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Murrumbidgee Jones - Cold Black Night     Folk, Blues 27/01/2010
Murrumbidgee's narratives are always dipped in rich imagery that takes the listener on a magic ride to the wide open spaces and pokey rooms of this big brown land.
Honky tonk prankster, Murrumbidgee Jones, is a Rogue City ratbag who wraps musical stories inside simple melodies.

Other tracks by Murrumbidgee Jones:  Sweet Moments  -  Toenail Moon
Amber Joy Poulton - Rising Star     Country 27/01/2010
Taking Goodbye, co-written with Doug Bruce (TIARA Male Vocalist of the year 2009 & VIC Album of 2009, VIC Male Vocalist the list goes on.....) released in October 2009.
Amber Joy Poulton - Rising Star

Other tracks by Amber Joy Poulton:  Good Old Fashioned Days  -  Break Even
Charlie McCracken - All The Kings Horses     Country 27/01/2010
Charlie McCracken - This Is Charlie McCracken
All The Kings Horses

Other tracks by Charlie McCracken:  Your Pictures Off The Wall  -  How's The World Been Hurtin' You Today
Dallas Steele - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted     Country, Roots 27/01/2010
Dallas Steele- A Drifter's Photograph
Dallas Steele- What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

Other tracks by Dallas Steele:  I Should Be There  -  Brown Dog The Sequel
Liv Gritten - Crossroads     Folk, Rock 27/01/2010
Her voice is melodious and her songs are unique in many ways and she has the capacity to hold an audience with the emotive feeling of her presentation.
Liv Gritten- Crossroads

Other tracks by Liv Gritten:  Postmodern Waltz  -  Dangerline
Waz E James Band - The Plainsman     Country, Rock 27/01/2010
Waz E James Band- Water Melon
From the seminal sonic grunge pop of Brokenhead to his current new country sounds Waz has been recording and releasing music for over 10 years.

Other tracks by Waz E James Band:  Back Again  -  This Ones For The Bride
Audrey Auld - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda     Folk 27/01/2010
Audrey Auld- Billabong Song
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, originally by Eric Bogle and reinterpreted by Audrey Auld.

Other tracks by Audrey Auld:  Australia (Paint You a Picture)  -  Pub With No Beer
Daxton - One Way Ride     Country, Pop 27/01/2010
Although Daxton hails from NSW Australia- his new album "Two Roads" pays homage to Texas music.
Although Daxton hails from NSW Australia- his new album "Two Roads" pays homage to Texas music.

Other tracks by Daxton:  Irish Blue  -  Disorder
Grand Junction Australia - After Dark     Country 27/01/2010
"THE RETURN" features original songs written by the band, covering a wide scope of country music from humorous songs, happy songs, sad songs, trucking songs, sing-along songs & country-rock.
After Dark is a blend of original songs written by the band, covering a wide scope of country music from humorous songs, happy songs, sad songs, trucking songs, sing-along songs & good old country-rock.

Other tracks by Grand Junction Australia:  Devil Whiskey  -  One Of A Kind
Jesse Emmanuel - Don't Touch My Guitar     Country, Pop 27/01/2010
Jesse Emmanuel is the type of artist that the Aussie music scene has been crying out for, powerful songs delivered by a captivatingly beautiful voice.
Jesse Emmanuel delivers a range of powerful songs on her album 'Everything I know So Far'.

Other tracks by Jesse Emmanuel:  This Town  -  Too Lazy
Vanessa Lea & Road Train - Spoilt     Country, Rock 27/01/2010
Vanessa Lee & Road Train
Vanessa Lea & Road Train is led by Toyota Starmaker 2010 Finalist, Vanessa Lea.

Other tracks by Vanessa Lea & Road Train:  The Lucky People  -  Running Barefoot
Rick Caballo - Julianne     Country, Folk 27/01/2010
In just a short period of time, with hard work, focus and patience, Rick Caballo has honed his craft as a writer and perfected his performing skills to be second to none.
Ask anyone who has seen this multi-talented phenomenon perform in his regular haunts along the Australian East Coast, and they will tell you that "Ricko has talent to burn".

Other tracks by Rick Caballo:  Black Jezebel Road  -  Someday
Steve Lee - I Like Guns     Country 03/02/2010
'I Like Guns' features songs that show you a bit about who Steve is, especially the first single, “I like guns”, with it's spin on a usually very serious topic.
The first single, “I like guns” puts a new spin on a usually very serious topic.

Other tracks by Steve Lee:  I'll Give Up My Gun  -  The Shootout
The Lees - It Ain't Me Babe     Country, Alternative Country 26/03/2010
Welcome Road’ is a mature and sensitive work, honoring them as individuals, sharing stories, expressing points of view and celebrating the similarities, differences and idiosyncrasies of being a family.
The Lees- It Ain't Me Babe

Other tracks by The Lees:  Welcome Road  -  The Storm
Col Finley - Paradise     Country 26/03/2010
Col Finley’s album give's an insight into where he is at. With his marriage earlier this year and the birth of his new baby boy, Col is now in Paradise.
Col Finley- Paradise

Other tracks by Col Finley:  My Stuff  -  Dirt
John Scholten - I Can Still Feel     Country 26/03/2010
John's album is an mix of originals and covers that showcase a style of music influenced from the Americana style of music captured by producer Bill Chambers
John Scholten- I Can Still Feel

Other tracks by John Scholten:  Hank Williams Blues  -  One Hit Wonder
Todd Stewart - No Reigns     Country, Rock 26/03/2010
2009 Toyota Star Maker Grand Finalist
Todd Stewart- No Reigns

Other tracks by Todd Stewart:  Australian Made  -  Give Me Water
Johnny Chester - The Worlds Greatest Mum     Country 03/08/2010
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
Johnny Chester - The Worlds Greatest MumRecorded in Nashville with respected producer Brien Fisher this is the updated version of Johnny's 1973 HIT. Featuring
some of country music's finest musicians including master steel player Sonny Garrish it has all of the sentiment of the original with a fresher finer sound.

Other tracks by Johnny Chester:  Lord I'd Forgotten  -  Jessica
Mitchell Shadlow - Falling Buildings     Country 05/08/2010
Cool and reserved, Mitchell has quietly earned the distinction of being one of Australia’s most promising male country music artists with a vocal style described as both ‘elegant’ and ‘masculine’.
In the face of the 9/11 disaster the world felt bereavement and total helplessness. The intro riff of Falling Buildings sets this scene and leads you on an emotional four minute ride of these events.

Other tracks by Mitchell Shadlow:  In The Arms Of A Woman  -  Perfect Day
James Johnston - Rollerocaster     Pop, Rock 24/09/2010
James has been singing since he was four, started playing the guitar when he was about 13 and lately has been getting into making his own music;
James Johnston - Rollercoaster

Other tracks by James Johnston:  Falling  -  Rollercoaster - Dance Mix