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Johnny Chester - The Streets Of Ballarat     Country 16/05/2018
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
Chess is back with a brand new story song. It’s the tale of a young man’s journey from the family farm to the bright lights of Ballarat, Victoria’s third largest city, where he finds a job, a new life and true love.

Steve Cheers - Now’s The Time To Let It Go (featuring Stephanie Jansen)     Country, Rock, Pop 16/05/2018
Steve mixes traditional country elements with his own unique style of modern country rock, complemented by sweet ballads and always with thoughtful lyrics that consider the human condition.
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from experience and from the heart. ’Now’s the Time To Let It Go’ is the third single from his new album ‘The Measure of a Man.’ It's melodic based Australian indie styled pop rock, perfect for commercial playlists.

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Karen Craigie - Lonely Town     Country, Alternative Country 23/05/2018
Karen’s music has been featured in film and on TV, and enjoyed International radio play, widespread in-store rotation across Europe and America and solid award-recognition.
Karen states "I wanted to write a western-style song, with lyrics, storytelling and sounds that conjured a classic American western movie. A lot of effort was put into creating country-western sounds incorporating everything from the fiddle to backing vocals that emulate the singing of the first nations people of America."

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Angus Gill - Starin' Out The Back Of A Car     Country 29/05/2018
Angus Gill’s distinctive vocals and sharp observations that bind his songs, are quite possibly evidence that he may have been on this planet before.
A poignant reflection of the loss and trauma experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the Stolen Generation. Angus co-wrote the song with highly regarded indigenous singer-songwriter Kevin Bennett and recorded it as a vocal collaboration with Kevin and fellow indigenous performer Amos Morris.

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Lyn Bowtell - Fields Of Gold     Pop, Country, Cover Version 30/05/2018
Lyn Bowtell first came to prominence as songwriter and singer for multi-award winning trio Bella. Since then she has released two critically acclaimed albums, ’Secret Songs‘ and ‘Heart Of Sorrow'.
In 2017 Lyn Bowtell’s live performance of Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold’ turned heads and four red chairs on Channel Nine’s Season 6 of ‘The Voice Australia’. Recorded and performed as a tribute to her late father, this emotional and heartfelt version is the third single from Lyn’s EP ‘Calling You’.

Rick Hart - Shine Your Light     Country, Alternative Country 15/06/2018
This multi award winning songwriter (2014 Songwriter of the Year, Australian Songwriters Association), seamlessly blends ingredients from country, soul, blues, rock’n’roll and folk to create a sound all his own.
Shine Your Light was written by Rick as a tribute to his good friend and guitarist Tom Fauvette, who passed away suddenly in late April 2018.

The Long And Short Of It - Old School     Country, Rock 19/06/2018
The Long And Short Of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne, whose superb harmonies have been described as “Honey coated chocolate”.
The Long And Short Of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne. 'Old School' is their latest single release from their ARIA charting album, 'The Night Of Our Life'. It is the first duet released by Patsy & Dave and is a light-hearted song about how old-fashioned manners can win over a love interest.

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Tom Curtain (featuring Sara Storer) - Speak Up     Country 19/06/2018
Two-time Golden Guitar winner Tom Curtain discovered his passion for music while working on Mt Sanford Station in the NT.
Amy “Dolly” Everett was the victim of bullying and ended her young life at just 14 years of age. ‘Speak Up’ was inspired by the words Dolly penned before she took her own life; “Speak even if your voice shakes”.

John O'Dea - Back In Birdsville     Country, Folk 03/07/2018
John’s music is definitively Australian and sits somewhere between traditional Australian country and folk. He is a storyteller through his music and loves every minute of it.
Back In Birdsville is the first single released from John’s forthcoming album Under A Parachilna Sunset. John wrote the song after performing at the Birdsville pub and the Birdsville races in 2016. The feedback he received in 2017 encouraged him to record the song.

Danny Phegan (feat. Matt Scullion) - What A Life     Country 04/07/2018
Danny is businessman with a big heart and enormous energy. He is a farmer and family man; a horseman, a publican; a published author and a popular singer/songwriter.
‘What A Life’ is the third single from Danny’s ARIA chart topping album ‘From Where I Stand’. 'What A Life' (co written by and featuring Matt Scullion) is a celebration of country life when the working week is done!

Errol Gray - Cushions     Country, Comedy 04/07/2018
What you need is a good laugh, and the bloke who can help you eliminate all that gloom and doom, is Australia’s backyard balladeer, Errol Gray.
Australia’s backyard balladeer, Errol Gray, has come up again with one of his insightful comical observations concerning one of the big issues in a bloke’s life, that is, a woman’s eternal obsession with cushions. You know, the little pillows that are scattered everywhere in the home of domestic goddesses throughout the world?

Kim Wright - Man Of The House     Country 04/07/2018
Queensland singer-songwriter Kim Wright is aiming to continue the sound of country pioneers including George Jones, Merle Haggard and George Strait in his music.
Man of the House, was released in May 2018 and produced by Liam Kennedy-Clark. “I’m inspired by life, stories people tell me, and mine and other people’s life experiences, but most of all I’m a family man” states Kim.

Col Finley - Coffee Goes Cold     Country 05/07/2018
Col’s music has been featured in film and TV including the box office smash ‘Wolf Creek’, TV shows like ‘MDA’, ‘A Real Sea Change’, plus so much more.
‘Coffee Goes Cold’ is a simple message of catching up with people before it’s too late. “Too many times I’ve had the sad phone calls saying that we have lost a friend or family member before we got to catch up … don’t let the “Coffee Go Cold”.

Adam Toms - Say You Love Me     Country, Rock 13/07/2018
Adam Toms is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humour.
The third single from his forthcoming album, Adam Toms delivers what he calls a ‘love hate’ power ballad. This one is for those people who have ever been stuck in a broken down relationship but still went through the motions long after the love had disappeared.

Kiara Rodrigues - Pretty Baby Blues     Country 19/07/2018
Over the last twelve years, Kiara Rodrigues has dedicated her time to captivating country music audiences across Australia.
'Pretty Baby Blues' is a mix of country with deeply embedded elements of swing and blues. With its clever and catchy lyrics, you simply won’t be able to get this tongue twister of a song out of your head!

Kate Hindle - Loneliness     Country, Alternative Country 25/07/2018
Kate Hindle’s warm vocal tones and raw lyrics take the listener on a journey of love, personal victory, positivity and a yet a touch of heartache.
Hindle describes ‘Loneliness’, a co-write with Felicity Urquhart, as “The bittersweet and confusing journey of love and sadness … that leads to the realisation that loneliness is just loneliness”. Once again Kate explores the theme of rising from the ashes, the understanding that the very nature of pain can often be the catalyst for growth.

Ashleigh Dallas - My Heart     Country 31/07/2018
Multi Golden Guitar Winner Ashleigh Dallas' vibrant personality and unique music storytelling is capturing fans and the industry by storm.
A mixture of traditional instruments, modern twists and a true love story is what 'My Heart' is all about. A lot of people can relate to the feeling of overwhelming love where your heart feels like it’s exploding confetti when with that special someone.

Brook Chivell - Outta My Song     Country, Rock 31/07/2018
Brook is building a strong and loyal fan base with a modern country-rock sound that sits just as well in the Australian Country scene as it would in the States.
‘Outta My Song’ is a dirt-country-meets-rock anthem of good riddance to an unwanted muse. Country rocker Brook Chivell channels his inner Brothers Osborne and grinds it with Black Crowes to create a new Southern style sound recipe.

Route 33 - Showing Off     Country, Pop, Rock 31/07/2018
With music as effortlessly catchy as Route 33’s, crowd interaction seems a fait accompli. Now it’s time to hit the road and find all those good times that lie ahead.
An upbeat feel good track, this tune easily has you singing along to the young love story. 'Showing Off', a ball cap and pony tail, away from the bright lights and crowds, where she captures the attention wearing nothing but a long t-shirt.

Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart - Love Or Money     Country, Folk 10/08/2018
In 2015 Country Stars Felicity Urquhart, Lyn Bowtell and Kevin Bennett joined forces to present ‘Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart’.
‘Love Or Money’ is the first single from the new album ‘Weeds’ by multi-award winning Australian Folk/Country supergroup Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart. ‘Love Or Money’ concerns the age old struggle between the competing demands of the desire for love and the need for money, and the choices and sacrifices we make in seeking one or the other.

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