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Viscera Arts

Viscera Arts helps artists succeed in their careers. Working with their goals
& aspirations we identify a long-term strategy to success. We release their
music to all digital retail stores and promote it with key taste-makers in
media & the industry.

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Viscera Arts

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Dress Thèque - Another Way To Heaven     Rock, Britpop 13/06/2019
Dress Thèque is a genre-blending band from Sydney Australia. Drawing on Manchester flavours of trip-hop & rock, Dress Thèque echo the 90’s but bring it together with a futuristic aesthetic.
“Another Way To Heaven” is their 4th single which follows "Gone Mad" and statement tracks “Landslide” & “Football Music.” 2019 will see a series of new singles building towards an album release in the near future.

Good Pash - Baby Chav De-Prawns     Rock, Punk 13/06/2019
Good Pash is an indie-punk band from Sydney. The firebrand quartet has made a name for themselves in the local scene as one of the most exciting new bands.
"Baby Chav De-Prawns is a song about the morning after a big night out. Trying to piece it all together (hence 'de-prawning') the word vomit from the night so you can move on with your day." - Good Pash

2019 will see a series of new singles and an EP titled “GEN 1” to be released later in the year.

Butternut Sweetheart - Bury Me     Electronic, Downbeat, Pop, Psychedelic 17/05/2019
Butternut Sweetheart is the musical project of Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and producer Luke Moseley. Although officially formed in late 2018, Butternut Sweetheart has been percolating below the surface for years.
"Expressing grief is not something that comes naturally to me. “Bury Me” became my way of processing feelings of overwhelming emotional emptiness. My emotional self was buried, and I was ‘looking for a heartbeat’ or ‘any sign of life’. As dark as it is, I’m fairly sure there’s a positive message to be found in the song." - Luke Moseley

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Baby Beef - Only If The Water Is Cold     Pop, Experimental 02/05/2019
Drawing on elements of post-punk & new romantic, Baby Beef take a therapeutic look at love & anxiety and is inspired by Fine Young Cannibals, Alex Cameron, and Ariel Pink.
"This song is from the future. A future where memories of painful experiences can be washed away in a floatation tank. The process takes half an hour. It’s inexpensive and reliable. Occasionally, clients report fragments of their deleted memories flashing back into their consciousness." Baby Beef

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Dress Thèque - Gone Mad     Rock, Britpop, Electronic 17/04/2019
Dress Thèque is a genre-blending band from Sydney. Drawing on Manchester inspired flavours of trip-hop & dance-rock, Dress Theque echo the 90’s but bring it together with a futuristic aesthetic.
“Gone Mad’ is an ode to everything Manchester and to all our favourite Manchester bands from Joy Division to Oasis and everything in between. We jammed as many of those sounds & our own into the song including the ‘too loud’ guitar mix of early Oasis" - Dress Thèque

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