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Nikki Jensen - Hypotheticals     Folk, Pop, Country 20/02/2012
Nikki Jensen has a unique vocal styling that showcases everything from jazz, folk, pop and country which paired with her songwriting ability are a recipe to surprise and please.
Acoustic guitars, soaring vocals, xylaphones, unforgivably catchy hook makes it hard not bounce and sing along to this track.
"Hypotheticals" could very well be the crossover single that brings Jensen’s folk/pop/country to the masses.

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Other tracks by Nikki Jensen:  Lay Down Misère
Kaylee Bell - Ride That River     Country, Pop 22/02/2012
NZ Gold Guitar Winner and Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist 2011/12, Kaylee Bell’s debut album Wayward produced in Nashville by Pacific International, has produced three Top 10 Singles
Ride That River is an upbeat, energized track all about those first few moments of falling in love and how we can’t resist temptation. It explains how love pulls us like a river and what is meant to be will be!!

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Other tracks by Kaylee Bell:  Love Was Just A Fairytale  -  Strawberry Sunset
Graeme Bird & Friends - From The Heart     Country 19/03/2012
I live on a farm in a tranquil valley and in my leisure time I use writing songs as a medium to record significant moments and emotions in my life.
Meaningful love song written for my wife.

Other tracks by Graeme Bird & Friends:  Banjo’s Ghost  -  Little Wonder
The Viper Creek Band - Tonight You are Mine     Country, Alternative Country 11/05/2012
Five talented Newcastle-based guys got together in early 2011 to form The Viper Creek Band.
The second single form the debut Ep Crazy Tonight by Newcastle Band The Viper Creek Band. The filmclip was shot on location at Billabong Moon Hunter Valley and in Rocket Town Studio where the EP was recorded and features former Newcastle girl and Hollywood resident Tara Beaulieu.

Reg Lindsay - Country All the Way     Country 22/05/2012
Reg’s career has spanned more than forty five years and every possible medium. His voice is his trademark: rich and mellow, certainly the best voice in country music
Written by Reg. on the front veranda of his Hunter Valley property in the mid 90’s. A fitting track for a true country musician. this is the original Reg. Lindsay version of Country All the Way

Other tracks by Reg Lindsay:  Before The Dawn  -  No Slowin Down
Lyn Bowtell - Beautiful Liar     Country 29/05/2012
Bowtell's unique vocal talent has been well known for sometime. Her powerhouse vocals are unrivalled. Two-time Golden Guitar Winner, MO Award Winner, Toyota Star Maker Winner, APRA Award Finalist.
Raw emotion penned and captured in this universally touching track, Beautiful Liar is without question Lyn Bowtell’s most revealing song to date. Scorned, torn but still carrying the torch for hopeful love, Bowtell show’s her songwriting ability and powerhouse vocals whilst holding back her heartbreaking tears.

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Other tracks by Lyn Bowtell:  Sing Along
Jim Haynes - Australia     Country 12/06/2012
Jim Haynes is a singer songwriter and entertainer in the country comedy Australiana style who was recorded and toured successfully for 25 years.
The lyric lists our iconic Autarlian events, characters and landmarks and unique characteristics.

Other tracks by Jim Haynes:  Don’t Fence Me In/Home Among the Gumtrees  -  Losin’ It
Jetty Road - Wrong (featuring George Canyon)     Country, Pop 24/09/2012
2010 Golden Guitar winners. “Far Away Places” is Jetty Road’s much anticipated 4th album.
The haunting vocals of twin sisters Lee and Paula Bowman together with Canadian country music superstar George Canyon (Nashville Star 2004) shine in a poignant tale of love lost, but never forgotten. Sometimes just a word or a melody can take you straight back.

Other tracks by Jetty Road:  Serves You Right  -  Sweet Goodbye
Paul Cowderoy - Now     Country, Alternative Country 02/10/2012
Only new to the country music industry, Paul has already released multiple top two charting singles along with winning numerous new talent awards in 2011. Paul’s future is looking bright.
"Now" is an upbeat track that will leave you smiling and wanting more. The song is about how we meet those we love and all the good stuff in between.

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Other tracks by Paul Cowderoy:  Need To Need You
Carter & Carter - To The Moon And Back     Country 09/11/2012
Carter & Carter, recently named to Australian Independent Country Music Artists of the Decade, are Australia's most successful independent country act. They have 17 Top 5 hits, including nine #1's
When a little girl throws her arms around your neck and tells you she loves you all the way ‘to the moon and back’ it has to be the start of a song. For Carter & Carter that song led to their award winning album ‘To The Moon And Back’.

Will Osland & Bill Chambers - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue     Country, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 10/11/2012
Will Osland & Bill Chambers team up again to record a cover of Bob Dylan's iconic track 'It's All Over Now, Baby Blue'.
Will Osland & Bill Chambers version of iconic Bob Dylan track It's All Over Now, Baby Blue. Recorded at Bill's studio on the Central Coast in basically one take, it's a simple, barely edited take on one track that both grew up with.

The Sunny Cowgirls - Kids Forever     Country, Pop 12/04/2013
Sisters, Sophie and Celeste, are The Sunny Cowgirls. Their contemporary take on the Australian country music tradition has made them favourites with critics and fans alike.
The latest single from The Sunny Cowgirls, 'Kids Forever', is a bright and happy track, extolling the virtues of staying young at heart. Written by one half of the duo, Sophie, 'Kids Forever' will have you up and dancing, just like a little kid.

Other tracks by The Sunny Cowgirls:  Green And Gold
George Sich - Boat On A River     Country 13/04/2013
we see the release of the single ‘Boat On A River’ and the accompanying video clip, featuring George’s alter ego George Spade and his band of disreputables, The Foxin’ Hounds.
Boat On A River is the single by George Sich and is the first release since the acclaimed, self produced debut EP ‘True Story, I Swear’. This cool, laid back song is clearly influenced by the likes of James Taylor and the Eagles as well as Otis Redding.

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Other tracks by George Sich:  Right Here  -  Waited Too Long
Reg Poole - Grandpa's Little Girl     Country 17/04/2013
Reg Poole – one of the great storytellers of Australian country music. A big man with a big voice to match.
This Isla Grant written song is track one on Reg Poole’s new album ‘Life’ and celebrates 40 years in the world of Australian country music for Reg. His version of the song also features the ‘debut’ of his two year old grand daughter, Macey, singing with her Poppy! Sort of!

The Hillbilly Killers - Calamitied Anatomy     Country, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Folk 17/05/2013
The Hillbilly Killers are Australian music Artists Tim Rogers, Bill Chambers, Catherine Britt and friends. Their first instalment is here, They Call Us The Hillbilly Killers.
‘Calamitied Anatomy’ was the first co write between Catherine, Tim and Bill and combines traditional country with Tim's tongue in cheek punk lyrics.

Other tracks by The Hillbilly Killers:  They Call Us The Hillbilly Killers
George Sich - Spinning And Swirling     Country, Folk 25/05/2013
To celebrate the re release of ‘True Story, I Swear’ with bonus DVD, we are please to announce the much loved ‘Spinning And Swirling’ single to radio.
‘A few years ago I went to a golden wedding anniversary celebration for some family friends. I remember the band starting to play the Tennessee Waltz. And as he took her hand in his, they danced their bridal waltz from 50 years before'.

Dianne Lindsay - Chimney In The Paddock     Country 04/06/2013
A multi-award winning artist, Dianne writes and performs her own style of traditional Australian music.
Travelling countless miles of country roads between shows and taking in the landscape gave Dianne the inspiration to tell the story of a lone chimney standing in a paddock and, as many of us do, to wonder about the history of these relics.

The Fairground - Burn The Room     Country, Alternative Country, Rock, Pop 21/06/2013
The Fairground combined have over 20 years experience, won countless awards, taken out numerous top 50 chart positions both at radio and TV and have seen two Golden Guitar nominations.
Their debut single Burn The Room is very different to that of their solo careers. It’s loud with a full sound and edgy lyrics. Written by hit songwriters Megan Connor (Rascal Flatts, Chris Young) and Shane Hines (Steve Holy, Jeff Jankins, MTV) it undoubtedly has a heavy American influence.

Paul Cowderoy - Could've Loved You     Country, Alternative Country 28/06/2013
"Debut release from this young Aussie artist and already he is turning industry heads with his strong vocals” Larry Cann, Kix Country Network.
“The song makes people think about their own situation in life. Have we left things, or people in past, that maybe we could have fought for? I think this song will make people treasure what they have in life, family and themselves”.

Johnny Chester - My Heart (Always Brings Me Back To You)     Country, Roots 31/07/2013
In what is now his fifty third year as a recording artist, Johnny Chester continues the ride with a brand new release.
The new song is also Retro/Traditional country and tells of a man confessing to his true love that although he might have been guilty of thinking about being unfaithful his heart ruled his head and brought him back every time. “Now that’s Country!”