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Michelle Walker - Trying To Be Me     Country 17/07/2019
North Queensland songstress Michelle Walker is fast becoming a well-known name as an Australian country music recording artist and award winning song writer.
What example are we setting for our daughters, friends and family? How do we get back to being comfortable in our own skin? Michelle Walker reflects upon these questions in her new single, ‘Trying To Be Me’.

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Kell - Coming Home     Country, Rock 23/07/2019
Kell is a dynamic rock and country rock alt singer/songwriter hailing from Lithgow near the Blue Mountains in New South Wales Australia.
‘Coming Home’ is an upbeat anthem that takes you on an emotional journey of freedom. With a blend of influences such as Melissa Etheridge, Chrissie Amplett, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin, Dolly Parton, Mellencamp and Jimmy Barnes, it is easy to see why Kell covers the alt rock country genre so well.

Destiny (Band Oz) - Peace Of Mind     Country 26/07/2019
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri.
When you’re in your ‘happy place’, doing something that you love, you can look at things in a different light and your worries seem to just melt away... We are all so small in the great scheme of things and this uplifting country ballad by Destiny Band Oz, sung by Tessa Libreri, is about finding her peace of mind.

Tiffani & Kiara Adkins - Not Listening     Rock, Pop 30/07/2019
Tiffani 15 and Kiara 14 have worked tenaciously to write songs, professionally record them and have just released their debut single ‘Not Listening’.
‘Not Listening’ is a song borne of the frustration of having to deal with peers who shed negative light on the girls’ aspirations of being successful in their chosen careers. Not deterred by the disapproval of others, they put into lyrics their thoughts and feelings.

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Alisha Smith - Tippy Toes     Country, Instrumental 02/08/2019
Alisha has toured right around Australia four times with her partner Keith Jamieson and their daughter Caitlyn.
A great catchy instrumental which was written by an american lady called Boots Faye in 1963. Keith Jamieson and Alisha found this song on Facebook being played by Ed Peekeekoot from Canada and loved it so Alisha decided to record it with Caitlyn playing some great fiddle.

Caitlyn Jamieson - Auctioneer     Country 02/08/2019
Caitlyn Jamieson tours with her Dad Keith Jamieson and Mum Alisha Smith, doing regular tours throughout Queensland and right down to the southern states and into South Australia.
Keith Jamieson and Alisha Smith took Caitlyn to see the Flying Emus Reunion concert in Tamworth a few years ago where she heard this song and has been singing it ever since. A great song penned by John Kane of the Flying Emus which was a big hit back in the 1980’s. Caitlyn sung her own harmonies and also played fiddle.

Keith Jamieson - Memories Within     Country 02/08/2019
Keith leans towards the bush ballad style of writing and recording, following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Stan Coster, Slim Dusty, Tony Brooks, Tom Oliver and Joe Daly.
The title track for the album was written by Bill Brummell who has written songs for Jeff Brown and Ashley Cook. The song captures a bit of history about some of our pioneering bush ballad songwriters and recording artists, namely Slim Dusty, Stan Coster, Ray Rose, Wally Brummell, Kelly & Marion Dixon, Wave Jackson.

Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson - Out There     Country 08/08/2019
Mention traditional Australian country music and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay. Peter Simpson is a well-known songwriter with a strong leaning to the Australian bush ballad style.
'Out There' was inspired by Trevor Day saying 'they don't forget you out there'. Dianne and Peter have experienced that themselves - folks in the country or out in the bush don’t forget you. Trevor is heard at the end of the song and sadly passed away just before the song was recorded.

Greg Champion - Dancing On The Darling     Country, Folk 12/08/2019
Greg Champion came to notice in the Eighties on ABC radio. Now he’s released over thirty albums, and won a few gongs in the VMI category: ‘Vaguely Minor Identity’.
In May of this year the town of Menindee staged the Dancing On The Darling Festival. Its mission was to draw attention to the plight of their sacred river. A number of artists came to perform, among them Greg Champion, who thought the name of the festival should be turned into song.

Dean Perrett - The Ballad of Black Caviar     Country 16/08/2019
There is an old saying “write and sing about what you know”. For an authentic traditional Australian country sound, look no further than bush ballad singer songwriter, Dean Perrett.
‘The Ballad Of Black Caviar’ is a tribute and the story of the legendary Australian racehorse Black Caviar. This great mare won the hearts of the Australian people just as Pharlap did in his day. Her turn of speed and thundering winds left all her rivals in her dust. Long live this great Australian legend.

Cameron Cusack - Hit It Off     Country 21/08/2019
From Cameron’s early career performing in small bars and cafes across the East Coast, Cameron was soon discovered by the Australian country music industry.
Cameron Cusack is set to release his new single ‘Hit It Off’ from his upcoming album ‘Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams & Everything Good In Between’. Since the release of ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Cars & Guitars’ and ‘One Way Ticket’, the two time Toyota Star Maker finalist has been working on a brand new heart felt album of songs.

Jayne Denham - Black Coffee And White Lines     Country, Rock, Pop 21/08/2019
With her ability to tell a story that captures the imagination, Jayne has scored three #1 hits in Australia and six top 10 songs in the National Country Charts
“Black Coffee and White Lines” is no exception. With the debut of her third single, Denham will continue to use her platform to pay homage to the trucking industry. The music video is even set to feature the stars of the History Channel’s hit show, Ice Road Truckers.

Tom Curtain - We're Still Here     Country 21/08/2019
In addition to being an accomplished singer songwriter, Tom also owns the national award-winning Katherine Outback Experience, an attraction based in the Northern Territory that celebrates life on the land.
Katherine’s multi-awarded singer songwriter, Tom Curtain, celebrates the strength of rural communities in his latest single, ‘We’re Still Here’, inspired by the resilience he witnessed whilst touring through Queensland during the drought in late 2018, and again after the floods in early 2019 as he drove back to the Territory.

Emma Dykes - The Riddle Of Life     Country, Folk 23/08/2019
After graduating the Academy of Country Music in 2016, Emma drew on her experience as a rural Emergency Nurse to write about her lessons learnt along the way.
Dedicated to a dear friend that was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year, ‘The Riddle Of Life’ is a reminder to everybody to make the most of our time. Life is unpredictable but it is important to not let it get away while there is still any ounce of hope.

Pecos Red - Knoxville     Country, Rockabilly 23/08/2019
In Pecos Red, Australian audiences can party like never before to incredible home-grown music, steeped in the heritage of American greats including Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash.
Aussie band, Pecos Red debuts with Knoxville, a song already charting high across Europe and the continental U.S. thanks to its lively beat, outstanding guitar work and fine storytelling. Knoxville is the first exciting release from Pecos Red's album Plains, regarded in the U.S. music industry as a shining example of the best of Americana.

Shelly Jones Band - The Outback     Country, Folk, Easy Listening 23/08/2019
Popular husband and wife duo, the Shelly Jones Band (Shelly and Lester) are two accomplished singer-songwriters, well known for delivering strong vocal harmonies and great musicianship.
The Outback presents something a little different from husband and wife duo the Shelly Jones Band and is their tribute to the Australian Outback. Inspired by their many road trips inland, Shelly and Lester wanted to capture the magic of the mystical Outback they have fallen in love with.

Emma Jene - Feels So Good     Country, Pop 12/09/2019
Spreading positive messages continues to be the driving force behind Shoalhaven singer songwriter Emma Jene’s music career.
Feels So Good is about moving on from your past relationship which caused misery, enjoying moments without them & finally feeling good about yourself.

Graham Rodger - Knights Of The Saddle     Country 12/09/2019
Graham's skills in writing have been described as pictures painted in words. People describe them as ballads that will transport you to the theaters of your mind.
Knights Of The Saddle is a song in recognition of the old time drovers who, with horse and pack horse, brought the mobs of cattle across the far inland droving routes of Australia, such as the Barkly Stock Route and Birdsville track. These hard tough men epitomised the romantic figures entrenched in the writings of Lawson and Paterson.

Matt Joe Gow - Running Up That Hill     Pop, Easy Listening 12/09/2019
Matt Joe Gow is an Americana/Alternative Country musician based in Melbourne, Australia.
A recent focus on more intimate acoustic shows and hinting at a stripped back acoustic album in the future, Matt Joe Gow's latest single "Running Up That Hill" sees the Melbourne troubadour laid bare both sonically and visually in the video clip singing honestly to camera without props, actors, band or even guitar.

Rory Ellis - The Letter     Country 12/09/2019
Rory has that voice you can’t buy. It oozes been there done that and the words that emerge from deep in his throat are rough enough to use as sandpaper.
We have all watched the romantic movies that tell the stories of a message in a bottle washed up on shore, after years of bobbing about in the ocean currents, only to find its way into the hands of destiny. This is a true story of a message in a bottle, and it is far from romantic.