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Steve Cheers - Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)     Country, Pop 24/09/2010
Steve Cheers Solo album (Cowpoke frontman)
Steve Cheers - Sound Of Then

Dianna Corcoran - Thank You For Cheating On Me     Country, Pop 02/12/2010
Two time Golden Guitar Winning Pop Country act. Dianna Corcoran is one of Australia's most distinguished vocal and songwriting talents.
An upbeat celebration of finding great love after a cheating ex boyfriend

Other tracks by Dianna Corcoran:  Wrong Girl  -  Rocky Hill
Clelia Adams - Wildflowers     Country, Techno 02/12/2010
The Multi award winning singer songwriter has captured audiences in Europe and Australia , blending traditional roots classic country, western swing, rockin’ honky tonk and rockabilly
“Wildflowers” acknowledges my love of traditional country music, in a style being called “new traditionalist”. I drew on the old Carter Family sound, inviting my children Dan and Jess to sing true family style harmonies.

Other tracks by Clelia Adams:  I Love You A Thousand Ways  -  Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy
Left Of Center - Sitting Pretty     Country, Blues 02/12/2010
Singing as a duo or in front of a band, see’s them perform a night of country styles from traditional bluegrass to country rock that leaves their audience wanting more.
A Bluesy Country song basically telling the world that they might not be as popular as everyone else but they are doing it their way and doing ok

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Other tracks by Left Of Center:  Blue Bird Wine  -  Only One To Blame
The Daberfores - Are We There Yet?     Country, Comedy 02/12/2010
Three Mature Males Who Mainly "Cabaret - Style" Music, Including Original Compositions
A song about travelling with kids, and / or other difficult people. It has a happy ending !

Bill Chambers - Southend Rain     Country, Folk 17/01/2011
Country/Folk/Roots singer songwriter. Plays various instruments, guitar, mandolin, dobro, weissenborn and lap steel. Bill has released 3 solo albums, tours extensively both solo and with daughter Kasey's band.
Bill grew up in a lobster fishing family on the southern coast of South Australia in a small seaport village called Southend. This song traces his childhood story surrounded by family and gives an insight in to Bills early life and influences.

Other tracks by Bill Chambers:  Drifting South  -  Tasmania
Billy Higginson - Front Seat Of My Truck     Country 17/01/2011
Singer Songwriter Country And Ballads
Trucking Song

Other tracks by Billy Higginson:  2 Minds  -  Road Trains And Rodeo's
Merilyn Steele - Rendevous@Midnight     Country, Roots 17/01/2011
Merilyn is a Sydney based singer-songwriter whose styles cover country, country rock and blues, folk, comedy and children’s songs.
The final song off the album is rounded off with the pure pleasure of ‘Rendevous@Midnight’, a calypso/tropical type of feel that instantly makes you want to sway. After all, it was based around and written about Maroubra beach in Sydney’s east where Merilyn spent much time in earlier years.

Other tracks by Merilyn Steele:  While You Can  -  The Spirit of Hermannsburg
Rod Dowsett - English Rose     Blues, Folk 17/01/2011
Fine Hand Crafted Australian Alt Country every track has a journey
English Rose by Rod Dowsett

Other tracks by Rod Dowsett:  Smile  -  Little By Little
Vicki Lee - Heartaches     Country, Rock 17/01/2011
Singer/ songwriter country . Country Gospel Vocalist
love Song Uptempo

Other tracks by Vicki Lee:  Left Behind (The Rocking Horse Song)  -  Little Boy Lost
Rose Carleo - That Season Again     Blues, Country 17/01/2011
Singer-Songwriter Rose Carleo is undeniably a “Vocal Powerhouse!” The strength of her Blues-inspired, earthy voice, strong Songwriting ability and commanding stage presence, defines an Artist of the highest calibre.
The Blues Harp sets the mood for this mid-tempo track that captures the unpredictable, steamy, summer essence of the Australian wet season and surrendering to it. The lyric and smoldering vocal radiates the heat of the season and the Chorus will have you singing along

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Other tracks by Rose Carleo:  Get Back Up Again  -  Runaway Heart
Bob Corbett - Mandolin     Country, Roots 02/03/2011
The award winning Bob Corbett & The Roo Grass Band adventurously burst out of the world of country, bluegrass and folk. New single ‘Mandolin’ from their latest album ‘Silver Lining’.
Mandolin is a single included on Bob Corbett & The Roo Grass Band’s latest album Silver Lining. Just like the Roo Grass Band, Mandolin is full of fun with banjos, fiddles, guitars and of course... mandolins!

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Cedda & Rowena - Simply Sunday     Folk, Country 02/03/2011
Cedda & Rowena write to celebrate life in all its complexity and simplicity. This is cross-genre original music that is melodic, lyrical and rhythmic with understandable story lines
The captivating melody line enlivens the message of this song,
celebrating life’s simple pleasures that are sometimes forgotten

Other tracks by Cedda & Rowena:  Straight 8 Buick Blues  -  Take Your Time
Duke Wilde Band - The Band Plays     Country, Rock 02/03/2011
“Most exciting new band in Australian country music” - Country Update
A beautifully crafted song that tells of the excitement of going out and seeing a band play live. It was written after band member Nick Aitken visited Nashville where in every bar and club he went there was a brilliant band playing

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Other tracks by Duke Wilde Band:  Country Town  -  Why Don't We Hear Ol' Waylon Anymore
The Bushwackers - The Night Of The Bush Dance     Folk, Country 02/03/2011
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best known Bush band. Incorporates celtic instrumentals, great original songs and contemporary arrangements of traditional Australian Folk music material. Celebrating 40 years of performance in 2011
A typical contemporary folk song in 6/8 time. The Lyricsh talk about a country town preparing for a Bushdancing event. Featuring Dobe Newton’s vocals backed by fiddle, accordion, and the full power of the Bushwackers rythmn section

Other tracks by The Bushwackers:  I Am Australian  -  The Waves Of Bondi
Wildseed - If I Only Had Time     Country, Rock 02/03/2011
4 x Piece Country Rock Band. Members include Didy Zenner – vocals , guitar. Alan Bruce – bass, vocals, Jason Aquilina – guitar, vocals. Geoff Zenner – drums, harmonica vocals
There never seems to be enough hours in the day to achieve what we would like. Imagine what we could do with a little more time

Other tracks by Wildseed:  The Backpacker’s Chant  -  Goose on the Loose
The Harmonators - Woohoohoo     Country, Pop 25/03/2011
2009’s TIARA Awards Best Duo, and described as contemporary country at its best, The Harmonators are Rae Moody and Liz Kinninmont.
“Woohoohoo”, the infectious summer-inspired track, is the latest radio single for Liz Kinninmont and Rae Moody aka The Harmonators. Written by Sam Hawksley (Adam Brand, Melinda Schneider & Felicity Urquhart) and Danielle Blakey this is the first single to be lifted from The Harmonators’ recently released EP, “Something More”.

Other tracks by The Harmonators:  Jump That Train  -  Daylight
Connie Kis Andersen - Steamy Dreams     Country, Roots 06/04/2011
Connie Kis’s reputation as one of the finest country music artists to emerge from Western Australia is secure with awards such as; 2011 Best Female Country Music Artist for W.A
This 'toe-tapper' with its infectious hook and lyric has a contemporary, swampy edge,
embodied in a traditional roots/country music delivery

Other tracks by Connie Kis Andersen:  A Man in Boots  -  Where My Heart Was Born
Markus Meier - My Patch Of Dirt     Country, Rock 06/04/2011
Territory raised with red dirt in his veins. Respectful of our proud tradition but stepping forwards, breathing his energy into the music he loves. His stories are anchored deep
Following on from the first two hugely successful singles off Markus' second album, the ARIA Chart topper ‘A Different Land’, comes My Patch Of Dirt, an inspirational song about a lifetime on the land.

Watch video

Other tracks by Markus Meier:  Rope A Cowgirl  -  A Different Land
John O'Dea - Two Dollars for a Blanket     Country, Folk 06/04/2011
John O’Dea,singer songwriter, writes songs about Australia and its people.Storyteller aptly describes this award winning singer songwriter who lives in Orroroo in the Upper North of Sth Australia.
A bloke walks the streets of Melbourne wants 2 dollars to help buy a blanket for the night ,gets the money,but they have different views on the blanket.

Other tracks by John O'Dea:  Play Clair De Lune  -  Ram in the Dam