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Wondercore Island

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HTML Flowers - Chrome Halo     Electronic, Rap, Experimental, RnB 18/10/2017
Grant Gronewold is a 29-year-old musician and visual artist from Melbourne.
When you go in and out of hospital as much as me, you're not the same... Being alone changes you... There's a chrome lighting fixture on most of the lights in hospital, a chrome halo that I take with me when I leave - HTML Flowers

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Noah Slee - Radar     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, RnB 30/08/2017
Noah Slee, the Tongan born, New Zealand raised, Berlin-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been sending music critics gaga the past few months with his constant slew of incredible releases.
Likened by tastemakers to such luminaries as Anderson Paak, Kaytranada, Andre 3000 and Chance The Rapper, Noah describes his aspirational conception of house inspired, dance anthem "Radar" as seminal, "Radar is paying homage to all the dope musicians paving away at their creations."

Other tracks by Noah Slee:  Lips  -  Reality
Ghosting - naoko 「 the wind rises 」     Electronic, Atmospheric, Hip Hop 16/05/2017
Ambitious debut instrumental mixtape from Ghosting, a new identity for influential Melbourne record producer Andrei Eremin. Inspired by the beautifully minimalist soundtracks of iconic anime director Hayao Miyazaki.
Reimagining Miyazaki is the ambitious debut instrumental mixtape from Ghosting, a new identity for influential Melbourne record producer Andrei Eremin. In "naoko 「 the wind rises 」", Eremin takes inspiration from Miyazaki's 'The Wind Rises'.

Other tracks by Ghosting:  stereonoke 「 princess mononoke 」  -  watercolour 「 ponyo 」
Vulture St Tape Gang - 1st World Problems Solved     Hip Hop, RnB, Funk 12/01/2017
Every Vulture Street Tape Gang (VSTG) show or recording is completely improvised. Their sound is jazz improvisation meets beat production, a self-sampling vocoder rap analog synthesiser battle of science-fiction proportions.
Vulture St. Tape Gang just back from the hit factory with this jam - first taste from their EP of sing-songs!

CORIN - Void     Electronic 11/10/2016
The sound of something meticulously ruined and renewed. Composed and performed principally with just two synthesizers, CORIN establishes a dialogue of mimicry with her machines that becomes near-cybernetic.
‘Void’ is a track that transports you into another world. The track experiments with harsh synths and sharp digital twangs, whilst also twisting the more intricate production into a melody that flows well. Corin’s production is refreshingly shocking; an electrical-surge of sound that is rarely presented today.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Cameron Dunsford, PBS 106.7FM, Melbourne (VIC)


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Lossless - My Clique     Hip Hop, Electronic, RnB 05/10/2016
Lossless is HTMLflowers (rapper/producer) and Oscar Key Sung (singer/producer) Their debut record is to be released on Melbourne label, Wondercore Island in October 2016
"I wrote 'My Clique' in the summer, it’s about survival, love, protecting each other and being grateful for whatever you can scavenge. It’s about my friends and all the times we shared a meal cause we can’t afford a whole one alone."

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Clever Austin - Track 3 (Excerpt)     Jazz, Experimental 16/03/2016
Perrin Moss has a day job as Grammy Nominated Hiatus Kaiyote drummer/producer, by night he hides in the beat cave under the moniker Clever Austin.
A mismatch of crooked, percussion infused sound-bites. A plain of desire, deep thought and experimentation crafted in a synthetic world then brought to life by Clever Austin's wondrous plans and ideas.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

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Sampa The Great - Blue Boss     Hip Hop 23/02/2016
Sampa The Great. A female poet and singer songwriter who expresses through music, poetry and visual art.
"Blue Boss opens with swift, Spanish-sounding guitar melody, a stunning antidote to her uniquely thin-yet-punchy vocal tone. The percussive rhythm adds to that kind of Latino sound, as does the muted trumpet, adding a rich new colour to the soundscape. She's slick, she's fast, and lyrically illustrative" - Indie Shuffle

NATIONAL LIVE MUSIC AWARD FINALIST 2016: The Heatseeker Award, Hip Hop Live Act of the Year, R&B or Soul Live Act of the Year


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

Sampa The Great - Class Trip     Hip Hop 02/11/2015
Sampa The Great hails from Africa the motherland. A female poet and singer-songwriter who aims to inspire through music, poetry and visual art.
2015 MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Simon Winkler, Triple R, Melbourne (VIC)

Class Trip is a spacious and brooding poetic act of introspection. Exploring the power of perception, interaction with our surroundings and the implications of self-analysis, this sleekly produced track delves into influences from traditional hip hop break beats and smokey urban jazz bars.

Kira Puru - All Dulled Out     Electronic, Pop, Soul 03/06/2015
Melbourne-based artist Kira Puru is a seasoned vocalist and performer. Puru has earned a throng of dedicated fans and industry accolades with her versatility, dynamic performances and style.
‘All Dulled Out’ is a collision of shiny, electronic pop instrumentation with heavy sorrowful vocals. A melancholic attack on the universal break-up song for when your heart is gnarled, your body is lonely and you realise you'll never truly be free of those you've loved before.


Sex On Toast - Oh Loretta!     Funk/Soul, RnB, Retro 15/05/2015
Sex on Toast are an irrepressibly charming 10 man organisation who specialise in raw early 80’s funk, hard-edged new jack swing, blazing improvisation and heartfelt blue-eyed soul.
‘Oh Loretta!’ is glistening with Blue-Eyed Soul and bubbling with immaculate studio musicianship, that harkens back to the days of slammin' backbeats, warm vintage keyboards and 10 guys in hot threads cutting it live.