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Celeste Clabburn - She Don't Know     Country 21/07/2016
‘Keeping Me Here’ is the title track from the stunning debut solo album by Celeste Clabburn; one half of Australia’s most loved country music duos ‘The Sunny Cowgirls’.
She Don’t Know is the second single released from the stunning debut solo album by ‘Sunny Cowgirl”, Celeste Clabburn. A fun and cheeky track, with just a hint of rockabilly twang, Celeste’s perspective on an ex boyfriend will be all too familiar with many women across the country!

Other tracks by Celeste Clabburn:  Keeping Me Here
Angus Gill - Today I Could Be Dead     Country, Folk 03/08/2016
“Angus, I’m really impressed by your vocals and song craft. Our music genre needs more original artists like you telling that great Australian story through song.” – Lee Kernaghan.
The brand new single from authentic country music artist Angus Gill. Written by Lola Brinton & Sven Tydeman.

Ben Ransom - Dry Town     Country, Rock 03/08/2016
Powerful vocals and infectious melodies, Ben Ransom has all the hallmarks of a classic artist and performer.
Dry Town is a hard hitting testament to the resilience of everyday people doing it tough. The song transcends the genre and touches on real issues affecting our farmers, incorporating themes such as our harsh climate and the epidemic of suicide among rural communities.

Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart - Goulburn Valley Woman     Country, Roots 03/08/2016
Harmony heaven and earthy Roots/Country. A musical collaboration between Singer/Songwriters Kevin Bennett, Lyn Bowtell and Felicity Urquhart.
This is the story of a child taken from her family and relocated to a 'Jesus' mission for 'her own good' after the death of her Irish-born mother. Her father, being an Aboriginal man from the Yorta Yorta people, deemed unfit to care for his daughter.

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Anita Ree - Farmers On The Phone     Country 09/08/2016
Anita Ree presents as a unique Australian singer songwriter with a sound all her own.
Farmers On The Phone documents the changes that modern technology brings to folks on the land. Where once a man or woman was alone with their work and workmates there is now technology available for all areas of rural life. Every single Farmers got a phone!

Bridget O’Shannessy - He Doesn't Know     Country, Pop 17/08/2016
At just 16 years old, Bridget O'Shannessy is set to be the new sweetheart of country music. Endearing and engaging with a natural talent for crafting tunes.
“He Doesn’t Know” is a song about the boy next door: he is popular with his friends yet insecure about his place in the world; he has nerdy hobbies and loves his mother. The heroine adores her handsome beau because 'He Doesn’t Know' how beautiful he is.

Brigginshaw - Southern Girl     Country, Rock 17/08/2016
The combination of Luke’s warm and unique vocals paired with Alex’s finely tuned guitar skills and vocals, gives the Brisbane based Duo a sound that crowds respond to.
Southern Girl is the latest release from Brigginshaw’s debut album, 2000 Miles to Tennessee. This track adds an element of romance to the album, and, as the title suggests, is about the love of a Southern Girl.

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Simply Bushed - Raise Your Glass     Country, Folk 17/08/2016
No music act embodies the essence of the Australian Spirit and our national heritage more than award winning band Simply Bushed.
Anzac tribute to current and past serving Australian and New Zealand Armed forces, in particular commemorating the 100 year milestone of Anzac Landing in Gallipoli. (It is released to coincide with Remembrance day in November and full publicity will take place at that time).

Bakersfield Glee Club - Sweet Bird Of Youth     Country, Folk 01/09/2016
The line-up has everything they need and you want to hear – driving rhythm, soaring fiddle and pedal steel that will make you cry in your beer.
The toe-tapping lead single 'Sweet Bird Of Youth' is the perfect preview into 'Where My Heart Broke'.The promiscuous bird of youth that The Bakersfield Glee Club sing of will have you too hanging from your heart strings and following her on her journey.

Hank Vann - The 12:05 To Hell     Rock, Alternative Country 01/09/2016
A previous Tamworth Star Maker Quest and Golden Guitar winner, Hank Vann has been twanging his 12-string and releasing CD’s of his biting, inimitable, original songs for quite some time.
The 12:05 To Hell, a warning to those reckless souls in perpetual haste, who’d “try to beat the boom gates” for kicks and bravado, that, “you just won’t win”. Dick Dale-esque guitar slashes lacerate a backing of pseudo-surf shenanigans, accentuating the dangers of dicing with death.

Other tracks by Hank Vann:  Ghost Hotel  -  Twilight Town
Jeanie - Never Meant To Love You     Country 01/09/2016
Melbourne band Jeanie bring a new brand of country pop music to the scene featuring Singer/Songwriter Aaron D’Arcy on Vocals/guitar and a whole lot of special guests.
Jeanie has joined forces with Aleyce Simmonds again on 'Never Meant To Love You' - this time with her singing the backing vocals. The single was written by one of Aaron's favourite songwriters, Corey Chisel and is always a crowd favourite at gigs.

Jemma Beech - Stuck In The Mud     Country 01/09/2016
Jemma is in her element and comes into her own when she sings about country people, the land and the lifestyle. Good times, harsh realities and the hope in faith.
Big drums, bass and electric guitars playing huge riffs is exactly what you get. Jemma explores musical territory normally reserved for the guys - modern country music about modern country people. It’s a statement song that defines Jemma as an artist and shows her rowdy side.

Kiara Rodrigues - Dear Daddy     Country 01/09/2016
Kiara's fresh and contemporary sound is equally matched by her ability to deliver the timeless classics, making her an ideal ambassador for country music.
The song has touched audiences across Australia, particularly resonating with those whose fathers have passed on. These well-crafted lyrics allow the listener to be transported back to the many beautiful memories of childhood. Kiara has thoroughly enjoyed hearing the personal connections that audience members establish with “Dear Daddy”.

Norma O'Hara Murphy - Drifting Down The Darling     Country 01/09/2016
From ripping around on horses and chasing cattle to being a young Mum, mustering to recording studios and writing songs. Here Norma is over thirty years down the track.
A tribute to Jack Martin born in 1909. Jack lived and worked all around the Darling area for many years. His son John always dreamed of him and his Dad drifting down the river & re-discovering all those places which were such a special part of their lives.

Paul Cowderoy - Man Of Few Words     Country 01/09/2016
Paul Cowderoy is not your average musician. Hailing from Murwillumbah in northern NSW but calling the Sunshine Coast home, his career to date has been a rollercoaster ride of success.
Pauls Father's Day release shares an intimate look into his relationship with his dad, and life growing up on their sugar cane farm in New South Wales. Things weren't always easy, farming life was hard, and as the title suggests, his father battled on as a 'Man of Few Words'.

Paul Crowder - Little Steps     Country 01/09/2016
Paul appeared on "The Voice" in 2015 in the blind auditions. Time spent on the show and the encouragement from the coaches and producers has reignited my passion for singing.
Little Steps is the 1st single released from Paul's EP From The Heart. It's a ballad describing the Little Steps taken by Paul and his wife Joanne as their lives and family grew. There is also a message in the song for couples starting out, who sometimes want everything yesterday.

Peasant Moon - Leaving Tonight     Country, Folk, Alternative Country 01/09/2016
Blending late-night folk and intimate, acoustic alt-country, Peasant Moon have established themselves on the vibrant Sydney Americana scene.
Leaving Tonight, the leading single from the brand new EP - Songs from Austin: Live at Congress House is a head in the hands and heart on the sleeve unrequited love song, where the endless South Australian roads are the only antidote.

The April Family - You’re Someone That I Never Knew     Country, Pop 01/09/2016
A classic sounding group with lots of twangy guitars and Hammond organs, and the ensemble’s signature three part harmonies supporting.
The second single You're Someone That I Never Knew is a classic sounding country pop track, with lots of twangy guitars and Hammond organs, and the ensemble's signature three
part harmonies.

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Dane Owen - You And Me     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 02/09/2016
Dane Own writes from the heart, and his music is his therapy.
A song about finding love, everything falling into place – and knowing their the one for you.

Dianna Corcoran - Hold On Lover     Country, Pop 02/09/2016
With over 400 awards, two multi-award winning albums and two Australian Country Music Golden Guitar Awards under her belt, Dianna is no stranger to success in country music.
Hold On Lover is the sexy new single from Dianna’s album, Love & Therapy. The song was written, produced and performed with Sugarland's Kristian Bush. With its emotional and unique vibe, this songs drives straight to the heart.