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Rex Dallas - Music Is Life     Country 06/02/2019
Rex Dallas is an award-winning Australian country musician, singer, songwriter, yodeller and bush balladeer.
'Music Is Life' is a song Rex wrote about the days when he and his his wife decided to make music their destiny. The hard old days of travelling and recording, raising a family, and teaching them the trade. The song goes on to tell of the new ways today with recording technology.

Rex Dallas - Kitchen Table     Country 16/10/2018
Rex Dallas is an award-winning Australian country musician, singer, songwriter, yodeller and bush balladeer. His albums also include selections of horse songs, war songs, mother songs and even on coalmining.
'Kitchen Table' is a true story written by Rex Dallas and Stan Coster's Granddaughter Aileen Manicaros. The big table, with legs as big as kegs, was lugged out from Scotland by Aileen's Great Granny. The big table became part of the Coster family heritage. Many happy hours, with family and friends, were spent at the old kitchen table.

Reg Poole - You Ain't Dolly     Country 16/10/2015
Reg Poole is one of the leading bush Balladeers in the country. To see him in concert is to be taken on a journey of Australian discovery.
Like handing the baton across the generations of Australian country music, this duet of Ashley Monroe's and Vince Gill's You Ain't Dolly shows us the rich tradition of the road we've travelled, and the great places we're going - proving beyond doubt that the future is in good hands.

Reg Poole - Silent Night, Christmas 1915     Country 27/10/2014
The three time Golden Guitar winner is one of Australia’s most well known and loved bush balladeers. He is a talented award winning songwriter who has toured many times over.
Christmas is a time for joy, hardly something that you would celebrate on the front line in WW1, but this song tells of the remarkable story of Christmas Eve 1915 when the heat of the battle cooled while the troops from both sides toasted each other and sang Silent Night.

Reg Poole - Silence On The Line     Country 16/05/2017
Reg Poole has been elevated to the Roll of Renown, and received an order of Australia medal. He has been in the art of entertainment for over three decades.
We find ourselves in the presence of a performer who's displaying all the passion and intensity of a vocalist at the peak of his powers. With a bit of lyrical Aussiefication of place names the story itself slips all to easily into the Australian bush experience.

Other tracks by Reg Poole:  Music's Been Good To Me
Reg Poole - Grandpa's Little Girl     Country 17/04/2013
Reg Poole – one of the great storytellers of Australian country music. A big man with a big voice to match.
This Isla Grant written song is track one on Reg Poole’s new album ‘Life’ and celebrates 40 years in the world of Australian country music for Reg. His version of the song also features the ‘debut’ of his two year old grand daughter, Macey, singing with her Poppy! Sort of!

Reg Lindsay - Country All the Way     Country 22/05/2012
Reg’s career has spanned more than forty five years and every possible medium. His voice is his trademark: rich and mellow, certainly the best voice in country music
Written by Reg. on the front veranda of his Hunter Valley property in the mid 90’s. A fitting track for a true country musician. this is the original Reg. Lindsay version of Country All the Way

Other tracks by Reg Lindsay:  Before The Dawn  -  No Slowin Down
Ree Nay - Seen You Before     Folk, Alternative Country, Pop 13/11/2013
Reenay is a folk singer/songwriter who captivates her audience with her unique tone, powerful messages and magnetic presence.
A song about a deep fear of experiencing heartbreak a second time, and a battle between the head and the heart. It's about instinct, the gut feeling warning against taking another chance on love. This is a song that must be heard.

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Redneck Gentlemen - Four Shots Down     Country, Rock 04/05/2018
The Redneck Gentlemen are Australia’s newest country rock sensation, formed as a cover band in 2010 by John Lee (bass/vocals), Rob Bennic (drums) and Jared Scott (guitar/vocals),
Formed as a cover band in 2010 by John Lee (bass/vocals), Rob Bennic (drums) and Jared Scott (guitar/vocals), they quickly became a highlight for country music festival goers featuring prominently in the late-night pub scene. 'Four Shots Down' is the second single from the Redneck Gentlemen’s forthcoming debut EP. 

Rebecca Lee Nye - I'll Be Gone (You'll Be Lonely)     Country 23/06/2016
Rebecca is a multi-award winning singer songwriter with a unmistakable depth and tone that will leave you breathless, her warmth and emotion takes you on a journey through her songs.
Taken for granted she takes a stand using her inner strength to make a choice for a better life. Conquering her fear of being on her own she knows that this is the only way.

Other tracks by Rebecca Lee Nye:  You, Me, Love (on a Saturday Night)
Rae Leigh - All Of Me     Country, Pop 14/02/2020
Rae’s songs tell her story and share a message of hope and love, that despite adversity, there is always a way through.
'All Of Me' is an original song by Rae Leigh and is the second single released off her forthcoming album. Rae Leigh wrote 'All Of Me' last year after returning from Nashville which was a large part of her voyage to self discovery as a performing artist.

Radford Jaymes Band - Queen St. Coyboy     Country, Rock 23/03/2018
Steven Jaymes and Brendan Radford have done hundreds of gigs together, Pubs, clubs, songwriters nights, campfires, festivals, you name it, chances are they have done it,
The new single 'Queen St. Cowboy' is a celebration of the urban city cowboy that loves, lives and breathes the bush, is its biggest supporter, and dreams of “going bush and one day” ... The Dolby races, burning sun on dirt, yeah I’m going back there one day.

Peter Stefanson - The Bestest Ever Christmas Time     Pop, Easy Listening 16/11/2017
With Peter’s captivating energy and vast range of songs Peter provides entertainment for all tastes and ages alike.
With Peter’s captivating energy and vast range of songs Peter provides entertainment for all tastes and ages alike. 'The Bestest Ever Christmas Time' is said to be "The new standard for Christmas songs!"​

Peter Simpson - Josie Lee     Country, Instrumental 16/09/2017
Writing and recording with his wife, Dianne Lindsay, Peter himself is now a multi-award winning artist including several nominations for Golden Guitar Bush Ballad Of The Year.
'Josie Lee' is a happy tune written to celebrate the birth of Peter’s youngest grandchild, Josie Lee. This track features Peter’s acoustic guitar playing coloured by the lovely sound of steel guitar and fiddle while still maintaining a strong ballad feel.

Pete Denahy - Looking At My Phone     Country, Comedy 27/06/2014
Pete is a comedian and bluegrass musician hailing from Yackandandah in Victoria. He is a songwriter and singer whose show includes everything from serious ballads to ridiculous stories and songs.
Looking At My Phone is the first single from Pete Denahy's forthcoming album called "Me". It deals with today's most popular past time - looking at a mobile phone - an endless source of happiness. As with Pete's last few offerings, all instruments either sourced or played by himself.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly 23/08/2019
In Pecos Red, Australian audiences can party like never before to incredible home-grown music, steeped in the heritage of American greats including Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.
Aussie band, Pecos Red debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling. Knoxville is the first exciting release from Pecos Red's album Plains, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Peasant Moon - Leaving Tonight     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 01/09/2016
Blending late-night folk and intimate, acoustic alt-country, Peasant Moon have established themselves on the vibrant Sydney Americana scene.
Leaving Tonight, the leading single from the brand new EP - Songs from Austin: Live at Congress House is a head in the hands and heart on the sleeve unrequited love song, where the endless South Australian roads are the only antidote.

Paul Crowder - Little Steps     Country 01/09/2016
Paul appeared on "The Voice" in 2015 in the blind auditions. Time spent on the show and the encouragement from the coaches and producers has reignited my passion for singing.
Little Steps is the 1st single released from Paul's EP From The Heart. It's a ballad describing the Little Steps taken by Paul and his wife Joanne as their lives and family grew. There is also a message in the song for couples starting out, who sometimes want everything yesterday.

Paul Cowderoy - Your Name     Country, Rock 31/03/2015
Teaming up with Grammy award winning producer and engineer Philip Allen (Adele - Someone Like You), Paul is embracing the alt country and roots scene.
Teaming up with Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Philip Allen (Adele - Someone Like You), Paul is releasing his first single in two years. 'Your Name' written by Paul, is the first single from his new album Wet Hessian Bag due for release in June.

Paul Cowderoy - Wet Hessian Bag     Country, Blues 14/10/2015
Smooth, enticing, and deep, Paul's voice will get in your head and stay there. The rich, warm tones of his voice and lyrics speak to his fans directly.
An odd name for a song, but one that evokes a powerful emotional response for Cowderoy. Wet hessian bags were used during sugar cane fires to smother spot fires in neighboring paddocks. The song focuses on Paul's first fire and his sense of transitioning from a boy to a man.