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Brook Chivell - Hot Country Girl     Country, Rock, Pop 31/05/2017
Star Maker finalist Brook Chivell is best known as the front man and driving force behind his band, The Brook Chivell Band. Now a solo artist with a debut single.
Now a solo artist, Toyota Star Maker finalist Brook delivers his debut single Hot Country Girl, a party song that will have you wanting to get up and dance. First the groove will get you and then you’ll be singing along by the second chorus. 

Brook Chivell - Fingerprints     Country, Rock 15/07/2019
After an engaging performance on the main stage at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Toyota Starmaker Finalist, Brook Chivell climbed the national charts and featured on Spotify playlists and compilation CD’s.
Fingerprints, is a contemporary country-rock song with 90's rock flavour. Everything we have ever done adds up, to help make us who we are: the good, the bad, the lessons, the trials and the triumphs. Make every second count. We only get one life. Fingerprints is about that journey.

Brittany Elise - Pit Stop     Country, Rock 04/11/2019
Brittany-Elise is a vibrant, award winning, singer songwriter who has certainly been kicking goals within the music industry.
‘Pit Stop’ is about trust and honesty in a relationship and knowing your own self-worth.

Brittany Elise - Another Day     Country, Rock, Folk 17/01/2019
Brittany-Elise’s story telling lyrics on her album ‘Something More’ are inspired by the people, influences and experiences throughout her life.
Another Day is inspired by the feelings and emotions associated with the everyday busy working life. Even on the tough days, it’s about the people you meet, the ones who positively influence you and the smiles that make everyday worthwhile.

Brigginshaw - Southern Girl     Country, Rock 17/08/2016
The combination of Luke’s warm and unique vocals paired with Alex’s finely tuned guitar skills and vocals, gives the Brisbane based Duo a sound that crowds respond to.
Southern Girl is the latest release from Brigginshaw’s debut album, 2000 Miles to Tennessee. This track adds an element of romance to the album, and, as the title suggests, is about the love of a Southern Girl.

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Brigginshaw - 2000 Miles To Tennessee     Country, Rock 13/05/2016
"There is no current Australian voice even close to Luke’s, if Eric Church was an Aussie, that’s him.”
2000 Miles to Tennessee is the title track from Brigginshaw’s debut album, recorded in Franklin, Tennessee. Following their first single release, which debuted at #4 on the iTunes charts, 2000 Miles to TN is a nostalgic track about their journey Brigginshaw took from Dallas to Tennessee.

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Bridget O’Shannessy - He Doesn't Know     Country, Pop 17/08/2016
At just 16 years old, Bridget O'Shannessy is set to be the new sweetheart of country music. Endearing and engaging with a natural talent for crafting tunes.
“He Doesn’t Know” is a song about the boy next door: he is popular with his friends yet insecure about his place in the world; he has nerdy hobbies and loves his mother. The heroine adores her handsome beau because 'He Doesn’t Know' how beautiful he is.

Brendan Smoother - Paramedic Suicide     Country, Rock 19/11/2014
I’m a full time Paramedic but I’m also a part time singer/songwriter. I have never written a song about my work until now.
"Paramedic Suicide" - Dedicated to raising awareness of the issue surrounding its title. A punchy Rock/Country tune with a message. Brendan Smoother is a singer/songwriter and Paramedic who is doing what he can to bring light to this issue. Funds raised go to beyondblue.

Brendan Smoother - Gypsy Girl     Country 24/08/2018
Combining heartfelt songwriting and an eye for a story, Brendan Smoother prides himself on songs that count for something.
‘Gypsy Girl' is Brendan Smoother’s first single since the release of his highly anticipated debut album ‘In The Meantime’. A story of “Imaginary Infidelity” at a local “Faithful Cafe”. It’s a driving song with punch from the rhythm section and ear catching hooks from a B-bender Telecaster all under the masterful production of Michael Carpenter.

Brendan Smoother - Big Black Car     Country, Folk 25/11/2017
Combining heartfelt songwriting and an eye for a story, Brendan Smoother prides himself on songs that count for something.
Brendan Smoother is back with another captivating story song, Big Black Car. Co-written with one of the loveliest ladies of song, Lola Brinton and produced by the multi talented Michael Carpenter. Big Black Car is a mysterious tune set at the ‘Alternate’ end of Australian country music.

Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy - Burrumbuttock Hay Runners     Country 20/07/2016
Brendan is back, making music with a cause and spreading awareness through his powerful songwriting that ranges from ‘Heritage’ to ‘Country Rock’.
Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, a rollicking tune that tells the tale of “Bumpa” Farrell and his team of eager volunteers, providing hope to the drought stricken west. Brendan Smoother, teamed with Pete Denahy for this vocal collaboration in an Australiana story telling style.

Brendan Radford - Sweet Maree     Country, Blues 14/10/2011
Is a gifted vocalist/guitarist who has performed and recorded with many leading Australian and international artists. He is a 3 time national bluegrass guitar champion.
This is a bright bluegrass style song about a woman who has left her husband and he is trying to convince her to come back. Cool solos on ac/el gtr and piano. Features a solo out section.

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Brad Butcher - Simple Things     Country, Pop 15/08/2015
Combining the working-class grit of Springsteen and the tender expressions of Ray Lamontagne, Butcher is honing a singer/songwriter style which is capturing the attention of many taste makers nationally.
In an ever growing social media driven world Simple Things is the awakening realisation that every moment your breathing is your life and to remember to open your eyes, be active and smile and be thankful for what we have which is right in front of us all.

Bob Corbett And The Roo Grass Band - I Don't Know Anything About Her     Country, Pop 26/01/2012
The award winning Bob Corbett and the Roo Grass Band burst out of the world of folk & country music with their fourth album "Lucky Country "
An energetic and feel good song about the mystery of the big 'L'

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Other tracks by Bob Corbett And The Roo Grass Band:  End Of The Line  -  Glory Days
Bob Corbett - Mandolin     Country, Roots 02/03/2011
The award winning Bob Corbett & The Roo Grass Band adventurously burst out of the world of country, bluegrass and folk. New single ‘Mandolin’ from their latest album ‘Silver Lining’.
Mandolin is a single included on Bob Corbett & The Roo Grass Band’s latest album Silver Lining. Just like the Roo Grass Band, Mandolin is full of fun with banjos, fiddles, guitars and of course... mandolins!

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Bleddyn - Ashes     Pop, Rock 02/01/2018
Jessie Turnbull from Bleddyn is an aspiring new solo artist eager to release her first new single Ashes on the 30th Dec 2017.
'Ashes' is a song about people who get left behind and are alone. Bleddyn said "I wrote this song being alone and depressed, I wanted to lash out and hurt people just like they hurt me, but I realised I couldn’t, I just had to sit quietly while others brought me down."

Blake Dantier - Mary Jane     Country, Alternative Country 22/03/2019
Australian country music troubadour, Blake Dantier, breathes new life into the classic outlaw and honky-tonk sounds of the 70s and 80s.
Blake Dantier’s first single release, 'Mary Jane', is a light-hearted statement about our society’s views on drug use. With producer, Shane Nicholson, the Australian Alt-Country artist manages to blend outlaw attitude with the honky tonk sounds of yesteryear to create something that sounds uniquely like himself.

Billy Higginson - Front Seat Of My Truck     Country 17/01/2011
Singer Songwriter Country And Ballads
Trucking Song

Other tracks by Billy Higginson:  2 Minds  -  Road Trains And Rodeo's
Billy Bridge - We Knew     Country, Rock 26/05/2016
Billy was raised on a small farm in eastern Victoria. The youngest of four, he grew up listening to his father sing the songs of Hank, Charley, Kenny and Jim.
When two people fall in love and many people tell them it’s wrong, it won’t work, or it will change their life for the worse, love is the only thing that gives them the strength to get through all of the obstacles until everyone sees what they knew all along.

Other tracks by Billy Bridge:  Fluoro Collar  -  If I Get To The Rainbow
Bill Gray - The Car     Country, Rock 01/04/2016
Bill is a Singer Song Writer from Victoria, Australia.
The Car is a song about the love of a guys old car. A car that was left to him by his father who has passed, it rattles, squeaks and leaks, it blows smoke but he loves it and wouldn't trade it for the world.