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White Label Servicing

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Alula Blue - Sunlight     Rock, Pop, Folk, Alternative 22/11/2019
A group very much in their infancy, Alula Blue provide the kind of malleable and ear-pricking quality that a band emerging from a Brisbane suburb is famous for.
‘Sunlight’ IS somewhat of an uplifting ode to being forced away from someone you care about. While that sense of hopelessness does initially strike, an even stronger sense of future optimism emerges, reflecting a prevailing feeling of freedom and love for each other and the people who support us.

Meres - Cut     Rock, Punk, Alternative 28/11/2019
Conceived in the perfect echo chambers of Canada’s cheap motel bathrooms, Launceston’s indie-rock queen Mary Shannon, aka Meres, presents an unadulterated blend of glittering, fuzzed out punk.
“I wrote this song around the time a friend's father passed away. It was written from a strange place of guilt, grown from the expanding distance between us - I wasn't sure how to be their friend like I used to be. It’s about wanting to feel that intense connection with someone again, trying to fight for it."

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