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Ian Burns - The River     Country, Country 06/11/2019
Ian Burns is an independent singer / songwriter from the Macarthur district of NSW.
Ian looks back at the adventures, love and memories he has of growing up surrounded by bushland, mates and his childhood hangout, The River, where he and his friends forged memories that would last a lifetime. 'The River' is the second single off his album 'Two Sides Of Me' recorded with renowned producer Simon Johnson and features some of Australia’s best musicians.

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Hurricane Fall - Wheels Up     Country, Rock, Pop 14/04/2018
Tamworth born and raised and now based in Newcastle, Hurricane Fall is comprised of Jesse Vee, Pepper Deroy, Jimmy Hick and Lachlan ‘Dusty’ Coffey.
'Wheels Up' is a song that highlights the enjoyment the band has in travelling together and performing their music to live audiences. With their strong vocals embellished by a solid rhythm section the song has all the makings of being a classic hit.

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Hurricane Fall - Top Down     Country, Pop 31/10/2019
Australian Country Band survive terrifying mid-air incident as “plane drops from the sky” over the Pacific. However, they responded by releasing their best-received single to date.
Hurricane Fall’s latest track ‘Top Down’ is a depiction of life when you’re in love. The lyrical metaphor: ‘it’s like cruising around with the top down baby whenever I’m with you' used to express the relaxation, the ease and the enjoyment felt when spending time with your number one. The track is easy listening, emotion provoking.

HighRise - Your Love     Christian 25/03/2016
With multiple International Songwriting Awards and numerous number one charting singles, Paul and Will have come together to write and perform songs they hope will lead people closer to God.
The first single ‘Your Love’ was penned by Paul Cowderoy and is what the guys term ‘Alt Worship’. A style they hope will become synonymous with the raw worship style they enjoy writing and leading.

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Hank Vann - The 12:05 To Hell     Rock, Alternative Country 01/09/2016
A previous Tamworth Star Maker Quest and Golden Guitar winner, Hank Vann has been twanging his 12-string and releasing CD’s of his biting, inimitable, original songs for quite some time.
The 12:05 To Hell, a warning to those reckless souls in perpetual haste, who’d “try to beat the boom gates” for kicks and bravado, that, “you just won’t win”. Dick Dale-esque guitar slashes lacerate a backing of pseudo-surf shenanigans, accentuating the dangers of dicing with death.

Other tracks by Hank Vann:  Ghost Hotel  -  Twilight Town
Gretta Ziller - Some Kind of Habit     Country, Alternative Country 16/03/2015
With vocals that range from sweet folk to gritty blues you’d never know Gretta started off her career as a Classical singer, now a blend of Country Roots & Americana.
“Some Kind of Habit” is the third single from Gretta Ziller’s debut EP “Hell’s Half Acre” and the only co-write on the Album with fellow songwriter Jasper Hollis. Some Kind of Habit shows of Gretta’s lighter side and is a tongue in cheek ‘woe is me’ breakup tale.

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Other tracks by Gretta Ziller:  Hell's Half Acre  -  Hunt For Love
Greg Williams - Strikin' A Blow     Country 21/03/2017
Greg Williams - Tamworth Singer, Producer
This song tells the story of the great Australian heritage and pride in our country, emerging from the early 1900’s shearing shed era, leading to recognition of the immense personal sacrifice of our Anzac diggers at Gallipoli, and ultimately describes how this spirit is now inherited by Australian youth.

Greg Champion - Dancing On The Darling     Country, Folk 12/08/2019
Greg Champion came to notice in the Eighties on ABC radio. Now he’s released over thirty albums, and won a few gongs in the VMI category: ‘Vaguely Minor Identity’.
In May of this year the town of Menindee staged the Dancing On The Darling Festival. Its mission was to draw attention to the plight of their sacred river. A number of artists came to perform, among them Greg Champion, who thought the name of the festival should be turned into song.

Grayson - Time Machine     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 16/03/2015
Grayson is a true storyteller. It’s not only his songs that speak to us in first person, telling tales of heartfelt experiences, but also the moments in between.
Time Machine is the second single from the 2013 release "Little Doors".

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Grayson - Margarita     Country, Pop 02/01/2018
Grayson captures the heart of every moment with his storytelling. His music and lyrics captivate us with not only tales of heartfelt experiences, but the forgotten moments in between.
Margarita is Grayson's follow up single to his American #1 "10-9-8-7." Margarita sounds and feels exactly like Summer should ... Hot, fun and easy!

Grand Junction Australia - After Dark     Country 27/01/2010
"THE RETURN" features original songs written by the band, covering a wide scope of country music from humorous songs, happy songs, sad songs, trucking songs, sing-along songs & country-rock.
After Dark is a blend of original songs written by the band, covering a wide scope of country music from humorous songs, happy songs, sad songs, trucking songs, sing-along songs & good old country-rock.

Other tracks by Grand Junction Australia:  Devil Whiskey  -  One Of A Kind
Graham Rodger - Knights Of The Saddle     Country 12/09/2019
Graham's skills in writing have been described as pictures painted in words. People describe them as ballads that will transport you to the theaters of your mind.
Knights Of The Saddle is a song in recognition of the old time drovers who, with horse and pack horse, brought the mobs of cattle across the far inland droving routes of Australia, such as the Barkly Stock Route and Birdsville track. These hard tough men epitomised the romantic figures entrenched in the writings of Lawson and Paterson.

Graeme Connors - A Heartache Or Two     Country, Live Performance 27/07/2015
Graeme’s well-crafted songs have led to a long and distinguished career. In 2013 he celebrated 40 years in the music industry with 18 albums, plus walls and mantelpieces of awards.
North is jam-packed with serious subject matter. I didn’t set out to have it that way, it just happened. A Heartache Or Two' was the most light-hearted song on the album. When I introduce it I often say ‘here’s a song about absolutely nothing’. - Graeme Connors

Graeme Bird & Friends - From The Heart     Country 19/03/2012
I live on a farm in a tranquil valley and in my leisure time I use writing songs as a medium to record significant moments and emotions in my life.
Meaningful love song written for my wife.

Other tracks by Graeme Bird & Friends:  Banjo’s Ghost  -  Little Wonder
Gina Timms - Sailor Boy     Country 21/03/2017
Having spent almost 4 decades in the country scene, Gina Timms is no stranger to the masses.
Sailor Boy is a tribute to Gina's Son and all the servicemen and women, past and present.

George Sich - Two Little Words     Country 11/01/2014
The 2010 release of his debut EP ‘True Story, I Swear’ started a journey for singer/songwriter George Sich. Three years later George brings you new material from his upcoming album.
Two little words is a song of celebration of life, love and faith.

George Sich - Spinning And Swirling     Country, Folk 25/05/2013
To celebrate the re release of ‘True Story, I Swear’ with bonus DVD, we are please to announce the much loved ‘Spinning And Swirling’ single to radio.
‘A few years ago I went to a golden wedding anniversary celebration for some family friends. I remember the band starting to play the Tennessee Waltz. And as he took her hand in his, they danced their bridal waltz from 50 years before'.

George Sich - Right Here     Country, Rock, Blues 01/02/2018
George Sich is an award winning Sydney based singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.
'Right Here' is a tribute to all the hard working, gigging performers, travelling between all the one-pub towns and singing away their souls, because they love it.

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George Sich - If They Only Knew     Country 11/07/2014
The 2010 release of his debut EP ‘True Story, I Swear’ started a journey for singer/songwriter George Sich.
From the guy that brought you “Spinning and Swirling” and “I Got A Little Drunk” comes an even bigger contrast. “If They Only Knew” is the new heavy rock guitar driven single by George Sich from the forthcoming, self-produced album “Spade”, can you dig it?

George Sich - Drinkin' More By The Hour     Country, Pop 25/02/2014
George has yielded four singles and video clips and produced jingles for the Grant Goldman breakfast show on Sydney’s iconic radio 2SM and the Super Radio Network.
My wife and I were watching a sad movie, where the heroine died. My wife asked me what I would do if she ever left me. The answer was easy, “Baby, I would just die; I would drink myself to death.” ,and that’s the truth…I added the three chords later.