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Hoodlem - Never Said Goodbye     Dance, Pop 19/09/2019
Hoodlem is one of Australia’s most promising new artists, and is a front runner of experimental soul, pop and future R&B.
Hoodlem has released her anticipated new single “Never Said Goodbye”, an elcetro pop gem that shimmers with mesmerizing synths, which explores the reality of a long-distance relationship that never had closure.

Marty Rhone - Jealous of the Sky     Country 27/09/2019
During an illustrious career as an actor and singer Martin (Marty) Rhone has performed with and in front of some of the biggest names in entertainment.
Jealous of the Sky is a moving perspective on loss, and the beautiful chorus melody is certain to attract an emotional response from those who have loved and lost. It just might be one of the most beautiful love songs of its time.

Shelley Segal - No     Alternative, Folk 04/10/2019
LA-based singer-songwriter Shelley Segal has recently released her new single “No”, a modern, bold, and assertive track that describes the difficulty many women face when turning down sexual advances.
“No” has a sentiment that will ring true for many women who have found themselves in a situation where it was almost impossible to say the word. Driving guitars and textured percussion propel the track forward with serious attitude, while Shelley’s honeyed vocals carve a stunning melody on top.

Bec Sandridge - W MY EX     Alternative, Rock, Pop 09/10/2019
Bec Sandridge has been kicking around with her Kate Bush-meets-Karen-O vibe for a few years, but only now do we finally have a debut LP to wrap our ears around.
“W MY EX” is the next focus track taken from the album and it’s another undeniable earworm.

Last Dinosaurs - FMU     Indie, Pop 09/10/2019
Massively energised by the reaction to ‘Yumeno Garden’, the band returned to Australia for a huge performance at Splendour In The Grass and then jumped straight into the studio!
New single, ‘FMU’ is the lead track to come out of these sessions. It’s an upbeat track with a serious theme. Last Dinosaurs’ Sean Caskey explains – ‘FMU’ is about a hypothetical conversation between Hong Kong and China about their relationship.

George Alice - Circles     Indie, Pop, Alternative 16/10/2019
Releasing her first song at the age of 15, Georgia’s debut hit track “Circles” first broke out when it garnered the attention of winning Triple J’s annual “Unearthed High” competition.
“Circles”, a story that is written to be interpreted in whatever way the listener can relate. This is a common theme through a lot of her music, open ended meanings “so people can make my stories their own stories."

Françoistunes - RoséRed     Hip Hop, Pop, R&B 24/10/2019
Love and romance is sprinkled throughout Françoistunes’ music, however most may not pick up that while it may on the surface seem like he is sharing his vulnerable encounters with-others.
With prominent melodies and a quirky vibe throughout the ‘RoséRed’, Françoistunes describes the track’s sound as a soulful journey laced with a tropical twist to reflect the rose tinted lens he views the story from in hindsight.

Little Quirks - Cover My Eyes     Folk, Indie 30/10/2019
They’ve got the hooks, the harmonies and the explosive live energy, but if there’s one thing Little Quirks are missing, it’s a good fake ID.
Little Quirks now follow with the title track of the EP, ‘Cover My Eyes’. Abbey saying today ‘Cover My Eyes’ is about feeling fearless and blindly jumping into something without knowing the end result.”

Mason Watts - Recovery     Pop 30/10/2019
“Recovery” is the debut-single from one of Australia’s most promising new artists, Mason Watts. What you see is what you get with this 20 year old - passionate-talented and extremely-driven
“Recovery came about following a real low point in my personal life. I took a relationship for granted without realising it, until it was too late. I think the song really reflects this idea as well as my desperation and hope for a second chance.”

Ed Wells - GMT     Alternative, Soul, Jazz, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Hailing from-Sydney and currently making a name for himself as both an artist and legal student in the UK, Ed Wells has developed his own unique blend of modern-day, classic-soul.
“GMT” is largely about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the importance of being able to take a step back from that. I manage to take that step back when I visit family in the Yorkshire countryside (which ironically is where I did most of the work on the song when I was writing it).”

MARSHES - M.I.A.     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
In the past year alone, MARSHES has DJ’d at, Groovin The Moo, Field Day, Splendour In The Grass, Falls Festival, and BIG SOUND.MARSHES is thrilled to unleash her debut-single “M.I.A.”.
Speaking about the inspiration for “M.I.A.”, MARSHES says, “I wrote MIA at a time when my friends were calling me a lot, but I wouldn’t answer, it was disappointing to them cus I needed time to myself, but I never communicated that to them. I just disappeared.”

Mr. Big Stuff - I Need Space (feat. Strange Talk)     Hip Hop, Pop 06/11/2019
Mr. Big Stuff is a new face on the scene, but it won’t stay that way for long, as an EP is already in the works for the charming hip-hop-artist.
“I Need Space”is a great example of a satisfying and exciting cross-section of pop and hip-hop, and it’s impressive to see an artist debut with such a strong, established sound and aesthetic. Cool and collected, Mr. Big Stuff’s brilliant lyricism floats cleverly atop a bed of rolling percussion and smooth synths.

Black Summer - Double Edge     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 08/11/2019
Electronic music wunderkind Black Summer has today announced his new, heartwrenching single “Double Edge”, featuring Australian vocalist Aston.
“Double Edge” is affecting, melancholy; the kind of song listeners will put on for comfort in the midst of a breakup or breakdown. Gentle piano plays calmly throughout the swooping, sparkling dance of synthesisers and percussion. Aston’s heavenly vocal guides the listener as the song reaches its peak, resulting in a deeply poignant journey from start to end.

Jaymee Franchina - I’m Here Now (feat. Skam R’Tist)     Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/11/2019
Jaymee Franchina is here — he’s been here before — but never like this. “I’m Here Now” featuring Houston- based rapper, Skam R’Tist signifies the true arrival of this promising-young-talent
Paying homage to the people in his life who’ve helped him through the darkness, “I’m Here Now” is an unapologetic ode to getting wherever it is you want to go, no matter what. Skam’s flow masterfully weaves in and out of Franchina’s hypnotic 90s hip-hop meets modern electronic production.

The Merindas - Before Daylight     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Reggae / Dub 13/11/2019
The Merindas are Candice Lorrae of Jawoyn and Thursday Islander heritage and Nyoongar Ballardong Whadjuk woman Kristel Kickett. They discovered their mutual passion for music in Perth, now Melbourne based.
Their new single “Before Daylight”, is full of vibrant hooks and flawless sassy vocals inspired by a traditional Noongar dreaming story called “Bimban Born-Kissing Trees”. For us, it's a strong representation of where we are now and how much we've both grown as artists and writers. We are so excited it's finally being released into the world".

BOI - Beast and Beauty     Pop 20/11/2019
BOI is Newcastle creative and performer Anna Buckingham. Growing up she was told to act more like a girl, her moniker reclaims those insults, taking ownership of the label BOI.
“Beast and Beauty” is the 3rd single from BOI, another-driven-anthem about the battles of love. The lyrics weave another personal narrative, “Just like the beautiful-and-ugly truths of being in a relationship, it’s as much about the beast and the beauty within oneself, the distortion of the truth to protect the ego, the manifestation-of-distorted realities rather than responsibility over action.

High Tropics - Changes     Indie, Alternative 20/11/2019
High Tropics is the moniker of Queensland based songwriter Josh Stewart and his band. Formed as an outlet to house songs outside of the now-defunct garage rock outfit The Ninjas.
Following a huge 2018, High Tropics have returned with their latest single “Changes”. Mixed by long time collaborator Elliot Heinrich and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage the Elephant, Liam Gallagher), the song see’s the band going from strength to strength, and with its dance sensibilities, may well be their first hit.

Vince The Kid - Rush The Love     Hip Hop, R&B 20/11/2019
Fresh from supporting Baker Boy and playing alongside Kian at Laneway Music Festival, Vince The Kid has cemented himself as one of the rising stars in the Australian hip-hop community.
His debut single “Rush The Love” blends old school R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop with classic word play. “The song is written about a girl I had “feelings” for that just didn’t feel the same in the end and we just drifted apart” says Vince on the song meaning.

Asta - Want You To Know     Pop 26/11/2019
Asta returns to the spotlight with “Want You To Know” – a song destined to become one of Summer 2020’s pop-gems. The track shimmers with nostalgic-synth-pop and early Whitney tones.
Speaking about the inspiration for “Want You To Know”, Asta says, “It was really just about a certain booty call, but he lived very very far away which drove me crazy.”

Produced by Patrick Liney (Cosmos Midnight) and Yeo, the song came about “after listening and dancing to Mark Ronson tracks all-day in the studio with good friend Janeva.

Timberwolf - Winnie Blues     Indie, Alternative 18/12/2019
Timberwolf is the moniker for Christopher Panousakis, a young singer/songwriter from Adelaide, South Australia. 2015 was a breakout year for Timberwolf; he independently-released his “Flux EP” (which has-over 1-million-Spotify plays)
“The Winnie Blues” is one of those songs that hits you instantly between the eyes with its sheer “Aussie Larrikin” witty lyrics and tone. The song is reminiscent of the iconic tunes from the 1980’s where storytelling about the Australian way of life was celebrated.