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We Are Golden


We Are Golden

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BANFF - Adamey     Indie, Pop 08/11/2019
Brisbane-based songwriter BANFF (Benjamin Forbes) has released his highly anticipated second EP, Mt Pleasant.
"Adamey was an in the moment reflection on the 3 months I had prior crawling through the fog and finding some light and inspiration. After Light On Me, I went through a stack of emotions. got some momentum, crashed again and tried to rebuild over and over again. I nick-named this cycle the Adamey". Building indie ballad showcasing BANFF's vocals

Other tracks by BANFF:  Reprise  -  For Archie
BANFF - Light On Me     Indie, Alternative, Pop, Rock 25/09/2019
BANFF is a solo music project by Brisbane based song-writer Benjamin Forbes.
Light On Me - another taste of new music from BANFF and the follow up to recently released Pettigrew Pt 1 - is a driving indie ballad about finding pleasure in the ordinary. It's anthemic and uplifting and BANFF's most lyrically honest song to date.

BANFF - Pettigrew Pt 1     Pop, Rock, Chill 30/07/2019
BANFF is a solo music project by Brisbane-based Benjamin Forbes.
Pettigrew Pt 1 is the first taste from a new batch of music for BANFF - the result of BANFF’s personal struggle with creative self-doubt, as he focused in on the moment to help release the pressure he was placing on himself. An anthemic ballad of incredible maturity it's a welcome return for BANFF.

Edward R. - Way You Do     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 12/10/2018
Edward R. is the chamber-pop project from Melbourne musician Geoffrey Roberts. His new EP Body Corporate showcases intricate, immersive, psychedelic pop that recalls Ariel Pink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
A 70s-inflected slow jam on heartbreak and loneliness, it's delicate vocal opening filters into a staccato pulsing drum beat and swirling synths with Edward R.'s building lament "nobody can love me, the way that you do".

Edward R. - Paradise     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 18/08/2018
Edward R. is the chamber-pop project from Melbourne musician Geoffrey Roberts. His forthcoming material showcases intricate, immersive, psychedelic pop recalling Ariel Pink and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and follows 2016’s 'Agrabah.
"Paradise, your own personal nirvana. Surprisingly, this song came from a dark time in my life. Sometimes, you’ve gotta force positivity and beauty as a mantra and sooner than later, you’ll see effects of that positivity. Can’t have the mountain tops without the valley’s. Ed"

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Vilde - Warm Milk     Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic 19/06/2018
Melbourne born, Stockholm based Thomas Savage's (ex-Kins) project. Born 2016.
Second single from Vilde from upcoming new album Thud - Warm Milk is all off piste digital melodies and surreal lyricism, delivered with no small degree of style and panache (Clash Magazine)

Vilde - Flash In The Pan     Rock, Electronic, Pop 04/05/2018
Melbourne born, Stockholm based Thomas Savage's project. Born 2016.
Taking his trademark penchant for imbuing intelligent art-rock with pop-sensibilities, Flash In The Pan is perhaps the best distillation of Vilde’s unique style to date.

BANFF - Renew     Pop 06/10/2017
After winningthe triple j Unearthed competition to perform The Falls Music & Arts Festival in Byron Bay, BANFF showcased at The Great Escape and then toured Europe with Slow Dancer.
“‘Renew’ kinda talks about the insecurities that I felt as an artist just deciding that I’d launch new music into the world, and waiting to really change the traditional treatment that I’d given all of my songs,” Forbes details. “It’s like a love story with the art of writing songs.”


BANFF - Act of Misacting     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening 09/08/2017
BANFF is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane who crafts ethereal layers of spacious, soul-drenched indie pop.
“Act of Misacting reflects on that feeling of guilt and regret when you're pulled into dealing with someone else's personal troubles. It's that inevitable feeling of obligation to support them even though sometimes you don't quite agree with what they've done. " - BANFF (Benjamin Forbes)

BANFF x Caitlin Park - My Love, My Lover     Pop, Chill 26/05/2016
Brisbane singer-songwriter BANFF and Sydney subtronica artist Caitlin Park have teamed up to release debut collaborative single ‘My Love, My Lover’, available now via Melbourne based label We Are Golden.
Brand new track from indie-pop upstarts BANFF and Caitlin Park exploring the dialogue between a confused, apathetic young man with his head in the clouds and his compassionate but at times over-committed girlfriend.


Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)
Aeron Clark, Edge Radio, Hobart (TAS)

Pop Cult - Feels Right     Rock, Pop, Britpop, Psychedelic 11/03/2016
Queensland rockers Pop Cult have dropped ‘Feels Right’, the brand new single lifted off their forthcoming debut EP, set to be released mid 2016 via We Are Golden & Create/Control.
A band that has earned a reputation for crafting sing-alongs in the same vein as Primal Scream and Dandy Warhols, Pop Cult have harnessed the power of ‘Beggars Banquet’ era Stones on ‘Feels Right’, echoing out into the cosmos with charged piano chords, spacey guitar solos and gospel backing vocals.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

BANFF x Belu - The Great Unknown (Remixed)     Pop, Chill 19/02/2016
Having delivered his stunning remix of BANFF's 'All Again', rising Sydney producer Belu has done it again with his epic reinterpretation of BANFF's dream-pop wonder 'The Great Unknown'.
An epic remix by rising Sydney producer Belu of young Brisbane gun BANFF's second single 'The Great Unknown'. Swooning and dreaming it builds to a percussive and bass-heacy crescendo transforming the original into a stunning new work.

Banff - The Great Unknown     Pop, Rock, Ambience 10/03/2015
Ethereal layers of spacious, soul-drenched indie-pop – that is the craft of singer-songwriter Banff.
Equal parts illusory and heartbreaking, 'The Great Unknown' was Banff's first foray into solo territory and the track became the catalyst for the creation of Banff's debut EP 'Future Self'.

Banff - Stand In Line     Pop, Britpop, Psychedelic 06/12/2014
Ethereal layers of spacious, soul-drenched indie-pop – that is the craft of singer-songwriter BANFF. BANFF's debut single 'Stand In Line' is out now via We Are Golden
Stand In Line is a real headphone record that showcases Forbes’ emotive vocals backed by hypnotic drums and sparse staccato piano lines.

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