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Sid Pattni - Mr.Alpha     Electronic, Soul 01/06/2013
London born, Kenya raised and Perth based internationally recognized and well hyphenated producer Sid Pattni is set to release his highly anticipated follow up single this May.\u2028
Sid's first offering features local lyricist and folktronica fiend, Whisky Winter. Steeped in soul as it is fueled by perfectly produced electronica.

Other tracks by Sid Pattni:  Mr Alpha (Indian Summer Remix)  -  Mr Alpha (Ta-KuRemix)
Briana Cowlishaw - Paper Mache City     Jazz, Pop, Soul 18/09/2013
24 year old Briana is a Sydney raised vocalist and composer. Graduated the Australian Institute of Music (BMUS) in 2008, awarded ‘Artstart’ grant by the Australia Council of the Arts.
With influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and James Taylor to painters Rothko and Picasso, Cowlishaw's new sound is a heady brew of contemporary Jazz fused with melodic pop. A voice with a warm and silky timbre, lyrics that ooze honesty and contemplation and melodies that weave beautiful threads.

Eskimo Joe - Got What You Need     Electronic, Pop 28/09/2013
WA three piece who have made quite a departure from their previous pop/rock sounds. The band's 6th album has a more electronic feel courtesy of Burke Reid (formerly Gerling).
Electro pop song with the hookiest of melodies. Joel – “This was just a song to say, ‘when you come home at the end of a long day, it’s all good, you’ve got all you need. I know we haven’t got heaps, but we’ve got each other".

Eskimo Joe - Not Alone     Electronic, Pop 22/11/2013
Perth 3-Piece have created a new album ditching their record label and opting for a crowd-funded album which see's them take a new direction...thanks to Burke Reid.
Electronic pop that sees Eskimo Joe enter new ground.

Other tracks by Eskimo Joe:  Running Out Of Needs
Leanne Kingwell - Slingshot     Rock, Pop 20/01/2014
I use songwriting and music making to relive and resolve “past lives” as well as conjure future potentialities.I write in pictures.I talk in tune.I zen the harmonies.
Written in Melbourne, recorded in the Hollywood Hills, mastered at Capitol Records in Los Angeles... ‘Slingshot’ is to remind us to keep that economic doom in perspective. We live in the best country in the world. Hang tight to your enthusiasm.
Keep playing your hunches. And rock the f**k on...”

Nightingale Floor Feat. Kate Miller-Heidke - Nightingale Floor     Pop, Atmospheric, Experimental 20/01/2014 an arts project created by Australia’s top musicians/creatives who've come together to raise awareness of the impact Unsustainable Palm Oil is having on the world’s orangutan population.
The single musically & lyrically creates an atmospheric sense of hope, while at the same time creating an emotive artistic statement that people will want to be a part of. Slow in tempo, but rich in musicality.

Client Liaison - Free Of Fear     Electronic, Dance, Retro 31/01/2014
Client Liaison are making very big waves across the country as the masters of infectious turn-of-the-nineties synth let's dance!
A foray into the superb reveal which offers yet another face of Client’s Liaison’s musical die in the form of throbbing 90’s dance, the likes of which one imagines Paul Keating would have cut a Kirribilli rug to on election night in ’93.

Maximum Wolf - Orbit     Electronic, Industrial 28/03/2014
Melbourne based artist from the northern suburb of Mill Park. Loves his glitchy electronica, and to to things off, when he's not producing music, he's making video clips....talented.
Glitchy electronica, with funky beats and raucous rock aggression smothered in uplifting melodies.

Lester The Fierce - January     Pop, Folk 15/04/2014
A combination of Anita Lester and her alter ego imagined from a children’s book hero. She manages to touch on everything her songs from love, sex, death and the weather.
‘January’ is a dreamy indie pop track, channeling a beautiful and sad desire. Its soft and exquisite melody, coupled with the track’s hypnotic “la la la’s” perfectly contrasts the lyrics, which describe a one-night stand.

Shelley Segal - Morocco     Folk, Pop, Reggae, Blues 09/05/2014
Enchanting Melbourne singer songwriter, Shelley Segal releases her new single, Morocco (available May 5) from her third studio album, An Easy Escape which is set for release on June 6.
Morocco walks the listener through an experience Segal had when in Morocco. “blown away by the beauty of the country and the colourful, carefree, fun time available to me as a tourist. Slowly as the trip progressed I saw some of the darker sides of life for many Moroccans.”

Anna O - Hibernation     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric 12/05/2014
Perth newcomer Anna O will impress with her debut EP. Fans of artists such as Kimbra, Lorde and Jessie Ware should all keep an ear out for Anna O.
Great little electro/pop tune written by Anna whilst she was bedridden combating the debilitating glandular fever. Isolation and not having the ability to do what you want and really mess with you. Living in 'hibernation' for quite some time... Anna writes all about it.

Slop Rock - No Other Way     Electronic, Dance 21/05/2014
Brisbane duo who have burst onto the dance scene with 4 consecutive Top 50 ARIA Club Charts. Stellar post bounce electro dance.
Post bounce electro/dance.

Monique Brumby - Silent War     Pop, Rock, Electronic 26/05/2014
ARIA Award winning indie pop/rock artist who's written a song with the legendary Paul Kelly, performed with Jeff Buckley, and now releases her 5th album fusing pop/rock and electronica.
Beats with real bass & guitars, along with eclectic and thought provoking writing which tackles the issue of marriage equality and acceptance of difference.

Jakubi - Couch Potato     Funk/Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop 27/06/2014
Very catchy reggae inspired guitar to clever synth and hip hop sounding drum fills, Jakubi makes sure the listener understands exactly what's to happen next; you're about to start dancing.
Jakubi's unique flavour is made up of an irresistible combination of jangle guitars, hip hop beats and sailing synth rhythms. From melding the sounds of a talk box one minute, to reggae-inspired guitar the next.

Lili Kendall - Run     Pop, Electronic 22/08/2014
This 17 year old brings together the youthful energy and mature edge that has music listeners adopting the brighter side of powerful vocal & lyrical prowess.
Mid-tempo, uplifting song that showcases this 17 year old's incredible vocal prowess. Hooky pop tune that has a real Lorde - esque feel.

Elesia Iimura - Believe     Funk/Soul, RnB, Soul, Pop 23/08/2014
Singer, songwriter & producer offers a fresh take on R&B/Pop. based in Brisbane but has avery international sound.
Elesia describes her musical style as “a mixture of urban, pop and soul; fueled by edgy beats, drawing influences from trap, dancehall, and hip-hop”.

Strange Tenants - I Don't Want To Fight Your War     Reggae/Dub, Ska, Soul 05/09/2014
Strange Tenants were the pre-eminent Australian SKA band of the 1980s, and toured with U2, Style Council, Paul Weller & UB40.
The album also features a new fiercely anti-war anthem, I Don’t Want To Fight Your War, an upbeat full on power-ska number. Referencing the folly/tragedy of the West’s invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the song defiantly proclaims: “I don’t want to fight no more”.

Other tracks by Strange Tenants:  Grey Skies (Over Collingwood)
Elephant Ego - Fever     Rock, Atmospheric, Blues 19/09/2014
Melbourne four-piece are a chilled-out ensemble who swagger with rambling blues rock that aims to provide good tunes and good vibes. Infectiously hypnotic.
This is a chilled out rock track which possesses are real groove...think Tame Impala meets Foals.

George Kalpa - Leave That Street Alone     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 19/09/2014
A mix of dark brooding melodies and minimalist percussion creates an atmosphere representing George Kalpa's unique mindset and psyche. He's deep...very deep!
A dark atmospheric song about a young man having a bad time. He deals with the his situation in the only way that he can at the time. He overshoots a realization and just goes for it.

Rudely Interrupted - I Am Alive     Rock, Pop 19/09/2014
Rudely Interrupted One of Australia’s most unique indie rock acts, touring and releasing their brand of pitch perfect indie/rock/love/pop anthems across the Globe since 2007.
On first listen you’ll be quickly taken for a journey where your worries will be left behind, you’ll feel alive, uplifted and carried on a seamless musical journey full of hope and life affirming goodness.