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Bringing the rhythms, instruments and styles of different cultures together. A celebration of Australia's ethnic diversity.


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Bortier Okoe - Mama Africa     World, African, World, African 19/02/2019
Bortier Okoe is experienced composer, master drummer, multi-instrumentalist and singer who is Ghanaian. His songs touch on peace among people and nations, anti-poverty, tolerance and how people can co-exist peacefully.
‘’Mama Africa’’ talks about the need for Africans to be united as the betterment and development of the African continent can only be attained with unity.

”Mama Africa” is currently on radio and TV stations across the continent of Africa . Massive airplay and viewership in countries such as Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal and Dubai.

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Marianthe Loucataris - Kandinsky Trance 2     World, Soundtrack (Film Related), Classical, Experimental 15/02/2019
M. Loucataris is a composer, sound designer and producer who collaborates across genre's and cultures. She has released songs and instrumental works under the project name Mahri Autumn.
Solo piano inspired by Egyptian Baladi music and the philosophy of artist Kandinsky.

Other tracks by Marianthe Loucataris:  Kandinsky Staccato  -  Thoughts
Samassin - Parigha     World, Soundscapes, Acoustic, Atmospheric 12/02/2019
Earthy, vibrant, original eastern-tinged jazz with exotic rhythms and cinematic beauty... a musical journey through ancient landscapes
Parigha:A line of clouds crossing the sunrise (Sanskrit). It is composed with the Nāsikābhūshani Carnatic mode from South India.
Instrumentation:Vocals, Flute (bass, alto and soprano) Clarinet, Guitar, Middle Eastern and Latin American percussion

Other tracks by Samassin:  Māya : The Invisible World  -  The Shimmering
Honey 2 Honey - Tone Of Voice     World, Electronic, Dub, Downbeat 31/01/2019
Honey 2 Honey are a Canberra/Sydney dub R'n'B fourpiece. Originally a duo of Canberra's Rory Stenning and drummer Luke Keanan-Brown, the project now incorporates Sydney's Del Lumanta and Daryl Prondoso.
With Tone Of Voice, Honey 2 Honey configure elements of jazz, dub, krautrock, disco and R’n’B into irresistible offbeat, hypnotic pop.

Rory Stenning’s deep, lulling voice intones imagistic lyrics, conveying themes rather than stories. Arresting lead single Tone Of Voice says more about intimate relationships than most confessional songwriting, while obscuring personal detail.

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Rob Knaggs - Ghosting (featuring Nikki Komatsiutiksak)     World, Instrumental 28/01/2019
Brisbane cellist and whale-whisperer, Rob Knaggs runs his cello through an array of effects and loop stations to create a sound that is evocative, emotive, and enchanting.
Recorded in the chill of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Inuk throat singer, Nikki Komatsiutiksak (pronounced koh-matt-soo-sack) has contributed her vocal talents to this unhinged composition by Rob Knaggs.

Other tracks by Rob Knaggs:  A Natural Response
The Cuddly Koalas - Jamerah & her Dads     World, Hip Hop, Ethnic 11/01/2019
A hip hop music group with a community development focus for little people & families.
Jamerah is a little girl who lives with her two gay dads, James and Ali. The song goes on to tell about what they do as a family and how her dads support her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. The story ends with a positive note about how families come in different forms and love is all we need.

Other tracks by The Cuddly Koalas:  Dylan and His Mums  -  Daisy and Raj
Bob Brown and Steve Crump - Winter Night At Liffey     World, Atmospheric, Easy Listening, Acoustic 19/12/2018
Bob Brown is Australia's most respected environmentalist, admired politician, nature author and poet. Steve Crump is an emerging Tasmanian composer- his "Midnight Rain" CD was stocked by leading independent outlets.
This performances provide a special insight into Bob Brown the person - beyond the internationally-recognised political and environmental campaigner. Bob says of Winter Night in Liffey - Liffey is under the Great Western Tiers in Tasmania. It was unusual for snow to settle at the house but, often, I’d awake in the morning to find the mountain laden with white.

Other tracks by Bob Brown and Steve Crump:  Katie Kingston  -  Wynyard Girl
Michael Walker - Just Like Me     World, Pop 14/12/2018
Original band had a top 40 hit in 1984 and performed on Countdown. Released an EP in 2015 with "Dreams" being a finalist in the 2016 Vanda and Young Competition
An uplifting song and people are not alone experiencing life's hopes, dreams, trials and tribulations

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Keith Branch & His South Sea Islanders - Malo Lelei     World, Easy Listening 07/12/2018
Although Branch’s musical legacy is brief, the recordings made under his name in 1947 are part of the overlooked catalogue of Hawaiian music made in Australia during the 78rpm era.
A Tongan Blessing… (Pronounced Mar-Low Lay-Lay-Ee) “That it may be well with thee”.

When you’re called away from the one that you love,
You’ll be safely guarded from harm
By Unseen Hands from above
And where e’er you roam, near or over the sea,
Know a heart’s repeating the prayer, “MALO LELEI”

Other tracks by Keith Branch & His South Sea Islanders:  Manu Rere (A Maori Love Song)  -  Pokarekare
Midnight Tea Party - Massilia     World, Instrumental, Dub, Jazz 07/12/2018
Midnight Tea Party is a 5 piece band hailing from Sydney’s Inner West. Gypsy, jazz, dub and drum n’ bass are all blended together to form the band’s unique sound.
"Massilia" is a real party starter! Just imagine yourself in the middle of a dancefloor in Eastern Europe and you're well on the way to understanding the mood of this song.
Solos by Ross Harrington (alto sax) and Rob Campbell (trumpet)

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Other tracks by Midnight Tea Party:  Tootsie  -  Peppa Le Doof
Benjamin Walsh - Celestial Mechanics     World, Experimental 29/11/2018
Benjamin Walsh is a world-renowned percussionist and is legendary for his ability to adapt and fuse styles, creating and reinventing approaches to traditional formulas of rhythm and sound.
Celestial Mechanics is a quirky electronic adventure

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra - Fight So Hard (Radio Edit)     World, African 01/11/2018
Inspired by the infectious afro-beat music of Nigeria and its neighbours, The POAO delivers contemporary African funk to Australian dancefloors. This mammoth ensemble comprises musicians hand-picked from Melbourne’s music scene.
The POAO release ‘Fight So Hard’, the first single from their long-awaited second album ‘Naming & Blaming’. Fight So Hard is a simmering slow-burn with MC One Sixth trading rap verses with singers Kuukua and Lydia Acquah, Fem Belling and Lamine Sonko. Vocals are broken-up with heavy brass sections and extended instrumental improvisations while the understated rhythm section bubbles away.

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Matthew Fagan - El Vito     World, Ethnic, Instrumental, Classical 26/10/2018
Matthew is a 10 String virtuoso guitarist and has performed in over 120 countries and toured with international celebrities Billy Connolly, Natalie Cole, The original Buena Vista Club and more.
"El Vito" is a traditional dance and folk song of Andalusia typically wild and vivid in character.
This recording explores the colours of Hispanic music.  

Other tracks by Matthew Fagan:  Asturias  -  Sevilla
AlithiA - Empress     World, Psychedelic 27/09/2018
AlithiA are nomadic travellers in every sense, displayed in their extensive touring history and vivacious ‘street dog’ personality, an expression / movement of which they’re proud to have pioneered.
"We didn’t choose to make this album, but rather it was it’s own entity already in the etheric plane which chose us as it’s conduit birthing parents, in turn the writing process affected myself and the other members of the band in a extremely challenging way"

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Zannah - Ashes     World, Pop 15/09/2018
Zannah is the pseudonym for the Brisbane-based contemporary world songstress, Susanna O’Leary. With an eclectic taste, Zannah’s music travels through the realms of pop, rock, latin, folk, jazz and between.
I wrote this song in the lead up and passing of best friend's mother. It was difficult to watch my friend lose such an important role model in her life and it was also hard to know how much her mother suffered as she struggled to prolong her life from her battle with motor neurons disease.

Other tracks by Zannah:  Exiled  -  Twisted and Wild
Hannaka - Ay-Ya-Ha     World, Folk 14/09/2018
Australian world music artist journeying with what is native, healing and life-giving, moving and powerful.
Ay-Ya-Ha is the first single release of Hannaka's forthcoming album, 'To Eat the Sun.' This track captures the sharp inhale we make before taking a plunge, hurling ourselves into new horizons, discovering the choices and the path that is right for us. Hannaka wrote this song during a summer of searching out waterfalls on the Sunshine coast of Australia.

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Bear The Mammoth - Mossian     World, Trance 12/09/2018
Bear The Mammoth’s sound boasts a level of polish that easily matches, even surpasses, their post-rock contemporaries in both the national and international scene.
The album's second single, 'Mossian", is a progressive post-rock classic with plenty to digest underneath its rich layers and textures.

Tailor Birds - Ashen     World, Folk 05/09/2018
"Where Will We Go to Break Free of the Crows” Tailor Birds newest album is music that soothes the soul, warms the spirit, and ignites your passion.
The most uptempo piece on the new Tailor Birds album with some strong percussive elements to keep the floaty, soundscape piece moving along nicely. A huge full sound from this tune with many instruments combining to add to the lushness.

Other tracks by Tailor Birds:  Rosemary and Thyme
DEREB THE AMBASSADOR - Mewuded Lemejemer     World, African, Retro, Soul 27/08/2018
Dereb Desalegn, well known vocal talent from Adis Ababa, is the lead singer for Dereb the Ambassador who play a very distinctive, vintage inspired ‘Ethio Soul’ wrapped in raw power!
A song about search for the true love.

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Other tracks by DEREB THE AMBASSADOR:  Ebo Lala
Steven North - Conjuration     World, Rock 17/08/2018
Steven North is a passionate music creator and his expression of love can be heard through all of his creations.
This epic song that utilises guitars, a sneaky Mandolin and is titled “Conjuration” because it speaks of the energies of a strong, powerful being, sitting in the shadows, waiting to emerge.

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