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Cool Out Sun - Fire For     Hip Hop, African 12/12/2018
Cool Out Sun, afro-beat hip hop from Melbourne. Justin Smith (REMI, Sampa the Great), N'fa Jones (1200 techniques), Lamine Sonko (African Intelligence), Nui Moon (Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Digital Afrika)
Fire For in a 5/4 rhythm with fast flowing vocals from N'fa Jones over an uptempo percussive beat.

Remi and Raiza Biza - Jiggy ft. Sampa the Great     Hip Hop, Rap 29/11/2018
REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J are one of the fastest-rising hip-hop acts in Australia.
Produced by the legend Black Milk. Mixed by Sensible J.

Dynamic production, hip hop joint. Flowing track featuring Sampa the Great with guest verses.

Other tracks by Remi and Raiza Biza:  Genesis ft. Sampa the Great  -  Freeman ft. Black Milk
LANKS - Spiritual Man     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 17/11/2018
LANKS is the moniker of Australian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Cuming. LANKS draws influences from artists such as MØ, Mura Masa, The xx, Justin Vernon and Radiohead.
Catchy pop song with hooks throughout, and a chorus that you can't get out of your head in a great way.

A song by LANKS inspired by time recently spent with a friend who is sick.

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Remi and Raiza Biza - Runner     Hip Hop, Rap 06/10/2018
Melbourne artist REMI and musical collaborator Sensible J are one of the fastest-rising Hip Hop acts in Australia and are quickly gaining the attention of international tastemakers.
"Runner" is a high tempo beat driven out an out hip hop track with dynamic production and hooks throughout, and shows why Black Milk is one of hip hops most respected producers, and why Remi and Raiza Biza are two of the most exciting emcees coming out of the Southern Hemisphere.

Dear Seattle - Maybe     Rock, Grunge, Punk 04/09/2018
Dear Seattle are the melodic, singalong, beer-in-the-air, headbanging-with-heart rock band you’ve been waiting for. One part mosh pit, one part love letter, the band have created a truly unique sound.
“Maybe” is a slice of genuine Australian alternative rock that nostalgically throws back to Kisschasy. A slacker anthem of sorts, “Maybe” is the soundtrack to life on a loop: long unemployed days, hanging for the weekend for another cheap round, and even though you know you should get your act together, maybe – just maybe – something will happen instead.

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Timberwolf - Jacaranda Sunsets     Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 16/02/2018
One of Australia’s brightest talents, Rising Indie / Alt / Rock Artist Timberwolf has released his debut full length record ‘Íkaros’ and announced an East Coast tour of Australia.
The brand new Paul Kelly-esque Australian Summer Single!

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Timberwolf - Íkaros     Rock, Pop 25/08/2017
Rising Australian Indie / Alt / Rock Artist Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a 26 year-old singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia.
This song to me represents the ethos and subtext of the whole forthcoming record, and follows the journey of Íkaros (which is a Greek translation) - from a life of self-preservation and fear of connection, to embracing vulnerability and trust in new connections with fellow humans, especially in romance.


Timberwolf - Hold You Up     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 19/04/2017
Rising Australian Indie / Alt / Rock Artist Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a 25 year-old singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia.
I wrote Hold You Up the day after I made a phone call to end a long distance relationship with a beautiful dancer from Wellington in New Zealand, and I wasn't in any kind of mood to write.


MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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Mike Waters - Drowning     Pop, Soul, Dance 10/03/2017
Having spent the past 10 years working the corporate world it came as a complete shock to everyone when Mike casually revealed he'd secretly been writing songs in his bedroom
Drowning is a catchy pop/electronic singalong anthem penned by Mike Waters and Max Frost.

Timberwolf - Washed Out     Rock, Pop, Psychedelic 25/01/2017
Rising Australian Indie / Alt / Rock Artist Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a 25 year-old singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia.
“Skinny dipping in the moonlit Bondi Ocean at 3.00am was a moment of what felt like complete potential, possibility, and freedom. Two years on I’ve come to really value that state of being. I think it’s rare and the closest I get to inner-peace”


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Mike Waters - Them Dirty Bones     Pop, Acoustic 19/11/2016
Mike Waters is Melbourne based singer-songwriter, telling his story by way of incredible pop music.
Them Dirty Bones. Roll your sleeves up and have a go.

Timberwolf - Something That I Said     Rock, Pop 05/10/2016
Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a young year-old singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South AustraliaTimberwolf’s highly anticipated and long awaited debut album is due for release in late 2017
Timberwolf explains, “Hopefully "Something That I Said" is the kind of song that encourages people to celebrate feeling imperfect and a little bit shit at making friends and finding lovers, because we're all really awkward and conflicted and anyone who thinks they're not is even more-so.”

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Trophy Eyes - Chlorine     Rock, Punk, Grunge 11/08/2016
Trophy Eyes stitch together emotionally driven lyrics with aggressive pop based punk in a style that is uniquely their own. On tour with The Amity Afflction.
"Chlorine" is the first single from the second album from Newcastle five piece.

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Timberwolf - Whiskey Jar     Folk, Rock, Blues 01/07/2015
Rising Australian Indie / Folk Artist Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a 23 year-old singer/songwriter from Adelaide.
Inspired by seduction, temptation and the trail of self destruction that follows an emotional split. It's quite ocky in comparison to anything i've written in the past so it was nice to move in that direction, I think I was listening to quite a bit of pysch-rock around the time

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Other tracks by Timberwolf:  Fallen Sun  -  Stranded
Storm The Sky - Same Graves     Rock, Hardcore 19/11/2014
Hailing from Melbourne, Storm The Sky are a young six piece who's dual vocal attack and high energy live shows have caught the attention of fans around Australia.
"I wanted to write a song that encapsulated everything I felt was detrimental to peoples lives directly because of religion without ever saying any 'god doesn't exist' or that they're wrong at all. The song basically is aimed at the extremist/cultist side of all religions." -William Jarratt, vocalist

Allday - You Always Know The DJ     Hip Hop 15/11/2014
Allday is a Melbourne based rapper, originally from Adelaide. He is the first signing to Illy / Unified's new label ONETWO and released his debut album Startup Cult in 2014.
You Always Know The DJ is a radio friendly track that has been spun constantly on triple j since its release.

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Other tracks by Allday:  Right Now
Hand Of Mercy - Axis     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 22/10/2014
HAND OF MERCY have become a main stay of the Australian hardcore scene, with their riff-heavy moshcore becoming one of the most signature sounds the scene has to offer.
Axis is dark. It is heavy and definitely not for the faint hearted.
"In a world where we're all born to choose
A life to win. A life to loose
I have faith in no one
or nothing else
Just the belief
In myself"


In Hearts Wake - Earthwalker     Metal/Punk 20/06/2014
In Hearts Wake: New Single 'Earthwalker' feat. Joel Birch of The Amity Affliction
Earthwalker is the title track from the recent album 'Earthwalker' from In Hearts Wake featuring Joel Birch from The Amity Affliction

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In Hearts Wake - Divine     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 28/03/2014
Byron Bay metal/hardcore outfit In Hearts Wake will release their second album Earthwalker on May 2 via UNFD.For every copy of Earthwalker pre-ordered, a native tree will be planted.
Vocalist Jake Taylor explains that the song and video identifies the disjuncture between the manmade world as we know it, and the natural world as it is. “Divine is a transformative journey of a displaced individual who breaks through society’s rigid walls by allowing a natural integration with Mother Nature.”

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Allday - Claude Monet     Hip Hop 30/11/2013
Allday is a 21year old rapper based in Melbourne, originally from Adelaide. He is the first signing to Illy / Unfied's joint label venture OneTwo. Brand new single "Claude" Monet
Claude Monet is the first single from Allday's forthcoming 2014 debut album.