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FØRD - Folding Hills     Electronic, Pop 27/05/2016
18 year old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist who cites influences from Metallica to Chopin and although it's his second release, he's already developed a distinctive sound all his own.
A smooth electronic pop production with with gorgeous falsetto vocals courtesy of Spotify Viral 50 chart-topping singer Xavier Dunn, who first became known for his sweetly sung folk covers of pop songs like Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" & A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin' Problems". Another outstanding collaboration, "Folding Hills" is ideal for cruising.

Dave Winnell - Money     Electronic, Dance 03/06/2016
Sydney producer completed remixes for Armin van Buuren, Clean Bandit, Adam Lambert, Hardwell, Axwell & Ingrosso & Lost Frequencies. His banger "Don't Stop" hit #4 in the ARIA Club Chart.
An upbeat electronic dance track with some great Caribbean vibes...when does summer arrive?

MANE - Bitter     Pop, Blues, Electronic 24/06/2016
The woman behind MANE, Paige Renee Court. The enigmatic chanteuse has an irresistible voice. She loves to marry pop with sharp blues overtones and edgy production.
With catchy hooks that marry pop and blues influences together flawlessly, a driving percussive force, and intricate, edgy production values, Bitter is a venomous reminder to stay away from the bad side of a good songwriter. “Bitter was inspired by a very evil, manipulative person.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Luke Penman, Radio Adelaide, Adelaide (SA)

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nyck - Decision     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Easy Listening 15/07/2016
nyck is a music project by Nick Acquroff, together with Dominique Garrard, that strips away all of the noise and clutter and focuses on the fundamentals...honest and raw.
Decision explores themes of despair and love and listlessness, but always finds a way that is evocative and warm. By taking away all of the noise, Acquroff and Garrard hone in on the lyrics, which tell a story of despair over a stripped bed of piano and percussion.

Nussy - Body Talk     Electronic, Pop 20/07/2016
In the highly saturated world of Australian electronica, Nussy stands out as an artist with a story to tell, and talent to tell it so it is clearly understood.
With a voice that both romances the ears and saddens the heart, Nussy is captivating her audience one song a time. Body talk is full of sultry synths, percolating beats and a devilishly syrupy melody.

Carla Wehbe - Electric Field     Pop, Dance 12/08/2016
Carla's a mesmerising pop vocalist. Working alongside producers Vince Harder (Stan Walker/Samantha Jade) and Philippe-Marc Anquetil (One Direction/Little Mix), her debut EP sets a high standard for Australian pop music.
Electric Field incorporates the most current EDM and pop music influences, reminiscent of Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa, yet still in a style entirely unique to Wehbe. Crisp percussion, slick production values and electric guitar riffs wrap around Wehbe’s honeyed vocals.

Georgia Mae - Move     Electronic, Pop 26/08/2016
Young Brisbane solo artist who sings in over 4 octaves and is an exceptional songwriter & qualified sound engineer & producer.
Working across the music spectrum has inspired Georgia Mae’s distinctive new brand of electronic pop, her upcoming single 'Move' has unleashed a bold enigmatic sound of 2020. ‘Move’ manages to take the listener into a web of complex sounds and complex layered lyrical delivery…one to challenge you aurally….enjoy!

Morgan Bain - Summed It Up     Pop, Pop, RnB 02/09/2016
Morgan Bain is a multi award winning songwriter, performer, vocalist whose live performances are captivating and reveal a sensibility that showcase his skills in a fusion of Electronic, Soul/Rock.
This indie/alternative RnB-soul artist combines a stunning vocal delivery with some syrup like soul RnB fusion which really pulls at the heart strings. Masterfully crafted tune that deserves to be heard.

FØRD - The Pier     Electronic, House 19/09/2016
18 year old self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist FØRD from Byron Bay is about to start really turning heads. Combining walls of luscious synthesizers, punchy hip-hop beats, and house-inspired vocal hooks.
FØRD shows his ability to create a more tropical house vibe which is ornamented by Woodes’ soothing vocals. Together they created a song that will leave you wishing that summer would never end.

Toby Beard - In Your Skin     Folk, Acoustic, Pop 28/09/2016
Perth based singer/songwriter Toby Beard has been amassing a folk following both here and abroad. Her unique folk/pop/rock is charming audiences across Europe, US and back home in Australia.
Synchronising acoustic, electric and bass strums, this single typifies Toby's gift for storytelling, and how she manages to convey her narrative so well, is through her fantastic vocal delivery – she’s incredibly passionate and emotive in the way she tells her story, and it’s amplified by some fantastic folk/rock music.

The Brow - Circles     Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Pop 10/10/2016
The Brow is a high-energy brass n’ beats party band that play genre-defying, dance-demanding hip hop music.
The result of 'Circles' is a cool slice of world weariness combined with a steel resolve; Hart’s sultry lead vocals complemented by Ndore and Rogue Scholar’s matter-of-fact rhymes before the boys-in-brass take the song – and indeed The Brow – to eagerly-awaited new heights.

Doktor - Wolf serenade     Rock, Psychedelic 12/10/2016
A soundscape of heavy rock and organ driven melodies, They're a dark rock band from Melbourne with an eclectic mix of the dark sounds of the 70’s and modern psychedelia.
A psychedelic, rock trip that delves with self-reflection, and is accompanied with an incredibly captivating and engaging video clip.

Nussy - Just Just     Electronic, Pop 21/10/2016
In the highly saturated world of Australian electronica, Nussy stands out from the rest as an artist with a story to tell, and the talent to tell it,she's no pretender.
'Just Just' is another sweet delve into the world of electronica. Delicate and moving vocals, with minimalist instrumentation makes this track powerful as it is intricate. Hidden within this disarming and beautifully spacious track is a message that we all need to come to terms with – life's no fairytale.

VanderAa - Jungle Juice     Rock, Folk, Roots 26/10/2016
VanderAa is two brothers from Darwin, Australia that have created something unusual and unique. VanderAa’s sound blends a mix of drum, djembe, beatboxing, yidaki (didgeridoo) with guitar and vocals.
A great indie roots track that is super catchy. It is a great way to start your day... a real road trip song that captures the expression of Aussie youth culture. It has adventure written all over it.

Ellogram - Come Home     Electronic, Chill 03/11/2016
Ellogram (Shane Fritsch) is an Electronic/Pop Producer from Sydney Australia and formally the front man and songwriter of St Leonard’s, who’s music has been featured on many USA TV series.
'Come Home' is a moody electronic pop track which undoubtedly transports listeners to a place bound only by the imagination, with ambient textured synths and haunting melodies.

Emma Anglesey - Mary-Anne     Pop, Electronic, Soundscapes 04/11/2016
Australian singer-songwriter Emma Anglesey's second release produced by Joshua Barber known for performing and collaborating with Gotye, Archie Roach and producing this year's Triple J Unearthed High Winner, Gretta Ray.
'Mary-Anne' is a gripping ride that will have listeners enthralled and intrigued. Infectious, driving drums propel the sweeping instrumental; rich strings stab, and choral backing vocals float while Anglesey’s understated vocal susurrates throughout.

Morgan Bain - Hush     Pop, Soul, RnB 18/11/2016
Being able to write a perfect pop song, then also sing it like a veteran superstar, is a stellar combination.
Bain executes to a top level, but it is all of the things that can not be taught that make him exceptional... the sweet-yet-smoky timbre to his voice, the perfection of his melodies, or the shadowy tones to his delivery.

MUSIC COORDINATOR PICK: Emily Nicol, Koori Radio (NSW)


Rossa - Hear That Sound     Rock, Electronic 18/11/2016
Melbourne based alternative rock musician who fuses rock & electronic sounds not unlike Awolnation & Nine Inch Nails.
Hooky industrial rock song written by Rossa which depicts the notion of consuming drugs. It's a great meld between Nine Inch Nails & Awolnation.

Sa.May - Booty Calls     Electronic, Hip Hop 18/11/2016
Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, local emerging electronic music producer/ singer songwriter Sa.May (pronounced sah-may) has been writing and producing music for just over 12 months.
The underlining hip hop beats and sensual synths, coupled with Sa.May’s warm vocals will leave you aching for more and B Wise nails a swift raps that penetrates with precision and style.

Buchanan - The Beep Test     Pop, Rock 21/11/2016
2016 has seen the four-piece release two albums, perform headline tours and online streams and views exploding, it’s safe to say Buchanan's infectious sonic goodness is spreading like wildfire.
An anthem slice of guitar pop/rock fused with electronic back beats. Lyrically an emotive and melodic ride of love and reflection.