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Tori Darke - Someone Else’s Baby     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
her strong vocals and mature voice her debut album ‘Dreams & Chances’ reflects her journey of growing up, falling in love, feeling pain and dealing with heartbreak and enjoying life
one of two songs co-written with two of Nashville’s finest songwriters. Michael Davey who produced my album and John Bettis, recently ducted into the Hall of Fame. The story came alive and the song captures the idea of meeting someone kinda cute and wondering if he is someone else’s baby

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Other tracks by Tori Darke:  No You No Me  -  Coming Home
Tori Darke - Disposable     Country, Pop 23/02/2015
Once in a while a musician comes along whose talent is ageless and who instantly turns heads… country singer songwriter Tori Darke is one of these artists.
Produced by Andrew Cochrane, Tori’s new single ‘Disposable’ tells a tale of a love being so easily forgotten by one party as though it never existed. The story of a broken hearted girl who feels as though she was used and disposed of when he was done with her.

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Tom Curtain - Where The Pindan Meets The Ocean     Country 11/10/2018
Tom Curtain is an entertainer, musician, horseman, businessman, entrepreneur and family-man living and working in outback Australia.
‘Where The Pindan Meets The Ocean’ is a true story about a lady who owns a cattle station in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. With two young kids, a house she built herself from mudbricks and a small herd of cattle, Janice Bell of Barnhill Station diversified her operation by building a caravan park on the red Pindan soils.

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Tom Curtain - We're Still Here     Country 21/08/2019
In addition to being an accomplished singer songwriter, Tom also owns the national award-winning Katherine Outback Experience, an attraction based in the Northern Territory that celebrates life on the land.
Katherine’s multi-awarded singer songwriter, Tom Curtain, celebrates the strength of rural communities in his latest single, ‘We’re Still Here’, inspired by the resilience he witnessed whilst touring through Queensland during the drought in late 2018, and again after the floods in early 2019 as he drove back to the Territory.

Tom Curtain - She Gave Us The Song     Country 15/11/2019
Tom Curtain is a multiple Golden Guitar winning Independent singer-songwriter, entertainer, horseman, entrepreneur, family-man and spokesman for rural health, living and working in outback Northern Territory.
Considered the First Lady of Australian Country Music, Slim Dusty’s wife, Joy McKean’s songs are the remarkable legacy of a creative life. Co-written by Garth Porter and Kelly Dixon, this vocal collaboration between Tom Curtain, Lee Kernaghan and Sara Storer is a tribute to Joy in her 90th year.

Tom Curtain (featuring Sara Storer) - Speak Up     Country 19/06/2018
Two-time Golden Guitar winner Tom Curtain discovered his passion for music while working on Mt Sanford Station in the NT.
Amy “Dolly” Everett was the victim of bullying and ended her young life at just 14 years of age. ‘Speak Up’ was inspired by the words Dolly penned before she took her own life; “Speak even if your voice shakes”.

Todd Stewart - No Reigns     Country, Rock 26/03/2010
2009 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist
Todd Stewart- No Reigns

Other tracks by Todd Stewart:  Australian Made  -  Give Me Water
Tiffani & Kiara Adkins - Not Listening     Rock, Pop 30/07/2019
Tiffani 15 and Kiara 14 have worked tenaciously to write songs, professionally record them and have just released their debut single ‘Not Listening’.
‘Not Listening’ is a song borne of the frustration of having to deal with peers who shed negative light on the girls’ aspirations of being successful in their chosen careers. Not deterred by the disapproval of others, they put into lyrics their thoughts and feelings.

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The Woodpickers - Ribbons And Pearls     Country, Folk 19/12/2018
The Woodpickers use an assortment of musicians and vocalists suitable for each project. Over the years Kevin Bennett, Bill Chambers, Doug Rowe and Allan Caswell have participated.
John Murphy spent many hours in the company of very old women. Regardless of varying health issues and some tough times most of them had a twinkle in their eye belonging to the little girl they once, and still, were.

The Woodpickers - Play That Guitar     Country 20/03/2019
The Woodpickers are a recording project of Blue Mountains writer / musician John Murphy.
The new single 'Play That Guitar' features Rachel Hannan on vocals and Jason Roller on guitar.

The Woodpickers - Georgeous     Country, Blues 01/11/2011
The Woodpickers and the recording project of Australian musician/songwriter John Murphy. The Woodpickers make acoustic music blending country/roots/blues/folk and bluegrass.
For my wife. A love song. One word: georgeous.

Other tracks by The Woodpickers:  The Devil and Jesus  -  The Book Of Wonder
The Witching Hour - Under My Skin     Rock, Metal 08/07/2019
The Witching Hour is a band from NSW who write poetic songs that can stem from melodic haunting music to hard Blues based rock.
The track opens with a grinding riff that grabs hold of you from the start and refuses to let go. Vocal lines in the versus stab the listener with a view of the world which state a view of uncompromising teenage angst, stating emphatically that you can say or do whatever, but you won't get underneath my skin.

The Viper Creek Band - Tonight You are Mine     Country, Alternative Country 11/05/2012
Five talented Newcastle-based guys got together in early 2011 to form The Viper Creek Band.
The second single form the debut Ep Crazy Tonight by Newcastle Band The Viper Creek Band. The filmclip was shot on location at Billabong Moon Hunter Valley and in Rocket Town Studio where the EP was recorded and features former Newcastle girl and Hollywood resident Tara Beaulieu.

The Viper Creek Band - Tonight Tonight     Country, Pop 14/01/2014
The Viper Creek Band are a Newcastle based contemporary, country rock band with a big sound and an energetic live show.
Short Track Description: A party anthem written by Troy and Drew from McAlister Kemp with Nashville songwriter Jeff Coplan (Love and Theft,Laura Bell Bundy).

The Viper Creek Band - Australian Girls     Country, Pop, Rock 25/01/2019
'Australian Girls' is the second single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’.
Australian Girls is the 2nd single from the upcoming album ‘Beautiful Destruction’

The Sunny Cowgirls - The Shed     Country, Cover Version 18/08/2014
They are without question, one of the most in demand country acts in Australia and continue to bring their unique and unashamedly Australian sound to audiences across the county.
Willo was a huge part of our childhood and Dad was a huge fan. He went to see John play in Hamilton VIC in 1988 when we were just toddlers. The Shed always been a favorite of the whole family. Still gets played in Dad’s shed! - Sophie & Celeste

The Sunny Cowgirls - Kids Forever     Country, Pop 12/04/2013
Sisters, Sophie and Celeste, are The Sunny Cowgirls. Their contemporary take on the Australian country music tradition has made them favourites with critics and fans alike.
The latest single from The Sunny Cowgirls, 'Kids Forever', is a bright and happy track, extolling the virtues of staying young at heart. Written by one half of the duo, Sophie, 'Kids Forever' will have you up and dancing, just like a little kid.

Other tracks by The Sunny Cowgirls:  Green And Gold
The Spurs - Stampede     Country, Instrumental 29/09/2017
Michael Cole, Jared Adlam, Reece Baines, Zachary Miller and Karlee Cole have traveled the country time over again playing for some of our leading Australian Country Artists.
Stampede highlights the musicians' diverse musical influences, ranging from the tasteful twang of Brad Paisley to the laidback chill of a John Mayer tune.

The Sherrahs - Far Side Banks Of Jordan     Country, Christian 19/10/2016
The Sherrah’s are a band based in South Australia who are well known for their harmonies.
The song Far Side Banks Of Jordan is one of The Sherrahs most requested tracks. A country gospel classic written by Terry Smith.

The Prairie Oysters - On A Wing And A Prayer     Country, Chill 20/12/2013
The Prairie Oysters are an award winning three piece country rock outfit from Victoria who have been performing around Australia since 2005 with their killer set of original and covers.
On A Wing And A Prayer written by Tony Bonnici is all about dealing with change. It's got a laid back "Jimmy Buffet" feel to it with an "up" vibe to the lyrics. The song is dedicated to anyone who's lost a job or had to face a major change.

Other tracks by The Prairie Oysters:  HiLux Blues  -  A Hell Of A Way To Find Heaven