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White Lodge Records

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Johnny Hunter - One Of A Kind     Rock, Punk, Britpop 01/05/2018
Post punk bad man.
Destiny-crisis singalong for your youth

Space Boys - No Goblins     Metal/Punk, Rock 22/09/2017
Intense punk sounds from a Wollongong 4-piece with no shortage of crust in the mix
A thumping riff and massive chorus for any hard nutter to get down to. Seriously punk rock with a brooding twist

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Shaun Oakley And The Boys - F**k The Ivanhoe     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 12/07/2017
Shaun Oakley and the Boys are the beer-in-hand, oi-oi, larrikin punk bunch you hear always up to some raucous business in a neighbourhood near you.
Taking aim at a venue that the lads cannot hack, this track is an easy call and response in the chorus, with a quick pace to bring the noise.

Other tracks by Shaun Oakley And The Boys:  Danger Can  -  Winnie Blues
Space Boys - Big Fudge Sunday     Metal/Punk, Punk 24/06/2017
Intense punk sounds from a Wollongong 4-piece with no shortage of crust in the mix
Loud filthy bass tones, maniac rambling, genuine cookery

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