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Adam Toms - Where Were You When     Country, Rock, Pop 14/10/2017
Adam Toms has won awards, toured the land, performed at major festivals and had several radio and Country Music Channel (CMC) chart hits.
Adam Toms returns with a song set to reach the core of most who listen. Told from the point of view of Adam asking a parent the very question, ‘Where Were You When’, for all the milestone moments in a young persons’ life.

Will Day - This Country Life     Country, Rock, Pop 26/10/2017
Singer songwriter Will Day has had an exciting start to his career and achieved a swag of impressive milestones as well as touring with some of our industries biggest names.
‘This Country Life’ is an upbeat country rock track about escaping the city for the weekend, hitting the open road and getting a taste of a country life. This track was produced and recorded by Benjy Pocock at Vibetone Studios and co-written with Troy Kemp, Col Finley and Damien Baguley.

Kiera - Make You Mine     Country, Pop, Rock 27/10/2017
Kiera is an Australian singer/songwriter who is living her dream as a musician, travelling the world and playing music.
Make You Mine is a song based on travels and making memories with old friends and new. The lyrics are indicative of excitement and revelation of how far Kiera has come, from a small town girl in country Australia, to the city of LA where she now records her music.

Steve Cheers - A Glass Half Full     Country, Pop, Rock 02/11/2017
Steve Cheers is back with The Measure Of A Man, a brand new album bubbling with catchy hook-laden country tunes.
A Glass Half Full is a positive up-tempo play on words that will get the listeners’ feet tapping. It features the pedal steel talents of guest artist Dan Dugmore, long-time member of James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt’s recording bands.

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Jackie Dee - Little Ones     Country 15/11/2017
Jackie Dee is back with Six String Heart, her most personable album to date. Dee seems fearless in tackling some of the tougher topics and this album is no exception.
'Being a Mum will always be my greatest achievement'. Dee sits alone in her yard one Sunday morning reminiscing about the days of being a mum to young children. The bond she shares with her now young adult children is clearly evident in this track's heartfelt lyrics and nostalgic overtones.

Michael Wilks - Simple Times     Country 16/11/2017
Michael entertains with both his originals and cover songs engaging with the audience in a light hearted and truly Australian witty way, leaving the crowd asking for more.
Michael has been the driving force behind many such acts as Rough Justice, Twist of Fate, Ripchord, Superstitious, and co-contributor to Solo 2 RnM. Michael has been both an ABC Music Awards finalist and semi-finalist. 'Simple Times' is the hit new country single by up and coming country artist Michael Wilks.

Peter Stefanson - The Bestest Ever Christmas Time     Pop, Easy Listening 16/11/2017
With Peter’s captivating energy and vast range of songs Peter provides entertainment for all tastes and ages alike.
With Peter’s captivating energy and vast range of songs Peter provides entertainment for all tastes and ages alike. 'The Bestest Ever Christmas Time' is said to be "The new standard for Christmas songs!"​

Brendan Smoother - Big Black Car     Country, Folk 25/11/2017
Combining heartfelt songwriting and an eye for a story, Brendan Smoother prides himself on songs that count for something.
Brendan Smoother is back with another captivating story song, Big Black Car. Co-written with one of the loveliest ladies of song, Lola Brinton and produced by the multi talented Michael Carpenter. Big Black Car is a mysterious tune set at the ‘Alternate’ end of Australian country music.

Norma O'Hara Murphy - Sarah's Memory     Country 30/11/2017
Over the last thirty years Norma O’Hara Murphy has written many fine songs. They have ranged from contemporary, country, bush ballads, comedy & more recently Celtic & folk.
Described as one of the most beautiful country songs ever recorded and featuring Tommy Emmanuel on guitar with Larry Mahoborac on Piano. Recorded at Festival Records at the famous Pyrmont Studios and now released on this wonderful collection 'Sweet Love'.

Arna Georgia - Broke and Single     Country 09/12/2017
Arna Georgia is a country music singer/ songwriter born and raised in Sans Souci in the city of Sydney and is now located in Newcastle.
Broke and Single the second single off Midnight Carousel and was co-written with singer/songwriter Michael Carpente. It's a light-hearted approach on the ups and downs of being in your 20’s, spending all your money on wine and clothes and spending Saturday nights at home with your cat.

Simply Bushed - No More Holdens     Country 09/12/2017
Simply Bushed (Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger) is known to deliver songs that really cut to the heart of the Australian Psyche.
When the last Australian made Holden rolled off the production line in October this year, Holden fans mourned the loss of car manufacturing in the country. This played on the minds of Simply Bushed frontmen Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger and No More Holdens was born.

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Crawfish Stew - Oncoming Tide     Country, Rock, Blues 14/12/2017
The ‘Stew’ is fronted by Todd Stewart on vocals and guitar. The rhythm section comprises of Shaun McCready on bass and backing vocals, and Gerard "Dokko" Payne on drums.
'Oncoming Tide' is the title track of Crawfish Stew’s debut album. A song about resilience, determination & inner strength, encapsulated in a 'summer beach party' blues format.

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Tyson Lucas - It's Ok To Be Me     Country 16/12/2017
Award winning singer-songwriter 17 year old Tyson Lucas creates true country music with story telling at its heart.
Tyson want's listeners to know that even though people might pressure you into playing a mainstream sport or doing something else, but you really want to be a musician, that’s okay. The main message is that everyone’s dreams are important.

Norma O'Hara Murphy - Galway Bay     Country, Cover Version 22/12/2017
Having won several Golden Guitars and numerous other Industry awards Norma is recognised as one of Australia’s finest.
Sung straight from the heart, this third generation Irish Australian brings us a timeless classic. Norma learnt this song as a child and it has always been a special family favorite. Norma was awarded Australian Celtic Artist of the year in 2014.

Bleddyn - Ashes     Pop, Rock 02/01/2018
Jessie Turnbull from Bleddyn is an aspiring new solo artist eager to release her first new single Ashes on the 30th Dec 2017.
'Ashes' is a song about people who get left behind and are alone. Bleddyn said "I wrote this song being alone and depressed, I wanted to lash out and hurt people just like they hurt me, but I realised I couldn’t, I just had to sit quietly while others brought me down."

Grayson - Margarita     Country, Pop 02/01/2018
Grayson captures the heart of every moment with his storytelling. His music and lyrics captivate us with not only tales of heartfelt experiences, but the forgotten moments in between.
Margarita is Grayson's follow up single to his American #1 "10-9-8-7." Margarita sounds and feels exactly like Summer should ... Hot, fun and easy!

Adam Toms - Too Young To Know Better     Country, Rock 01/02/2018
Adam Toms is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humor.
This is the second single from Toms’s forthcoming album. Adam reminisces about his past years in this rockin' track with a with country grunt. Like most of us he admits he has made some mistakes in his younger years but he wouldn’t change a thing about those times.

Kate Hindle - Ready For The Ride     Country 01/02/2018
Kate Hindle has a musical knowledge beyond her years, a small town country girl with a dream and a determination to make that dream come true.
“This single is about showing others what I’m doing and sharing my journey with my listeners,” Kate said. “It shows that no matter how much heartache you have or what bad experiences happen to you, there are always going to be positives out of it.”

George Sich - Right Here     Country, Rock, Blues 01/02/2018
George Sich is an award winning Sydney based singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.
'Right Here' is a tribute to all the hard working, gigging performers, travelling between all the one-pub towns and singing away their souls, because they love it.

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Ashleigh Dallas - Be Like You     Country 14/02/2018
Golden Guitar winner Ashleigh Dallas is a vibrant young country music singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has just released her third album, award winning 'Lighthouse'.
'Be Like You' is a self penned song from Dallas and pays tribute to those loved ones lost that we idolize and carry on traits in their honor. We carry on with their traditions to always feel their presence and love still around us.