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Travis Sinclair - Diesel Boy     Country 15/07/2015
Travis’ first–hand knowledge of the trucking industry has been incorporated into his albums, but he also sings of the experiences and emotions told, felt and lived by others.
The Trucking Industry has seen change in regard to laws and regulations. So much so, that not only truck drivers, all people from all industries and walks of life, are feeling the trials and tribulations. The words of the song say it, not in a proud way only the opposite.

Graeme Connors - A Heartache Or Two     Country, Live Performance 27/07/2015
Graeme’s well-crafted songs have led to a long and distinguished career. In 2013 he celebrated 40 years in the music industry with 18 albums, plus walls and mantelpieces of awards.
North is jam-packed with serious subject matter. I didn’t set out to have it that way, it just happened. A Heartache Or Two' was the most light-hearted song on the album. When I introduce it I often say ‘here’s a song about absolutely nothing’. - Graeme Connors

Brad Butcher - Simple Things     Country, Pop 15/08/2015
Combining the working-class grit of Springsteen and the tender expressions of Ray Lamontagne, Butcher is honing a singer/songwriter style which is capturing the attention of many taste makers nationally.
In an ever growing social media driven world Simple Things is the awakening realisation that every moment your breathing is your life and to remember to open your eyes, be active and smile and be thankful for what we have which is right in front of us all.

Dianne Lindsay - On The Night Train     Country 19/08/2015
Dianne is a multi-award winning artist and is a three time Golden Guitar finalist for Bush Ballad of the Year and also a Female Vocalist Peoples’ Choice winner 2013-2015.
The beautiful lyrics of Henry Lawson’s last poem describing a late night train journey through Australia’s beloved bushland is enhanced by the lovely and authentic tones of Dianne’s voice and will indeed take you on the same journey.

Paul Costa - Comin' Down     Country, Pop 19/08/2015
Paul Costa is a multi award winning Artist who has worked full time in the business for thirteen years and performed all over Australia at major events.
Comin’ Down has a strong groove and a riff that gets the head bopping and the foot stomping from the very start. The song explores the idea that all is not as it seems, and that there are alternative ways of looking at every situation.

Codi Kaye - My Conscience     Folk, Pop 02/09/2015
Codi Kaye is an Australian singer songwriter with a focus on writing and singing songs that fans can relate to and use as motivation to improve their life circumstances.
Codi Kaye has embodied a character in the song that struggles to embrace their unique qualities, as this characters conscience convinces them it's wrong to be different. The song explores the importance of self-acceptance and not allowing your conscience and insecurities to over shadow who you are.

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Ben Ransom - Big Country Sky     Country, Rock, Live Performance, Pop 05/09/2015
Ben Ransom reflects all that is great about Australian music, with tracks translating perfectly from recording to live performance. He continuously delivers a smoking hot and energetic live show!
Big Country Sky is the definitive track from Ben Ransom. A beautifully crafted driving song that takes the listener on a journey through his classic style, all set against the backdrop of his live performance that is fast gaining him a reputation as a stadium Artist.

Dianne Lindsay - Charlie     Country 05/09/2015
Dianne is a multi Golden Guitar ‘Bush Ballad of the Year’ finalist and is also the 2015 Peoples’ Choice for Female Vocal of the year.
‘Charlie Bell, The Fencer:’ is one of the many friends and country music supporters we meet who attend our shows around the country. Charlie drove over 200kms to be at our show that night and we hope we’ll see him again sometime along the track.

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Michelle Plozza - Salvation     Country, Alternative Country 14/09/2015
Singer Songwriter Michelle Plozza delivers a gathering of songs that explores the poignant complexity of life. Her debut EP captivates and acknowledges confronting issues of addiction, bereavement and abuse.
This track is inspired by when you find yourself seeking guidance through difficult times you often reach for your salvation.

Other tracks by Michelle Plozza:  Colour Me Happy  -  Lay Down Your Guns
Aleyce Simmonds - Greatest Companion     Country 25/09/2015
Five time Country Music Association of Australia nominee, top five ARIA charting and multiple radio and music video number one Artist Aleyce Simmonds brings us her brand new single.
Greatest Companion is a touching ballad, penned by Aleyce Simmonds after the realisation of all that late night radio means to so many. It is an unofficial tribute to radio presenters the world over who lend their familiar voices to listeners when they need them the most.

2017 APRA MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEE - Country Work of the Year

Arthur Blanch - It's Usually A Woman     Country 25/09/2015
Arthur needs no introduction. He is Australia's Rolls Royce of country singers. 2014 was Arthur Blanch's 63rd anniversary year in his career as a recording Artist.
Arthur says "I recorded this song because it is one that many people can relate to. It has a good melody and tells the story well." This song in the initial album reviews was a standout and a favourite of Nashville's legendary record producer and songwriter Bob Montgomery.

Paul Cowderoy - Wet Hessian Bag     Country, Blues 14/10/2015
Smooth, enticing, and deep, Paul's voice will get in your head and stay there. The rich, warm tones of his voice and lyrics speak to his fans directly.
An odd name for a song, but one that evokes a powerful emotional response for Cowderoy. Wet hessian bags were used during sugar cane fires to smother spot fires in neighboring paddocks. The song focuses on Paul's first fire and his sense of transitioning from a boy to a man.

Reg Poole - You Ain't Dolly     Country 16/10/2015
Reg Poole is one of the leading bush Balladeers in the country. To see him in concert is to be taken on a journey of Australian discovery.
Like handing the baton across the generations of Australian country music, this duet of Ashley Monroe's and Vince Gill's You Ain't Dolly shows us the rich tradition of the road we've travelled, and the great places we're going - proving beyond doubt that the future is in good hands.

Angus Gill - Mouth Of A Dragon     Country, Folk 04/11/2015
With authenticity in his voice, a Gibson over his back, a bonfire in his belly, and a songwriting knack, 17 year old Angus Gill is a rising country music star.
Angus’ new single Mouth of a Dragon, co-written with 5x Golden Guitar winner Felicity Urquhart, tells the story of a couple who lost it all in an unexpected house fire which blackened sixty years of memories in a bare six minutes.

Michael Wilks - No More     Country, Rock 04/11/2015
Michael combines blues, rock, classics and country with a few other eclectic elements that make his show unique.
A modern heartfelt song to help promote the awareness of domestic abuse in Australia.

JR Williams - Making Love On The Telephone     Country 06/01/2016
Born and raised in the country, it is probably the intimate daily contact with the land that give JR his ability to relate so well to his large fan base.
‘Making Love On A Telephone’ is a song that can be identified by those from all walks of life that travel the lonely roads and work away for a living.’

Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart - I Hear Them All     Country, Alternative Country, Roots 08/01/2016
Harmony heaven and earthy Roots/Country. A musical collaboration between Country Artists Kevin Bennett, Lyn Bowtell and Felicity Urquhart.
'I Hear Them All' is a 2006 Old Crow Medicine Show song calling for social justice and peace, here re-energised by Bennett Bowtell & Urquhart in 3 part harmony with a modern Bluegrass flavour.

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Bill Chambers - Roll The Windows Down     Country 08/01/2016
There's much more to Bill Chambers than just being Kasey's dad. The patriarch of the Chambers Clan is considered by some to be Australia's premier alt-country guitarist.
Years ago Audrey Auld and I flew into America for a five week tour of Texas. Rather than hire a car we borrowed one, an Oldsmobile! When I asked the owner Vicki about air conditioning she said 'you just roll the windows down'.

Anita Ree - Heck (Graeme Bone)     Country 28/01/2016
With a unique style all her own Anita sings songs of Australia and its people, representing our past achievers as well as our modern day way of life.
Heck is the latest single from Anita Ree. A Catchy tune about a sheep carter from the Wimmera town of Nhill. A real character who is fast becoming a legend in his town. This song tell the story of Graeme Bone -who is affectionately known as 'Heck'.

Other tracks by Anita Ree:  Long Way Round
Lost Verses - Gonna     Country, Cover Version, Pop 03/02/2016
Hailing from Northern NSW Australia but calling the Sunshine Coast home, Paul's career to date has been a rollercoaster ride of success, tales of chart victory and award winning antics.
A stripped back cover version of Blake Shelton's smash hit 'Gonna'.