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Kiara Rodrigues - Dear Daddy     Country 01/09/2016
Kiara's fresh and contemporary sound is equally matched by her ability to deliver the timeless classics, making her an ideal ambassador for country music.
The song has touched audiences across Australia, particularly resonating with those whose fathers have passed on. These well-crafted lyrics allow the listener to be transported back to the many beautiful memories of childhood. Kiara has thoroughly enjoyed hearing the personal connections that audience members establish with “Dear Daddy”.

Kevin Sullivan - Unknown People     Country, Rock, Pop 21/01/2019
A natural storyteller and family man, Kevin's album 'Belonging' is inspired by the people and places of his life and travels.
Kevin Sullivan was working doing Forensic Crime Scene work at the time of the Waterfall Train Disaster and has written his brand new single 'Unknown People', not only about the Waterfall disaster, but also about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the effect on emergency services personnel.

Kevin Sullivan - Outback Australia     Country, Rock 04/05/2018
A natural storyteller and family man, Kevin's forthcoming album 'Belonging' is inspired by the people and places of his life and travels.
Outback Australia, is the Special Release Single from Kevin Sullivan’s forthcoming album, Belonging. The anthemic country song was inspired after travelling and playing music throughout the Australian outback for over 18 years. It features award-winning artists Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett on backing vocals and was produced by Simon Johnson.

Kevin Sullivan - No Saxophone     Country, Pop 13/06/2019
Former forensic crime scene investigator turned singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan returns with his new single, 'No Saxophone' – a song full of heart, with one hell of an ending.
No Saxophone tells the story of the various musicians and their instruments vying for a position in a country band. It has a catchy, foot tapping country tempo, building up to the saxophone’s triumphant rebellion.

Kevin Sullivan - Belonging     Country, Pop, Rock 13/09/2019
A natural storyteller and family man, Kevin's songs explore his own connectedness to his history as well as the stories of every day Australians, often capturing love, tragedy and hope.
Singer-songwriter Kevin Sullivan returns with his fourth single, Belonging – the final track from the same-titled Album, Belonging. Belonging tells the story of how Kevin and his two eldest daughters, used music and songs to cope, following the separation and break down of his first marriage.

Kerry Kennedy - Goodnight Little Man     Country 28/02/2019
Kerry hails from Dalby, a small country town in Queensland, and his rich vocals and polished presentation of original and popular country/rock music has been selling out shows since 1989.
'Goodnight Little Man' is a beautiful ballad written by Kerry for his two estranged little boys Jack and Joe as a lullaby for them. The EP was recorded at Parkway Studio by multi award winning producer Mick Lockhart. Kerry is noted for his heart felt lyrics and anyone with children will identify with this well crafted song.

Kell - Happier Now     Country, Rock 17/01/2020
Kell is a dynamic rock and country rock singer/songwriter hailing from Lithgow near the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia.
‘Happier Now’ was written by Kell and recorded by Adrian Hannan at the Song Store in Melbourne. 2019 has been a busy year with lots of ups, lots of downs, change and growth. ‘Happier Now’ is a reflection about working so hard towards something and having to overcome all those curve balls that life throws at you along the way.

Kell - Coming Home     Country, Rock 23/07/2019
Kell is a dynamic rock and country rock alt singer/songwriter hailing from Lithgow near the Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia.
‘Coming Home’ is an upbeat anthem that takes you on an emotional journey of freedom. With a blend of influences such as Melissa Etheridge, Chrissie Amplett, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Mellencamp and Jimmy Barnes, it is easy to see why Kell covers the alt rock country genre so well.

Keith Jamieson - The Real Australia     Country 20/11/2019
Born in Goondiwindi, Keith Jamieson has spent most of his life in the bush, which is where he gets most of his inspiration for songwriting.
A song penned by Keith Jamieson describing his feelings on the direction Australia is headed. With an emphasis on Australian land being purchased by foreign investors, he wonders what the pioneers and war veterans would think and how the future generations will survive.

Keith Jamieson - Memories Within     Country 02/08/2019
Keith leans towards the bush ballad style of writing and recording, following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Stan Coster, Slim Dusty, Tony Brooks, Tom Oliver and Joe Daly.
The title track for the album was written by Bill Brummell who has written songs for Jeff Brown and Ashley Cook. The song captures a bit of history about some of our pioneering bush ballad songwriters and recording artists, namely Slim Dusty, Stan Coster, Ray Rose, Wally Brummell, Kelly & Marion Dixon, Wave Jackson.

Keely Johnson and Lee Kernaghan - Turn This To Gold     Country 19/11/2014
I really hope that through Turn This To Gold, I can raise money to help more sick kids have their wishes come true.” - Keely Johnson
“I wanted to write and record a song with Lee as I’ve always been a huge fan and have loved his songs for years. Turn This To Gold is a way for me to raise awareness for childhood cancer and also raise money for Make-A-Wish,” said Keely.

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Kaylee Bell - Ride That River     Country, Pop 22/02/2012
NZ Gold Guitar Winner and Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist 2011/12, Kaylee Bell’s debut album Wayward produced in Nashville by Pacific International, has produced three Top 10 Singles
Ride That River is an upbeat, energized track all about those first few moments of falling in love and how we can’t resist temptation. It explains how love pulls us like a river and what is meant to be will be!!

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Other tracks by Kaylee Bell:  Love Was Just A Fairytale  -  Strawberry Sunset
Katrina Burgoyne - Worth It     Country, Pop 23/08/2014
2012 two-time golden guitar nominated singer/songwriter, best known for her confident “Cheeky”blonde curls, passion and sincerity returns with her brand new single 'Worth It'.
"Worth It" a song about not settling for anything less than perfect. Burgoyne, writes of her love for being alone and her choice not to sacrifice that for just anyone. Produced by Troy Kemp, it showcases growth since Burgoyne's past release cementing a more mature and commercial sound for songstress.

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Katrina Burgoyne - White Flag Radio     Country, Folk 14/09/2011
23 year old, Katrina Burgoyne is one of Australia’s most promising singer/songwriters boldly painting an organic musical landscape of enchanting melodies, heartfelt vulnerable vocals, strung together with honesty.
White Flag is inspired by self-belief, with courage and strength against all odds you can achieve your goal.

Other tracks by Katrina Burgoyne:  I Wasn’t Gonna Cry  -  Ghost
Katie Jayne - Use Me     Country, Pop 15/03/2019
Katie Jayne is the fresh face of pop country, taking her Dubbo roots over to the UK and bringing home a unique musical flavour.
'Use Me' takes listeners on a journey of heartache and melancholy with a hint of defiance and survival. A story of human nature, ‘Use Me’ is a raw look at the emotional bruises we leave on each other.

Kathryn Coad (feat Mark Lavender) - Roll On     Country 12/07/2016
Their love and passion for music and ability to the entertain an audience shows in their performance, with an exciting and engaging showcase of musician ship and wealth of talent.
Roll On has a modern bluegrass up tempo feel, with some powerful guitar chicken pickin' by Brent Mason. Bound to get you singing and tapping along, it shows the versatility of the couple and what the album has in store.

Other tracks by Kathryn Coad (feat. Mark Lavender):  Running From The Rain
Kate Hindle - Ready For The Ride     Country 01/02/2018
Kate Hindle has a musical knowledge beyond her years, a small town country girl with a dream and a determination to make that dream come true.
“This single is about showing others what I’m doing and sharing my journey with my listeners,” Kate said. “It shows that no matter how much heartache you have or what bad experiences happen to you, there are always going to be positives out of it.”

Kate Hindle - Loneliness     Country, Alternative Country 25/07/2018
Kate Hindle’s warm vocal tones and raw lyrics take the listener on a journey of love, personal victory, positivity and a yet a touch of heartache.
Hindle describes ‘Loneliness’, a co-write with Felicity Urquhart, as “The bittersweet and confusing journey of love and sadness … that leads to the realisation that loneliness is just loneliness”. Once again Kate explores the theme of rising from the ashes, the understanding that the very nature of pain can often be the catalyst for growth.

Karen Craigie - So Long     Country, Folk, Pop 17/11/2018
Karen has sustained a presence for years during which time her music has been in film and TV, International radio play, in-store rotation across Europe and America and solid award-recognition.
This award-winning ballad is inspired by the fictional relationship between characters Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity from the hit television series Friday Night Lights, and captures the bittersweet mood of long, lost young love.

Karen Craigie - Lonely Town     Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2018
Karen’s music has been featured in film and on TV, and enjoyed International radio play, widespread in-store rotation across Europe and America and solid award-recognition.
Karen states "I wanted to write a western-style song, with lyrics, storytelling and sounds that conjured a classic American western movie. A lot of effort was put into creating country-western sounds incorporating everything from the fiddle to backing vocals that emulate the singing of the first nations people of America."

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