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Ted Mulry - Rain     Pop 03/02/2016
Mulry was a prolific songwriter, bands and artists, including John Farnham and Alison MacCallum, recorded his songs. Notably, rock band Sherbet had a hit with his song, "You're All Woman".
Taken from Ted Mulry's last ever studio recording, never released until now. 'Rain' has been re-mastered from the original files by Herm Kovac, former TMG band member.

Eagle & The Wolf - Mama, Son And The Holy Ghost     Country, Blues, Roots 11/02/2016
Two of Australia’s finest singer-songwriters, indie-pop goddess Sarah Humphreys and alt-country troubadour Kris Morris, met, fell in love and now they’re making beautiful folk music together.
Americana with soul and swagger. Humphreys sings it like you've never heard her before. Reminiscent of Rattlin' Bones era Chambers / Nicholson.

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Melissa Robertson - Burnt That Bridge     Country, Alternative Country, Rock 16/02/2016
Melissa is a real country girl who channels her experiences into some well written songs that capture some of the qualities that are missing from much contemporary country.
Burnt that Bridge, the third single from Melissa’s EP, My Heart's On Fire, has everything going for it!

With a strong country rock beat and straight talking lyrics it is bound to have listeners up and dancing!

Other tracks by Melissa Robertson:  Old House on That Hill  -  My Heart's On Fire
Dianna Corcoran - God Did Good     Country, Pop 17/02/2016
Drawing on real life inspiration, two-time Golden Guitar Winner Dianna Corcoran is one of Australian country music's most distinguished vocal and songwriting talents.
The upbeat love song “God Did Good” was written by Dianna Corcoran, Kristian Bush and Jeff Cohen and produced by Dianna Corcoran at Ocean Way, Warner and Fool On The Hill Studios in Nashville Tennessee.

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HighRise - Your Love     Christian 25/03/2016
With multiple International Songwriting Awards and numerous number one charting singles, Paul and Will have come together to write and perform songs they hope will lead people closer to God.
The first single ‘Your Love’ was penned by Paul Cowderoy and is what the guys term ‘Alt Worship’. A style they hope will become synonymous with the raw worship style they enjoy writing and leading.

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Bill Gray - The Car     Country, Rock 01/04/2016
Bill is a Singer Song Writer from Victoria, Australia.
The Car is a song about the love of a guys old car. A car that was left to him by his father who has passed, it rattles, squeaks and leaks, it blows smoke but he loves it and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Micks - Catch Me If I Fall     Country, Pop 01/04/2016
Micks, is a Brisbane based Artist and Songwriter. Micks began writing songs based on life events from a very young age, composing her lyrics and melodies on self-taught acoustic guitar.
"Catch Me If I Fall", is Micks' fifth official single. Combining classic country characteristics with her unique pop flavour, Micks delivers a story based on the musical relationship she shares with her father; former 80's rock drummer.

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Roo Arcus - Red, White and Blue     Country 13/04/2016
Over the years Australian country music has produced some fine voices, but few that have embraced the path of the new traditionalists like our own Roo Arcus.
Red, white and blue ... Colors that fly in the flags of not only Australia and the US, but many of the allied forces. A song of patriotism, shared values, brotherhood and sacrifices made. Roo Arcus pays his respects while also directly questioning our collective commitment to our freedom.

Brigginshaw - 2000 Miles To Tennessee     Country, Rock 13/05/2016
"There is no current Australian voice even close to Luke’s, if Eric Church was an Aussie, that’s him.”
2000 Miles to Tennessee is the title track from Brigginshaw’s debut album, recorded in Franklin, Tennessee. Following their first single release, which debuted at #4 on the iTunes charts, 2000 Miles to TN is a nostalgic track about their journey Brigginshaw took from Dallas to Tennessee.

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Connie Kis Andersen - Gone Wishin’     Folk, Country, Roots 13/05/2016
Connie Kis has been the recipient of multiple awards, both in song writing and as an Artist.
A poignant track with a powerful message for peace. Simplistic in its production and delivery - complicated in its aspiration, given today’s turbulent world. This stand out acoustic track needs no bells and whistles in its production to portray a commanding
message that needs to be heard.

Ashleigh Dallas - Done & Dusted     Country 19/05/2016
Ashleigh returns with her brand new Country Music Awards Of Australia (Golden Guitar) album 'Other Side Of Town'. Released through the WJO | Universal Music Australia.
Done & Dusted is a fun up-tempo track and based around the saying we all hear often - Done & Dusted but in a relationship sense with the storyline.

Other tracks by Ashleigh Dallas:  I've Got You  -  Fear The Dark
Billy Bridge - We Knew     Country, Rock 26/05/2016
Billy was raised on a small farm in eastern Victoria. The youngest of four, he grew up listening to his father sing the songs of Hank, Charley, Kenny and Jim.
When two people fall in love and many people tell them it’s wrong, it won’t work, or it will change their life for the worse, love is the only thing that gives them the strength to get through all of the obstacles until everyone sees what they knew all along.

Other tracks by Billy Bridge:  Fluoro Collar  -  If I Get To The Rainbow
Jonny Taylor - Break Free     Country, Blues, Rock 15/06/2016
Australian singer songwriter, Jonny Taylor is as real as it gets, virtually living on the road touring around Australia performing on average an astonishing 200 shows per year.
Blending the stylings of country and grunge as Taylor does so well, Break Free displays the essence of what the singer songwriter describes as "Gruntry". A big believer in lyrical content and depth, Break Free is a song about abandoning self doubt and living life to the full.

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Rebecca Lee Nye - I'll Be Gone (You'll Be Lonely)     Country 23/06/2016
Rebecca is a multi-award winning singer songwriter with a unmistakable depth and tone that will leave you breathless, her warmth and emotion takes you on a journey through her songs.
Taken for granted she takes a stand using her inner strength to make a choice for a better life. Conquering her fear of being on her own she knows that this is the only way.

Other tracks by Rebecca Lee Nye:  You, Me, Love (on a Saturday Night)
The Bushwackers - Leave It In The Ground     Country, Folk 06/07/2016
The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, best-loved bush band. In 2016 The Bushwackers will celebrate 45 years of performance.
Leave it In The Ground speaks unashamedly against coal seam gas exploration, fracking and the wanton destruction of our countryside. Leave It In The Ground is an anthem for the communities fighting for the rights of the farmers.

Kathryn Coad (feat Mark Lavender) - Roll On     Country 12/07/2016
Their love and passion for music and ability to the entertain an audience shows in their performance, with an exciting and engaging showcase of musician ship and wealth of talent.
Roll On has a modern bluegrass up tempo feel, with some powerful guitar chicken pickin' by Brent Mason. Bound to get you singing and tapping along, it shows the versatility of the couple and what the album has in store.

Other tracks by Kathryn Coad (feat. Mark Lavender):  Running From The Rain
Kristy Cox - You Walked In     Country 12/07/2016
Kristy’s success continues, making the shortlist for the International Bluegrass Music Awards in Female Vocal of the Year, Emerging Artist of the Year and Song of the Year.
Co-written by Kristy with Jerry Salley and Australia’s own Allan Caswell. Inspired by Kristy’s own relationship this catchy acoustic track talks about how you can never give up on love, as just when you think all hope is gone, your one and only may walk through the door.

Other tracks by Kristy Cox:  Another Weary Mile
Tammy Moxon - Home Ground     Country, Folk 13/07/2016
Country radio will see Tammy’s first single, ‘Home Ground,’ be released through Checked Label Services this July, 2016.
This track is about being in a cold and isolated place whilst missing the warmth and familiarity of home.

The Long & Short Of It - Jesus Money     Country, Christian 15/07/2016
The Long and Short of It uniquely salutes the sounds of past and present artists. Every aspect of them bleeds country flair from the rhythm section to the harmonized vocals.
Based upon a true story of selfless giving to a woman who has hit upon hard times and is now homeless. This inspiring and uplifting song, has brought grown men to tears and causes the inevitable tingle down ones spine.

Brendan Smoother & Pete Denahy - Burrumbuttock Hay Runners     Country 20/07/2016
Brendan is back, making music with a cause and spreading awareness through his powerful songwriting that ranges from ‘Heritage’ to ‘Country Rock’.
Burrumbuttock Hay Runners, a rollicking tune that tells the tale of “Bumpa” Farrell and his team of eager volunteers, providing hope to the drought stricken west. Brendan Smoother, teamed with Pete Denahy for this vocal collaboration in an Australiana story telling style.