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Ashleigh Dallas - Candles Burning     Country 13/12/2019
Third generation in a country music family dynasty, it is no surprise multiple Golden Guitar Winner Ashleigh Dallas took to the music scene like a duck to water.
‘Candles Burning’ captures the heartache and restlessness that follows during the grief process of a loved one. How often you honor their traditions in the hope to feel them close and as if they are even still around. Written from the heart after Ashleigh lost her Grandfather “Dah”.

Jesse Dee - Lost For Words     Pop 13/12/2019
Jessie Dee is passionate about her music and often writes from a real place about past experiences or feelings.
'Lost For Words' is about a one sided young love, she is giving everything but getting nothing in return. It takes listeners on a journey through the sometimes double mindedness of a young girl in love packaged in a fun mid tempo track that will have heads boppin'.

Shara Rose - Last All Night     Pop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/12/2019
Shara is what we call a triple threat in the entrainment world: A talented singer, musician, and dancer from Perth, Western Australia, now based in Sydney.
‘Last All Night’ is hard hitting 808s, soaring synth lines, and a beat to get the blood pumping. A song for listeners of all ages with positive lyrics and a message. It’s all about just going out, having a good time with your friends, and not feeling the pressure to be anyone other than your true self.

Benn Gunn - Luckiest Man Alive     Country, Pop 09/12/2019
Benn Gunn is a true blue Aussie playing his own unique brand of Aussie heartland rock combined with his Aussie humor.
‘Luckiest Man Alive’ is a fun, mid-tempo romantic love song filled with black cats, broken mirrors, rabbit foots and four leaf clovers. This is the perfect feel-good song for anyone who's ever been in love.

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Connie Kis Andersen - Angels All Around Us     Country 05/12/2019
No stranger to hard work, perseverance and passionate dreams of a career in music, Connie Kis Andersen has defied industry paradigms by carving a successful music and radio career.
Christmas time is one of reflection, rejoicing, giving and gratitude. The season may even be tinged with sorrow. With devastating bushfires and drought so prevalent throughout Australia, this track is a timely reminder of how Angels (family, friends, neighbours and strangers) reach out and lend a helping hand in times of need.

Della Harris - Must Have Been The Wine     Country 26/11/2019
Della Harris is a singer songwriter from Melbourne who has performed at major music festivals around Australia.
'Must Have Been The Wine' is a playful look at the tricky situations we can find ourselves in when it comes to relationships and the reality that even though we know someone is not good for us, sometimes we find ourselves going down that road anyway. Blame it on the alcohol but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

Lara D - Me & Them     R&B, Pop 22/11/2019
Moroccan / Lebanese pop-urban sensation Lara D is a breath of fresh air for the urban music scene with her cut above talents in both singing and her rap game.
'Me & Them' is a powerful and unapologetic anthem that demands a conversation around self love and confidence. For Lara, it boldly sheds a light on her passion towards staying true to herself, owning up to her insecurities and as a result, finding herself and her worth. Lara has teamed up with Sammi Constantine and ARIA chart topping producer Liam Quinn.

Alisha Smith - Keeroongooloo Station     Instrumental, Country 20/11/2019
Alisha has toured right around Australia four times with her partner Keith Jamieson and their daughter Caitlyn. They perform all over the country at festivals, pubs, clubs and old halls.
'Keeroongooloo Station' was written by Slim Dusty and Kelly & Marion Dixon. This has always been one of Alisha's most loved Slim songs so she decided to record an instrumental version whilst Caitlyn has played some great fiddle. Kelly Dixon was excited to hear the instrumental version of it as it hadn’t been done before.

Caitlyn Jamieson - Tennessee Flat Top Box     Country 20/11/2019
With four Australian tours under her belt, Caitlyn has performed all over the country at festivals, pubs, clubs and old time country halls.
Caitlyn is a big fan of Johnny Cash and has been singing 'Tennessee Flat Top Box' on stage for the past few years. This is one of her favourites and it’s always a popular song at the Jamieson family shows with Caitlyn singing and Alisha on acoustic lead picking on the Gibson J45 guitar.

Chris Williams - Paradise     Country, Pop, Rock 20/11/2019
Country rock singer-songwriter Chris Williams is stirring up waves on the Australian country music scene.
'Paradise' is a feel good, summer, turn it up in the car type song about looking for our own version of Paradise while also recognising that it's right in front of us. It's about the parallel of wanting more but being grateful for what we have.

Keith Jamieson - The Real Australia     Country 20/11/2019
Born in Goondiwindi, Keith Jamieson has spent most of his life in the bush, which is where he gets most of his inspiration for songwriting.
A song penned by Keith Jamieson describing his feelings on the direction Australia is headed. With an emphasis on Australian land being purchased by foreign investors, he wonders what the pioneers and war veterans would think and how the future generations will survive.

Tom Curtain - She Gave Us The Song     Country 15/11/2019
Tom Curtain is a multiple Golden Guitar winning Independent singer-songwriter, entertainer, horseman, entrepreneur, family-man and spokesman for rural health, living and working in outback Northern Territory.
Considered the First Lady of Australian Country Music, Slim Dusty’s wife, Joy McKean’s songs are the remarkable legacy of a creative life. Co-written by Garth Porter and Kelly Dixon, this vocal collaboration between Tom Curtain, Lee Kernaghan and Sara Storer is a tribute to Joy in her 90th year.

Emma Dykes - The Drovers     Country, Folk 14/11/2019
Emma sings just as she lives her life – wanting to give to others and celebrate the stories and experiences in song.
‘The Drovers’ was penned with fellow artist Matt O’Leary whilst on a 4500km off-road 4WD fundraiser for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter called The Drovers Run. The song brings together to spirit of the Drovers who fundraise and the chopper itself that saves so many lives in Australia.

Johnny Chester - After Louise     Country 14/11/2019
With a recording career that began in 1961 and continues even stronger today, Johnny Chester is one of Australia's most enduring recording artists.
This is Johnny doing what he does best, relating to his vast audience with a lyric that takes you through the trials of a long-time relationship breakdown and eventual rescue by a new soul mate.

Ian Burns - The River     Country, Country 06/11/2019
Ian Burns is an independent singer / songwriter from the Macarthur district of NSW.
Ian looks back at the adventures, love and memories he has of growing up surrounded by bushland, mates and his childhood hangout, The River, where he and his friends forged memories that would last a lifetime. 'The River' is the second single off his album 'Two Sides Of Me' recorded with renowned producer Simon Johnson and features some of Australia’s best musicians.

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Matt Joe Gow - Light My Way     Roots, Easy Listening, Country, Alternative 06/11/2019
From Queenscliff festival to boutique Americana festivals, from supporting Chris Isaak to Justin Townes Earle, Matt has built a simmering credibility to go along side the authentic Alt Country tones.
An acoustic version of the sprawling Americana centerpiece from 'Break Rattle And Roll'. 'Light My Way' is a song about letting go of the past in order to find a true connection. In this version, harmonica replaces saxophone, harmonies replace amplifiers as acoustic guitars journey the song back to it's roots.

Brittany Elise - Pit Stop     Country, Rock 04/11/2019
Brittany-Elise is a vibrant, award winning, singer songwriter who has certainly been kicking goals within the music industry.
‘Pit Stop’ is about trust and honesty in a relationship and knowing your own self-worth.

Saints Capital - Salvador     Christian, Pop 04/11/2019
Saints Capital are hit writing duo the Banton Brothers. They have written hits for the likes of Hillsong, Hayley Warner, Intersection, Marvin Priest, Trinity, and Wasteland.
‘Salvador’ is a song for anyone and everyone regardless of age, race or social status. From someone who’s on a spiritual journey searching, to someone who’s already found grace. The single, that can only be described as genre defying, still clearly remains worshipful and passionate with SC’s signature sound that is tailor made for airplay.

Hurricane Fall - Top Down     Country, Pop 31/10/2019
Australian Country Band survive terrifying mid-air incident as “plane drops from the sky” over the Pacific. However, they responded by releasing their best-received single to date.
Hurricane Fall’s latest track ‘Top Down’ is a depiction of life when you’re in love. The lyrical metaphor: ‘it’s like cruising around with the top down baby whenever I’m with you' used to express the relaxation, the ease and the enjoyment felt when spending time with your number one. The track is easy listening, emotion provoking.

Jack Viljoen - Rain     Country 31/10/2019
Jack is a singer and songwriter from Gladstone in Central Queensland. Hailing from a diverse musical background Jack’s song writing is inspired by the music and artists that he loves.
"Grandad had a farm. For half a lifetime he poured heart and soul into it and turned it into something to be proud of. Then the drought came and he had to see it all scorched away with the flesh from the livestock and the life from the earth." - Jack Viljoen

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