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Paul Costa - Road Train     Country 23/10/2018
One of Australian Country Music’s premium vocalist and live performers, Paul’s had an amazing response since the release of his 5th album Whisper In The Crowd.
“After performing at the Lights On The Hill Trucking Memorial Concert in Gatton a couple of years ago I was heading towards the signing tent and man said “G’day Paul, I loved your set” Then put his hand out and said, “They call me Road Train” … This is his story.

Ashley Cook - The Murranji     Country 16/10/2018
Ashley Cook has established himself as one of Australia's best and brightest, specialist bush balladeers
Ashley is one of Australia’s finest Independent Bush Balladeers as he understands the meanings behind the songs that he sings and loves keeping the past alive. 'The Murranji' is Ashley’s second single off his upcoming album due out in January 2019. 'The Murranji' was written by Rick Gay with a modern feel to a very good Bush Ballad.

Destiny - Hours In A Day     Country, Rock 16/10/2018
Destiny Band Oz is the performing name of Australian singer-songwriter-musicians, Thomas & Tessa Libreri.
Destiny are proud to present the first single from their forthcoming new album called ‘Hours in a Day’ – Something we can all relate to, as there never seem to be enough! This hectic, rockabilly song will really get you rockin’ along! Sung by Tessa Libreri; bass, rhythm and lead guitar by Thomas Libreri; keyboards by Chris Gale and drums by Darryn Farrugia.

Rex Dallas - Kitchen Table     Country 16/10/2018
Rex Dallas is an award-winning Australian country musician, singer, songwriter, yodeller and bush balladeer. His albums also include selections of horse songs, war songs, mother songs and even on coalmining.
'Kitchen Table' is a true story written by Rex Dallas and Stan Coster's Granddaughter Aileen Manicaros. The big table, with legs as big as kegs, was lugged out from Scotland by Aileen's Great Granny. The big table became part of the Coster family heritage. Many happy hours, with family and friends, were spent at the old kitchen table.

Tom Curtain - Where The Pindan Meets The Ocean     Country 11/10/2018
Tom Curtain is an entertainer, musician, horseman, businessman, entrepreneur and family-man living and working in outback Australia.
‘Where The Pindan Meets The Ocean’ is a true story about a lady who owns a cattle station in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. With two young kids, a house she built herself from mudbricks and a small herd of cattle, Janice Bell of Barnhill Station diversified her operation by building a caravan park on the red Pindan soils.

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Adam Toms - Josephine     Country, Rock 09/10/2018
The Youth Worker by day sure knows how to mix things up musically with a style combining country, rock, blues and singer-songwriter however all songs have a distinct ‘Tomsy’ flavour.
Josephine by Adam Toms combines sounds of country rock and southern rock to present a powerful thumping track. Written and produced by Toms this is the 4th single from his 2018 album release Where Were You? and will have you singing along in no time.

Benn Allsop - Here To Tell You     Pop 09/10/2018
Benn Allsop is earning his reputation for creating his emotionally driven ‘positive pop vibes’ and making his mark in the industry.
As a kid, I could never imagine finding that true love that you see in the movies or read about in books. 'Here to Tell You' is written about that moment when that 'real love' hits you right in the chest, and takes over your soul.

Jeff Brown - After January Rains     Country 09/10/2018
Jeff Brown has been involved with the Country Music Industry since he was 18, releasing seven albums to date and winning two Golden Guitars.
'After January Rains' was a poem penned by the unique writing team, Kelly and Marion Dixon with Jeff Brown adding his melody. The story is told through the eyes of a retired drover now living in the confines of the city, reminiscing his days moving the big mobs out west.

Melissa Robertson - Little Country Life     Country, Alternative Country, Folk 09/10/2018
The growing success for Melissa Robertson’s music not only reflects her ability to connect to her audience because of her songs and music, but also because of her heart.
'Little Country Life’ is the title track to Melissa’s brand new all original album which will be launched this weekend. Melissa wrote this song to celebrate the beauty of her and her husband’s life together in the picturesque town of Cowra. Produced and Mastered by Simon Johnson of Hillbilly Hut.

Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham - Hung Up On You     Country, Pop, Rock 06/10/2018
Australian Country Artists Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham have paired up to record and release the catchy new “cross-over” duet, 'Hung Up On You'.
'Hung Up On You' is a song about regrets after a break-up. About a guy who has said some things he wishes he could take back and the girl that is waiting for him to do so. Think of classic duets from the past then add a modern country spin, flawless vocal performances, and a catchy hook.

Connie Kis Andersen - Unclouded Day     Blues/Roots, Christian, Country 26/09/2018
One of Western Australia’s finest singer-songwriters, Connie Kis has seven albums and several hit songs to her credit.
The fresh, original bluegrass arrangement of this classic Gospel song is guaranteed to lift anyone's spirits and get toes tapping. From the album A Closer Walk - described by Capital News reviewer Peter Christie as; “Probably the most beautiful Gospel album I have heard in the past twelve months”.

The Long And Short Of It - When I'm Gone     Country 26/09/2018
The Long And Short of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne, whose superb harmonies have been described as “honey coated chocolate”.
The Long And Short Of It are an ARIA charting, multi-award-winning duo from Melbourne. 'When I’m Gone' is their latest single release from their ARIA charting album, 'The Night Of Our Life'. The song imbibes the positive message that they want to leave behind for loved ones and future generations.

Simply Bushed - Wave Your Finger     Country, Folk 22/09/2018
Bringing a new perspective and a modern edge as well as original songs that have been reviewed as “songs that will very well become classics for new generations of Australians”.
A fun track about the simple friendly bush gesture of waving your finger at the driver heading in the opposite direction. It starts somewhere between Byrock and Bourke although not signposted, it is clearly understood. It usually consists of the index finger of the hand that is on the wheel at any given time.

Dianne Lindsay - Paddy's Soul     Country 20/09/2018
Mention traditional Australian country music these days and no-one is more respected than singer/songwriter Dianne Lindsay.
This beautifully written ballad tells of an early goldminer in this country – an important part of our history, interpreted and delivered with authenticity and clarity in the way that only Dianne Lindsay can do. Written by husband, Peter Simpson, with a delightful musical arrangement, this is a stand out track.

Emma Dykes - A Drink In My Hand     Country 20/09/2018
Emma sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
‘A Drink In My Hand’, summing up the clichéd repetition of swearing we will never drink again, and all the reasons for these promises to ourselves, followed by breaking this promise with yet another good story to tell – blamed on the alcohol.

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Errol Gray - 80k's An Hour     Country, Comedy 20/09/2018
With his politically incorrect Aussie sense of humour, Errol has his audiences in stitches with his irreverent songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes.
Sit back and try to not get too frustrated as you follow this grey nomad couple sauntering up the highway, holding up the traffic in their brand new caravan and 4WD without a care in the world. I’m sure we’ve all followed such a couple, or we might even be that couple!

Shaza Leigh - Land Of Our Kin     Country, Folk 20/09/2018
Shaza has a powerful, driven, methodical personality with a deep seated love for life and laughter. She’s a rare individual as well as an extraordinary talent.
At a time when our farmers need inspiration to survive in their beloved industry, this fantastic song is a timely reminder of all that is great about their life; why it is imperative they retain hope and focus on their dreams for the future.

Norma O'Hara Murphy - Blood Red Rose     Country 04/09/2018
Touring internationally during the nineties and having won several Golden Guitars and numerous other Industry awards Norma is recognised as one of Australia’s finest.
This is one of Norma O'Hara Murphy's favorite tracks which looks at the life and love of a cane farmer and his wife. Talk of everyday endless washing on the line but it is a love song and in spite of the very cruel realities of life, their love keeping them strong.

Jayne Denham - Ladies Lettin' Loose     Country, Pop, Rock 31/08/2018
Jayne Denham’s impressive and relentlessly energetic live show has seen her earn performance opportunities at all major Australian country music festivals and, more recently, invited to perform in the USA.
'Ladies Lettin Loose’ is the new single by country rock powerhouse Jayne Denham. This sing along party anthem is for everyone, but especially for all those girls that work too hard and need to let loose. With that good dose of country soul that’s sure to get you up dancing the night away, its time for the ladies to let loose.

Brendan Smoother - Gypsy Girl     Country 24/08/2018
Combining heartfelt songwriting and an eye for a story, Brendan Smoother prides himself on songs that count for something.
‘Gypsy Girl' is Brendan Smoother’s first single since the release of his highly anticipated debut album ‘In The Meantime’. A story of “Imaginary Infidelity” at a local “Faithful Cafe”. It’s a driving song with punch from the rhythm section and ear catching hooks from a B-bender Telecaster all under the masterful production of Michael Carpenter.