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Errol Gray - That's Be Your Mum     Country, Easy Listening 16/04/2018
With his guitar and politically incorrect sense of humor, Errol has audiences in stitches with his songs and stories that reflect everyday situations and misfortunes that happen to us all.
With Mothers Day approaching, singer/songwriter and teller of tall stories Errol Gray has released his heartfelt tribute to mothers everywhere, That's Be Your Mum. Based on his own personal memories, this sentimental ballad will have you reaching for the tissues. The perfect song to play on Mothers Day.

Connie Kis Andersen - Handle Love With Care     Christian, Folk, Country 14/04/2018
With a reputation as one of Western Australia’s finest artists, singer-songwriter Connie Kis Andersen has overcome the ‘tyranny of distance’ through her hard work ethic, willingness, and commitment.
Written by Connie Kis, Handle Love With Care is the lead single from her new album; A Closer Walk. It speaks to the difficult times most of us go through at one stage or another in life. The key to surviving these times is 'love'.

Hurricane Fall - Wheels Up     Country, Rock, Pop 14/04/2018
Tamworth born and raised and now based in Newcastle, Hurricane Fall is comprised of Jesse Vee, Pepper Deroy, Jimmy Hick and Lachlan ‘Dusty’ Coffey.
'Wheels Up' is a song that highlights the enjoyment the band has in travelling together and performing their music to live audiences. With their strong vocals embellished by a solid rhythm section the song has all the makings of being a classic hit.

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Rick Hart - Little Pieces (ft. Vanessa Hart)     Country, Alternative Country 14/04/2018
With a voice that floats with soulful warmth and honesty, Rick Hart is a storyteller, whose words and melodies weave through all the dynamics and extremes of human emotions.
Little Pieces is a duet between Hart and his wife and backing singer Vanessa Hart. It is stripped back, melancholy, country tale of trying to get over someone but always encountering little reminders that make forgetting so hard. It is a heartfelt duet that remains true to its country traditions.

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Taylor Pfeiffer & Matt Scullion - Make Today Count     Country, Folk 05/04/2018
Taylor continues to show growth as an artist, with a strong emphasis on catchy hooks and memorable arrangements, whilst defying genre boundaries.
A duet between Taylor Pfeiffer and Golden Guitar winner, Matt Scullion, 'Make Today Count' delivers the powerful endeavor to fulfill and cherish every moment. Building from solo banjo into a string section and recorded in the USA, Make Today Count is from Taylor’s EP, 'Take Her', produced by Simon Johnson.

Rex Dallas - Show Boat Kalang     Country 29/03/2018
Rex Dallas has penned a vast volume of songs and is the recipient for many awards including Golden Guitars. He has released over 30 albums to date.
Back in the 1950's and 60's "Show Boat Kalang" would present a Country Music Concert once a month on a Wednesday night. Cruising out from Pier 8 at Circular Quay the old brass bell would ring, and then the concert would commence.

Radford Jaymes Band - Queen St. Coyboy     Country, Rock 23/03/2018
Steven Jaymes and Brendan Radford have done hundreds of gigs together, Pubs, clubs, songwriters nights, campfires, festivals, you name it, chances are they have done it,
The new single 'Queen St. Cowboy' is a celebration of the urban city cowboy that loves, lives and breathes the bush, is its biggest supporter, and dreams of “going bush and one day” ... The Dolby races, burning sun on dirt, yeah I’m going back there one day.

Troy Kemp - Beach Mode     Country 20/03/2018
With multiple Australian Country Chart #1 singles, a Golden Guitar, two CMC Awards and a decade of touring under his belt, Troy is one of Australia’s most recognisable music talents.
'Beach Mode' tells the story of a guy struggling with being back at work after being on holiday. Every time he feels the breeze he is transported in his mind back to the beach, the palm trees, the waves, the girls and the party that was his summer vacation.

Lyn Bowtell - All My Life     Pop, Country 14/03/2018
“She has one of the most amazing voices in this country, I love this beautiful woman and her talent” – Kasey Chambers
‘All My Life’ is a wistful story of human behaviour and the endless inner battle between right and wrong choices, where so often we take the most familiar path, knowing all the while that that well-worn path will inevitably lead to the same destination.

Angus Gill - Hands Are Clean     Country, Rock 09/03/2018
"Angus is a breath of fresh air...unique, determined and devoted to his music career" - David Woodward (John Williamson, Shannon Noll Management).
'Hands Are Clean', co-written with Drew McAlister, is the second single lifted from Angus’ debut album 'Nomad'. It’s an empowering song with a message that resonates universally, “when you point your finger at me, make sure your hands are clean."

Danny Phegan - I'd Be Over You     Country 07/03/2018
Danny Phegan is a well-known Albury identity and businessman with a big heart and enormous energy.
'I'd Be Over You' is the second single from Danny's ARIA chart topping debut album 'From Where I Stand'. 'I'd Be Over You' is the story of a life's journey trying to get over a lost love.

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Jayne Denham - Calamity     Country, Rock 02/03/2018
Jayne Denham has built a reputation as being a dynamic high energy Country/Rock performer in Australia. With her rebellious charm and rampaging energy Jayne writes, records and performs anthems.
Although trucking songs run through the singer’s veins, Calamity, the second single and title track of Jayne’s upcoming album, is about being attracted to the wrong person in a relationship, but is not lacking trucking references.

Steve Cheers - Best Part Of The World     Country, Pop 02/03/2018
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from experience and from the heart, always with thoughtful lyrics that consider the human condition.
NSW Southern Highlands’ Steve Cheers writes from experience and from the heart. 'Best Part of the World’ is the second and featured single from his new album ‘The Measure of a Man.’ The anthem-like track is unashamedly Australian indie styled pop rock, perfect for commercial playlists.

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Aleyce Simmonds - Last Word On My Lips     Country 22/02/2018
Aleyce Simmonds is a 2018 Golden Guitar Winner and 2017 APRA Award recipient for Country Work Of The Year, Independent Artist of the Year and Independent Female Artist.
Last Word On My Lips is a heartfelt ballad co-written by Aleyce and her good friend, Allan Caswell as a gift to her sister, Karlee who was getting married to her soulmate and Aleyce’s lead guitarist and MD, Michael Cole.

Ashleigh Dallas - Be Like You     Country 14/02/2018
Golden Guitar winner Ashleigh Dallas is a vibrant young country music singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has just released her third album, award winning 'Lighthouse'.
'Be Like You' is a self penned song from Dallas and pays tribute to those loved ones lost that we idolize and carry on traits in their honor. We carry on with their traditions to always feel their presence and love still around us.

George Sich - Right Here     Country, Rock, Blues 01/02/2018
George Sich is an award winning Sydney based singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.
'Right Here' is a tribute to all the hard working, gigging performers, travelling between all the one-pub towns and singing away their souls, because they love it.

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Kate Hindle - Ready For The Ride     Country 01/02/2018
Kate Hindle has a musical knowledge beyond her years, a small town country girl with a dream and a determination to make that dream come true.
“This single is about showing others what I’m doing and sharing my journey with my listeners,” Kate said. “It shows that no matter how much heartache you have or what bad experiences happen to you, there are always going to be positives out of it.”

Adam Toms - Too Young To Know Better     Country, Rock 01/02/2018
Adam Toms is known for his big voice in his live shows as well as his mixed banter and sense of humor.
This is the second single from Toms’s forthcoming album. Adam reminisces about his past years in this rockin' track with a with country grunt. Like most of us he admits he has made some mistakes in his younger years but he wouldn’t change a thing about those times.

Bleddyn - Ashes     Pop, Rock 02/01/2018
Jessie Turnbull from Bleddyn is an aspiring new solo artist eager to release her first new single Ashes on the 30th Dec 2017.
'Ashes' is a song about people who get left behind and are alone. Bleddyn said "I wrote this song being alone and depressed, I wanted to lash out and hurt people just like they hurt me, but I realised I couldn’t, I just had to sit quietly while others brought me down."

Grayson - Margarita     Country, Pop 02/01/2018
Grayson captures the heart of every moment with his storytelling. His music and lyrics captivate us with not only tales of heartfelt experiences, but the forgotten moments in between.
Margarita is Grayson's follow up single to his American #1 "10-9-8-7." Margarita sounds and feels exactly like Summer should ... Hot, fun and easy!