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Tempus Sun - Gold     Folk, Roots, Pop 05/08/2017
Influenced by Mumford and Sons, TS pride themselves on the size, engagement and quality of their music. Emphatic 3 and 4-part harmony that brings an irrepressible smile to your face.
Capturing the feelings of timelessness and bliss, ‘Gold’ aims to do exactly what its title suggests; evoke moments of euphoria. 'Gold' draws an irrepressible smile to your face whilst making your heart beat faster. It's pure happiness. Relatable to anyone who gets lost in moments of nostalgia, daydreaming and elation.

Rya Park - Billy     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Soul 05/10/2017
Melbourne newcomer who is also a member of Tempus Sun and recently was the featured artist on the FØRD single, 'Oblivion".
The song was inspired by a relationship that ended without explanation. The lyrics intensely focus on a range of emotions that stemmed from the situation. A long time had passed when I got to writing the song, but there were still so many unanswered questions. Eerie, sultry & dark.


Hansaa - Primavera (feat. A.CHAL)     Hip Hop, Electronic, Atmospheric 18/10/2017
Sydney bred Hansaa (Vinay Matta) – has been prevalent in Australia & LA’s underground scene for years now. Drawing inspiration from sample-heavy hip hop, 90s instrumentals and cinematic scores.
Rough textures with a funky, live bassline make for a high-vitality vibe with a driving energy. Produced with A.CHAL’s dulcet tones in mind, the Peruvian’s vocals are woven throughout the very core of the track creating a certain ambience, fusing the very best elements of hip hop, electronica and R&B.

Maya - What We Are Worth     Funk/Soul, Pop, RnB 21/10/2017
Contemplative and soulful, MAYA is a Melbourne based vocalist who's intellectual, introspective and philosophical. MAYA extends the boundaries of pop and soul, building herself an intriguing niche between the two.
MAYA’s distinctive vocal guides the track completely; led by her inimitable voice, all the while dealing with some complex subject matter. “What We Are Worth is a conversation with myself about my constant questions about humanity – it’s a song about respecting yourself and the earth we live on.

Aldous - Generation Lost     Electronic, Pop 25/10/2017
Bondi (Sydney) electronic producer who is a classically trained pianist & jazz drummer.
Electro-dance pop tune with smatterings of chilled out acoustic vibes.

Enerate - Transit Lounge     Electronic, Pop 14/11/2017
Enerate arepassionate about making\u2028 anything they do a multisensory experience. Their album “Good Times Airlines” will be released as an app, each track with it’s own interactive music video.
Enerate’s latest single ‘Transit Lounge’ is a spacious ethereal synth pop song about moving forward from uncertain times Futuristic synths and a down tempo house beat move the track along under the anthemic soaring vocals of Josh Graham and Therese Watson.

Mary Webb - Gecko Fingers     Folk 01/02/2018
Mary worked as musical director for circus troups, theatre groups, founded both a multi-arts performance collective and a business writing personalized gift songs. Played with MojoJuju, Pierce Brothers, Tash Sultana.
Gecko Fingers is about Mary's relationship with her sister, growing after years apart and having a lot of love for each other but also a lot of conflict, then as adults working out that we are not so different. Musically, it's raw, playful, kooky... a little dark but also uplifting.

Death By Denim - Tattoo     Rock, Pop 01/02/2018
The “casually handsome” 4 piece group of Pallé, Nik, George and Hamish present a versatile sound, influenced by the likes of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Sticky Fingers.
The song demonstrates a melodic evolution in the band’s sound. On the surface it is fun, lack back and simple, however the true artefact of the song lies in its brooding emotional depth and intensity which results in a unique experience for the listener.

Instereo - Cruel     Pop, RnB 01/02/2018
The former three-piece boy band re-invent themselves as a duo, the single marks a new interpretation of R&B in the Australian pop landscape through its blend of multiple music genres
Cruel is a song that represents being stuck in an emotionally bad place where there is no love and no escape. The track was co-written by Delgardo and Lanzon along with producer Liam Quinn and Holly Martin.

LA. Faithfull - Heart Back     Pop, Electronic 01/02/2018
LA. Faithfull is a young St.Kilda based artist who has a knack for creating strong, vulnerable electronic pop. A tour is currently being arranged along the east coast.
Produced by the legends at M Squared Productions (NUSSY, Imogen Brough), and evocative of Amy Shark’s heavy, hip-hop inspired beats. The chorus soars, with sharp, synth-laden production that nods towards Lorde’s renowned debut LP Pure Heroine, and Faithfull’s voice is the soft, reassuring comfort throughout.

Eilish Gilligan - s.m.f.y.     Electronic, Pop 01/02/2018
Stunning vocal prowess, powerful & emotive performer who is about to hit the stage with Woodes and a slot on Secret Garden. Has already had two tracks played across JJJ.
S.M.F.Y. is a pop song struck by lightning. Elaborate and bombastic, yet somehow wildly, desperately intimate, this is an entirely new sound for Eilish - but it feels just like home. Produced alongside Japanese Wallpaper and inspired by the elastic production of Bleachers.

ËMMË - Good Love     Electronic, Pop 14/02/2018
Sydney based producer has worked with several international heavyweights such as Sherry St. Germain (of Akylla), PON CHO, and Dennis Waakop-Reijers (Tiesto) with some big international collaborations in the works.
Good Love is co-written with fellow Australian Jay Le Kat (previously of GRRL PAL), fills the spectrum with happy electronic pop vibes inspired by ËMMË's bass/trap background and sprinkled with Jay's acoustic influence. The song flows, carried by Jay's vocals and accompanied by emotional synth chords and driving rhythms throughout.

Mary Webb - Fly On The Table     Folk 23/02/2018
Mary has a reputation as an innovative performer and songwriter. She has a background in classical and choral music and also sites Jazz and Folk as powerful influences.
The song is about independence, feeling trapped, and wanting to find my own way through difficult times. I was seeing a future for myself that was different to the reality I was living, and wanted to summon my own strength to get myself there.

Mastin - Not The Man For You     Rock 24/02/2018
Reece Mastin has grown-up and changed the direction of his music to his true passion - ROCK! The new direction is heralded with the name change to Mastin.
Not The Man For You, is a rock n roll belter and is completely unlike anything fans have heard from him before. Mastin wanted to make something that can change your day, change your mindset, and make you feel like you can take on the world.

Chris Watts - Signs     Pop 07/03/2018
Chris is a young singer-songwriter from Melbourne, taking inspiration from Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Bruno Mars. Chris also teamed up with Amy Sheppard for a feature track 'Wrong or Right'.
'Signs' was inspired by Watts' real-life heartbreak and his recovery process. The single takes from blues and soul motifs and interlaces them with modern pop references, creating a defiant pop anthem, a celebration for those that are cheated but have the resilience to move forward.

Black Summer feat. Chloe Campbell - Sadness     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 14/03/2018
Unearthed by triple j at the age of 11, Rhys Toms (now 14) appeared at Groovin' The Moo and gained international attention after being added to high rotation on JJJ.
Sadness is hooky, with masterful production that swells around Campbell's expressive vocal. The track is in heavy emotion, something that Rhys has woven within the music. The arrangement borders on subtle, yet percussive patterns and dense synths duck underneath the lead melody in impressive layers.

Ukiyo - Go     Electronic, Atmospheric 16/04/2018
Ukiyo is 21-year-old, Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer Timothy Arnott. Fresh electronic music blending influences of Hip-Hip, EDM, and classical motifs.
Electronic music blending influences of Hip-Hop, EDM, and classical motifs to create an atmosphere that'll take you anywhere from a road trip to the dance floor.

VASSY - Somebody New     Electronic, Dance, Pop 16/04/2018
Born Vasiliki Karagiorgos in Darwin, Australia, soulful singer/songwriter VASSY rose to fame in 2003 after winning Triple J's Unearthed Song of the Year competition.
Rhythmically impeccable and on a whole other level of grooviness. Featuring the splendid production of Canadian heroes Sultan + Shepard and a mash of sounds that makes it perfect for the dance floor as well as the airwaves, Somebody New is as exciting as finding yourself a brand-new lover.

Paris Wells - Viking     Electronic, Ska 01/05/2018
Paris Wells is the bleach-blonde maverick who can duck and weave between smoky jazz, hip-hop, big beat, ska and soul, dropping pearly observations on a dime.
Her new tune Viking uniquely mixes island rhythms with her Scandinavian experience. Perhaps more about warm love than warm weather, there's sounds reminiscent of arctic electronica and early ska. A ditty that is both quaint & elegant, simple & sophisticated.

Nathan Smart - Jailhouse     Pop, Electronic 01/05/2018
Hustling from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula, The 20 year old singer, songwriter and producer brings a fresh approach with his fusion pop, hip-hop crossovers.
Jailhouse features soaring synths, in the likes of Flume, fused with the cool trap beats. Smart's glistening vocals build the song effortlessly, showcasing his unique and agile rap style singing, before elevating into an unforgettable and powerful hook, akin to the pop hits from Troye Sivan.