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Kingswood - Bittersweet     Rock, Alternative 29/01/2020
Melbourne four-piece "Kingswood" kick off 2020 with the announcement of their long awaited third studio album “Juveniles” and the latest single, the intoxicating “Bittersweet”.
“Bittersweet” was-originally inspired by the love story of one of our dearest friends. A medical-issue put a question mark over their future, but without blinking they forged on together, overcome with love and companionship. The opening line, “There’s no love on this earth that isn’t bittersweet”, is a truth that we should all remember as we paddle through the waves.”

Little Quirks - Devils Ivy     Folk, Alternative, Pop 29/01/2020
The Little Quirks are a young, all-girl-Central-Coast-trio made up of siblings Abbey and Mia and cousin Jaymi. They have an alternate-pop-acoustic-sound with an amazing blend of mandolin, guitar and drums.
“Devils Ivy”, is another ear worm by Little Quirks with an infectious chours, smooth harmonising vocals, and rich songwriting making the track highly addictive.

PARKER - Become The Fool     Pop 29/01/2020
Visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER (Tash Parker) has today announced her devastatingly beautiful new single “Become The Fool”.
“Become The Fool”, a heartbreakingly powerful song about an unbalanced relationship in which one person ends up sacrificing too much of themselves and their dreams for another. Everything from PARKER’s delicate, glassy vocal delivery, to the melancholy synths and deep, arresting percussion, bleeds with heavy emotion, and will speak to anyone who has gone through a complicated heartbreak.

Cloning - All Rise     Alternative, Rock 04/02/2020
Cloning formed among friends Nic Rollo, Felix Parker and Jack Brett during their final years at school. The untimely loss of a close friend drove them to invest heavily in-their-musical-pursuits.
“All Rise” is an introspective track that questions morality and is influenced by Nordic mythology.

It pays homage to triphop auteurs, Portishead while also evoking influences from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds to Radiohead. This atmospheric track is the perfect soundtrack to a warm, hazy summer, with shining synthesisers, ample mandolin, cinematic guitar and idiosyncratic vocals.

Jasmine Rae - Green Light     Country, Pop 04/02/2020
With over 18-million-streams consumed of her music and ten #1 Australian Country singles to her credit, Jasmine Rae is releasing her most pop flavoured track to date, with “Green Light”
Working with Lindsay Jackson and Joe Delahoyde (Zuzu) for “Green Light”, Jasmine shows a different side with a country pop flavour track talking about opportunities, SHE STATES, “there are always opportunities…the opportunity to take action, or to purposefully let something go; to make a call or leave things unsaid; to change or try again or try differently.”

Mick Lindsay - Afterparty     Country, Pop 04/02/2020
2020 is set to be another banger of a year, with Mick’s calendar filling-up rapidly before seeing him head back to his second-home of Nashville to continue bringing us killer-tracks.
“Afterparty” is a sharp styled twist that creates a delicious harmony of country and pop. When attraction and connection collide, all you want is an afterparty for two, a smash song with cheeky lyrics and Lindsay’s smokin vocals.

Chevalier - Scarlet Skies     Soul, R&B 06/03/2020
Rising Melbourne singer/songwriter Chevalier (aka Chelsea Donoghue) unveils her powerful and eloquent vocal delivery on her new single “Scarlet Skies”.
The vibrant red colour “scarlet” is often associated with courage, passion and joy. So is Chevalier. Chevalier’s emotional lyrics and soulful vocal delivery invoke names such as Jazmine Sullivan, Solange and Nai Palm as some of her musical influences. All the lyrics and melodies came out within about 30 minutes, it kind of felt like I was dreaming.”