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George Sich - Two Little Words     Country 11/01/2014
The 2010 release of his debut EP ‘True Story, I Swear’ started a journey for singer/songwriter George Sich. Three years later George brings you new material from his upcoming album.
Two little words is a song of celebration of life, love and faith.

George Sich - Spinning And Swirling     Country, Folk 25/05/2013
To celebrate the re release of ‘True Story, I Swear’ with bonus DVD, we are please to announce the much loved ‘Spinning And Swirling’ single to radio.
‘A few years ago I went to a golden wedding anniversary celebration for some family friends. I remember the band starting to play the Tennessee Waltz. And as he took her hand in his, they danced their bridal waltz from 50 years before'.

George Sich - Right Here     Country, Rock, Blues 01/02/2018
George Sich is an award winning Sydney based singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.
'Right Here' is a tribute to all the hard working, gigging performers, travelling between all the one-pub towns and singing away their souls, because they love it.

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George Sich - If They Only Knew     Country 11/07/2014
The 2010 release of his debut EP ‘True Story, I Swear’ started a journey for singer/songwriter George Sich.
From the guy that brought you “Spinning and Swirling” and “I Got A Little Drunk” comes an even bigger contrast. “If They Only Knew” is the new heavy rock guitar driven single by George Sich from the forthcoming, self-produced album “Spade”, can you dig it?

George Sich - Drinkin' More By The Hour     Country, Pop 25/02/2014
George has yielded four singles and video clips and produced jingles for the Grant Goldman breakfast show on Sydney’s iconic radio 2SM and the Super Radio Network.
My wife and I were watching a sad movie, where the heroine died. My wife asked me what I would do if she ever left me. The answer was easy, “Baby, I would just die; I would drink myself to death.” ,and that’s the truth…I added the three chords later.

George Sich - Boat On A River     Country 13/04/2013
we see the release of the single ‘Boat On A River’ and the accompanying video clip, featuring George’s alter ego George Spade and his band of disreputables, The Foxin’ Hounds.
Boat On A River is the single by George Sich and is the first release since the acclaimed, self produced debut EP ‘True Story, I Swear’. This cool, laid back song is clearly influenced by the likes of James Taylor and the Eagles as well as Otis Redding.

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Other tracks by George Sich:  Right Here  -  Waited Too Long
FredBear - Summer's Here     Country 15/01/2020
Freddie or ‘Fredbear’ as he is known locally is a 15-year-old singer songwriter from Tamworth NSW and has been performing live for the last two years.
'Summer’s Here' is inspired by FredBear’s experiences as both a performer and fan at Tamworth Country Music Festival, providing vocals, guitar tracks and co-producing this single. The lyrics are a collaboration with superstar Brad Cox. 'Summer’s Here' is set to become a firm favourite with fans at this year’s Festival.

Frances Madden - If This Were A Dream     Jazz, Pop 19/11/2014
Frances has become one of Sydney’s most exciting and in-demand ‘popular jazz’ artists. Described by ABC Classic FM’s Mal Stanley as ‘one to watch’.
Easy flowing, enjoyable swing with clever lyrics and engaging harmonies. A very natural style.

Other tracks by Frances Madden:  Dear Mr Nick
Errol Gray - That's Be Your Mum     Country, Easy Listening 16/04/2018
With his guitar and politically incorrect sense of humor, Errol has audiences in stitches with his songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes that happen to us all.
With Mothers Day approaching, singer/songwriter and teller of tall stories Errol Gray has released his heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere, That's Be Your Mum. Based on his own personal memories, this sentimental ballad will have you reaching for the tissues. The perfect song to play on Mothers Day.

Errol Gray - Cushions     Country, Comedy 04/07/2018
What you need is a good laugh, and the bloke who can help you eliminate all that gloom and doom, is Australia’s backyard balladeer, Errol Gray.
Australia’s backyard balladeer, Errol Gray, has come up again with one of his insightful comical observations concerning one of the big issues in a bloke’s life, that is, a woman’s eternal obsession with cushions. You know, the little pillows that are scattered everywhere in the home of domestic goddesses throughout the world?

Errol Gray - An Old Millard And A Tinny     Country, Comedy 14/03/2019
With his guitar and politically incorrect Aussie sense of humour, Errol has his audiences in stitches with his songs that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes that happen to us all.
"I met an old bloke who lives in a beat up old caravan in a holiday park on a beautiful river on the mid north coast of NSW. He reckons he’s found the ideal nursing home. This is his story". - Errol Gray

Errol Gray - 80k's An Hour     Country, Comedy 20/09/2018
With his politically incorrect Aussie sense of humour, Errol has his audiences in stitches with his irreverent songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes.
Sit back and try to not get too frustrated as you follow this grey nomad couple sauntering up the highway, holding up the traffic in their brand new caravan and 4WD without a care in the world. I’m sure we’ve all followed such a couple, or we might even be that couple!

Empirical Prey - The Tyrant     Rock 26/06/2019
Empirical Prey are a new alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia.
'The Tyrant' takes you on an experimental journey from the beginning to the end. Atmospheric desert rock with trippy guitars, a haunting melody and poetry. It’s totally unique and deserves to be the next Breaking Bad theme song.

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Emma Jene - Feels So Good     Country, Pop 12/09/2019
Spreading positive messages continues to be the driving force behind Shoalhaven singer songwriter Emma Jene’s music career.
Feels So Good is about moving on from your past relationship which caused misery, enjoying moments without them & finally feeling good about yourself.

Emma Dykes - The Riddle Of Life     Country, Folk 23/08/2019
After graduating the Academy of Country Music in 2016, Emma drew on her experience as a rural Emergency Nurse to write about her lessons learnt along the way.
Dedicated to a dear friend that was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year, ‘The Riddle Of Life’ is a reminder to everybody to make the most of our time. Life is unpredictable but it is important to not let it get away while there is still any ounce of hope.

Emma Dykes - The Man Of The House     Country 13/04/2017
Emma Dykes is one of Australia's most promising Singer/Songwriters.
Man of the House is the story of my grandfather's life, summed up in the space of a song.

Emma Dykes - The Drovers     Country, Folk 14/11/2019
Emma sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
‘The Drovers’ was penned with fellow artist Matt O’Leary whilst on a 4500km off-road 4WD fundraiser for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter called The Drovers Run. The song brings together to spirit of the Drovers who fundraise and the chopper itself that saves so many lives in Australia.

Emma Dykes - Pay It Forward     Country, Rock 02/05/2018
Emma Dykes has that calming energy about her that is a combination of empathy and strength that transcends through her voice and into her beautiful songs.
'Pay It Forward' was written to inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Pay It Forward tells the story of mateship found in small towns and of her own experiences of ‘beautiful people doing beautiful things’.

Emma Dykes - All I'm Gunna Get     Country 13/02/2020
Emma’s singles have all garnered positive response from critics and fans alike, charting on radios worldwide.
‘All I'm Gunna Get’ reminds us to forget the fights over insignificant things, forget the moments we feel frustration instead of love, and the days that life feels too hard - and instead, take a deep breath and count our blessings.

Emma Dykes - A Drink In My Hand     Country 20/09/2018
Emma sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
‘A Drink In My Hand’, summing up the clichéd repetition of swearing we will never drink again, and all the reasons for these promises to ourselves, followed by breaking this promise with yet another good story to tell – blamed on the alcohol.

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