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Waratah Records

Waratah Records

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Manning Patston - Calling You Sober ft. Zac Gomes     Pop, Rock 09/04/2020
Growing up in the Blue Mountains mastering his craft, Manning Patston has been perfecting his skills as a singer/songwriter for many years in and around Sydney pubs, bars and pavements.
Calling You Sober is the upcoming single from Folk Pop artist Manning Patston. The song passionately reflects on miscommunication with a loved one. Featuring on the cut is The Shang’s frontman Zac Gomes as well as Middle Kids touring guitarist Miles Elkington. Inspirations for the track include Catfish & The Bottlemen & Powderfinger.

The Shang - Another Day     Indie 12/03/2020
Four young men hailing from the depths of South-West of Sydney, the birthplace of The Shang, an infusion of dub, psych and old school, no- nonsense rock and roll.
Another Day is about resorting to alcohol to deal with problems and emotions, the song was recorded and produced at The Grove Studios by Jack Nigro. This one takes a different direction compared to their other harder hitting rock songs. Another Day is going to be out just before The Shang kick off their East Coast Australian tour in April.

Major Arcana - Syndrome     Rock, Alternative 04/03/2020
Isolated, disconnected, and ignored by the community surrounding them, Major Arcana come together mid 2018, dedicated to opposing the music that trends throughout their hometowns in the Southern Highlands, Australia.
Major Arcana headed into studio, SLM productions, with little to no experience and walking out with what was soon to be their debut single. New to the whole recording process, striving for their ideal sound the band not only took on the roles as musicians but also as producers, mixing and mastering in-house spending tireless hours finding the perfect sound.

The Shang - Long Way Up     Alternative, Rock 11/02/2020
The Shang are an alternative rock four piece from south western Sydney.
‘Long Way Up’, is an alternative rock single with elements of Australian and UK rock. Recorded, produced and mixed at The Grove Studios by Jack Nigro, who’s production credits include, DMA’s, Ocean Alley, Violent Soho and many more. The boys will also be taking their single on the road around the country for a headline tour kicking off in April.

The Vinyl Press - Running     Indie, Rock, Pop, Alternative 01/10/2019
North-Western Sydney four piece, The Vinyl Press and their vintage grooves, psych sounds and indie rock oddities.
a story of the rise and fall of intimacy from the view of two lovers, a high energy ode to the universal experience of connecting on a deeper level for the first time with someone close.

Recorded, produced and mixed at The Grove studios by engineer Jack Nigro, whose production credits include: DMA'S, Ocean Alley, Violent Soho and Dune Rats.

Manning Patston - Hold On (feat. Andie     Folk, Pop 17/05/2019
In the Blue Mountains mastering his craft, Manning Patston has been perfecting his skills as a singer/songwriter for many years in and around Sydney pubs, bars, markets, pavements and bedrooms.
Hold On (feat. Andie) describes the constant uphill battle of succeeding in the music industry and doing what we love! Featuring Blue Mountains singer/songwritter Andie, here vocals contrast with Manning Patston to create an anthem like sound.

Other tracks by Manning Patston:  Come Around
The Shang - Feel Your Lies     Rock 18/01/2019
The Shang are a four-piece alt-rock band from Camden in the outskirts of Western Sydney, birthed at an open mic night in their local bowling club.
Feel Your Lies is an upbeat collaboration of rock and the surf beach vibes, an overall track of love and false hope.

The Fat Controllers - Escape     Rock 02/08/2018
Western Sydney, alternative rock four piece, The Fat Controllers!
Escape is a upbeat track with a downbeat story of a being put in the friend zone