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Youth Allowance - Games     Pop 01/11/2014
Youth Allowance are an indie rock band with a musical direction similar to Jungle Giants & Circa Waves they've come to find their sound in captivating melodies and iconic riffs
Both songs try and create a high energy, indie rock vibe which we achieved while recording with Yanto Browning at Airlock studios.

Other tracks by Youth Allowance:  Morning Light
Vic Park - I Could Really Use Your Love     Funk/Soul, Pop, Country, Rock 16/04/2019
Vic Park is the new indie rock outfit fronted by Melbourne's Jack Poulson. He has previously released two EPs and one LP under the moniker JP Klipspringer.
A stunner which cleverly conflates the irreverence of 90s Australian rock with some more straight-laced aesthetics of Americana, Vic Park's new single sees nods to the great indie era of the late 90s and early 2000s. Some early listeners have compared the new style to a meeting of You Am I and Ryan Adams, or Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) and Wilco).

Verticoli - DFA     Rock 18/10/2014
Inspired by the deep grooves, heavy riffs and introspective lyrics of 90's alterntive rock, Verticoli carry a simple ethos of delivering energetic indie rock that's rough around the edges.
Armed with new single, 'DFA' Verticoli seem an unstoppable force bound to streamroll their way to the top with the same ferocious drive that makes this single a cut above the rest.

Tundra - Tangled     Pop, Rock 26/05/2014
Brisbane four-piece Tundra have been a well-known fixture on the Brisbane club scene since 2012, renowned for infectious pop hooks, original indie grooves and a dynamic on-stage chemistry.
‘Tangled’, the lead single from their soon to be released debut EP. High energy hooks, unforgettable melodies and instantly grabbing experimentation are what provide the foundation for this next release from a band that consistently deliver.

Tinker - On The Outside     Electronic, Pop, Chill 25/02/2017
An exploration of multi-layered melody is at the heart of Tinker, the sophisticated solo project emerging from Brisbane that bridges the electronic and alternative genres.
Delicate but confident, 'On The Outside' is an immersive, celestial lament. Gossamer vocals are enshrouded in T I N K E R's otherworldly, layered production. The track, self-produced and recorded in Bristow's bedroom, was mastered by Antonia Gauci (DMAs, Chet Faker, Last Dinosaurs) at Sydney's Studios 301.

Tin Sparrow - On and On     Pop 15/10/2014
Combining driving percussion evocative of Suburbs-era Arcade Fire, a marriage of jangly guitar with soaring vocals, and contemplative lyrics, Tin Sparrow's endearing indie rock aesthetic delivered more cohesive than ever
Combining driving percussion evocative of Suburbs-era Arcade Fire, a perfect marriage of jangly guitar with soaring vocals, and contemplative lyrics.

Other tracks by Tin Sparrow:  Grass Stained Volleys
The Walking Who - Electrocute The Mannequin     Pop, Psychedelic 19/03/2015
The Walking Who are three piece band from Sydney who masterfully weave together interesting pop melodies with spacey psych influenced instrumentation.
Described as a melting pot of musical styles The Walking Who love the song was inspired by their recent travels to Iceland.

The Furrs - Money     Rock 05/08/2014
The Furrs channel a uniquely raw, hard-hitting and psychedelic garage rock sound.
Lively rock and roll meets ghetto blues sound.

Stevie Bankster - M.I.A     Electronic, RnB 26/01/2017
Melbourne's Stevie Bankster has honed and worked on his unique sound and voice; a blend of RnB, neosoul and pop.
Written in darkness with heady incense burning, 'M.I.A' laments the self-centered nature of a relationship built on apathy. Bankster's potent vocals glide over understated tropical production. This is an affair where both participants are playing a calculated game - constantly ducking any real form of sincerity.

Slow Turismo - You Were Dead     Rock 11/02/2017
Slow Turismo is a four-piece indie-rock band based in Canberra, drawing from a broad sonic pallet, spanning dark driving indie rock to glittery electro.
Measured, syncopated and swaggering, 'You Were Dead' oozes easy groove and credits its unique tone to a hybridised approach to recording. The sound of intricate guitars, scattered drumbeats, groovy bass, and lush vocal harmonies fill the track, creating the innovative indie-rock sound Slow Turismo are known for.

Slow Turismo - Thunderstorm     Pop 11/10/2014
Creating sun drenched, big speaker indie pop, Slow Turismo are the perfect band to ease you into your summer or guide you through a night out on the town.
The band's use of layered vocals and spacey instrumentation on new single, 'Thunderstorm' acts as a seemingly never ending crescendo resulting in an overall sense of indie pop euphoria.

Slow Turismo - Breathe     Pop 09/08/2014
Luring in listeners with infectious melodies and rolling grooves, Slow Turismo are adynamic band already making waves on home soil due to their fresh take on indie pop.
The band’s first single, ‘Breathe’ captures the feeling of limbo as a relationship comes to an end. Yes, you may have just broken up with your girlfriend but its Friday afternoon, leading into a long weekend and you can deal with it on Tuesday.

Savilian - Higher Place (prod Kuren)     Hip Hop 19/11/2016
Meet Savilian: one of the strongest live acts in Australia’s current generation of budding Hip-Hop acts.
Euphoric, transportational hip-hop. The new single Higher Place has already received spot play on Triple J, and been added to rotation on Triple J’s digital radio.

San Mei - Rewind     Pop 19/11/2016
San Mei is the moniker of Gold Coast-based, indie-pop artist Emily Hamilton, whose solo project began in 2013 as a self-produced bedroom pop project.
San Mei's potent vocals glide fluently over crunchy guitars, with raw, understated production from Hamilton herself along with Konstantin Kersting, lending an unmistakeable frenzied tone. The pang of longing is palpable - and so is the wisdom in preferring to have lost than never loved at all.

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Rolls Bayce - Don't Get Me Wrong     Rock, Psychedelic 24/07/2014
Rolls Bayce is a psych rock trio out of Brisbane consisting of Dean McGrath, James Wright & Neal Apel.
Building on the trio's love of 60s soul and obscure psych-rock, they pair deep drums and bass grooves with lithe, spacey guitar and throw in tightly wound choruses and dense jam-outs for good measure. They truly wring as much sound from their instruments as three people can muster.

Outside The Academy - Solutionism     Rock, Electronic 11/02/2017
Nomadic producer Outside The Academy, known as OTA or, less formally, Pawel Cholewa, is a multi-instrumentalist who uses experimental and ethereal elements to create his own ubiquitous school of sound.
Inspired by Evgeny Morozov's The Net Delusion, which examines the perils of technology as a problem-solver, 'Solutionism' is a cinematic, sophisticated track driven by dark synth bass lines and contrasting polyphonic octave generated (POG) guitar sounds.


Outside the Academy - Salient     Rock, Electronic, Atmospheric 21/03/2017
Outside The Academy is Pawel Cholewa (pronounced Pa-vell Ho-liv-er); a nomadic producer and multi-instrumental performer.
Salient is about generational divides, and fundamental age gaps between people – the impossibility of fully knowing or understanding one’s parents or grandparents, and the impossibility of them fully understanding you, because our lives, mental states or levels of maturity can never be synchronised or homogenised.

Okenyo x Adam Bozzetto - Sparkle     Electronic, RnB, Soul 17/09/2014
Adam Bozzetto is one half of wordlife and adds a unique electronic edge to Okenyo's foward-thinking take on soul and R&B.
Adam Bozzetto incorporates a wide array of electronic influences into 'Sparkle' whilst Okenyo draws on her R&B and soul sensibilities, making 'Sparkle' a unique and essential listen.

No Body Died - The Nihilist and the Pretender     18/02/2016
Emotive and driving music that spans the genres of electronic, industrial and shoegaze.
‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ is conceptualised as a ray of sunshine, beaming through an infinite darkness. Lyrically adopting an Alice in Wonderland leitmotif, the track urges the listener to offload the concerns of everyday being, and to appreciate what is taken for granted.

Other tracks by No Body Died:  Dschungel
Meredith - Jumpin' Beds     Pop, Ambience, Folk 17/09/2014
Meredith is a Brisbane based singer/songwriter who remains impossible to pigeon hole, taking cues from a vast range of influences.
Debut single, 'Jumpin' Beds' showcases a masterful blend of lo-fi indie pop and folk influenced lyrism. Creating a gorgeous light and shade composition, Meredith's glowing vocal performance is juxtaposed with brooding electronic basslines and snare claps that make the song an utterly captivating listen.