece. Originally a duo of Canberra's Rory Stenning and drummer Luke Keanan-Brown, the project now incorporates Sydney's Del Lumanta and Daryl Prondoso.
With Tone Of Voice, Honey 2 Honey configure elements of jazz, dub, krautrock, disco and R’n’B into irresistible offbeat, hypnotic pop.

Rory Stenning’s deep, lulling voice intones imagistic lyrics, conveying themes rather than stories. Arresting lead single Tone Of Voice says more about intimate relationships than most confessional songwriting, while obscuring personal detail.

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Rob Knaggs - Ghosting (featuring Nikki Komatsiutiksak)     World, Instrumental 28/01/2019
Brisbane cellist and whale-whisperer, Rob Knaggs runs his cello through an array of effects and loop stations to create a sound that is evocative, emotive, and enchanting.
Recorded in the chill of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Inuk throat singer, Nikki Komatsiutiksak (pronounced koh-matt-soo-sack) has contributed her vocal talents to this unhinged composition by Rob Knaggs.

Other tracks by Rob Knaggs:  A Natural Response
The Cuddly Koalas - Jamerah & her Dads     World, Hip Hop, Ethnic 11/01/2019
A hip hop music group with a community development focus for little people & families.
Jamerah is a little girl who lives with her two gay dads, James and Ali. The song goes on to tell about what they do as a family and how her dads support her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. The story ends with a positive note about how families come in different forms and love is all we need.

Other tracks by The Cuddly Koalas:  Dylan and His Mums  -  Daisy and Raj
Bob Brown and Steve Crump - Winter Night At Liffey     World, Atmospheric, Easy Listening, Acoustic 19/12/2018
Bob Brown is Australia's most respected environmentalist, admired politician, nature author and poet. Steve Crump is an emerging Tasmanian composer- his "Midnight Rain" CD was stocked by leading independent outlets.
This performances provide a special insight into Bob Brown the person - beyond the internationally-recognised political and environmental campaigner. Bob says of Winter Night in Liffey - Liffey is under the Great Western Tiers in Tasmania. It was unusual for snow to settle at the house but, often, I’d awake in the morning to find the mountain laden with white.

Other tracks by Bob Brown and Steve Crump:  Katie Kingston  -  Wynyard Girl