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Buchanan - Breathe     Electronic, Pop 23/11/2018
Josh Simons has spent the last two years writing and producing for Travis Scott, Partynextdoor and Cyhi The Prynce. Simons has shared production credits with WondaGurl, HazeBanga and Kanye West.
"Breathe is about what you might tell yourself as a kid if you could travel back in time." As for what comes next, "I'd be reluctant to refer to Breathe as a single from some forthcoming unannounced album, but I will say that this era has ended up rolling out as distinctly and personal as any other in Buchanan's history."

Marty Rhone - We Had A Good Thing Goin'     Country, Folk 20/03/2019
During an illustrious career as an actor and singer Martin (Marty) Rhone has performed with and in front of some of the biggest names in entertainment.
Feel good, toe-tapping, country uptempo song.

Tash - Loverboy     Electronic, RnB, Pop 20/03/2019
Australian born, singer-songwriter-musician. She was discovered by multi-platinum record producer and songwriter, Mark J. Fiest (Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Jon Legend, Little Mix).
Slow burning RNB pop song that oozes charm and warmth. Already featured on Spotify's New Music Friday in the US.

Hamish Anderson - Breaking Down     Blues/Roots, Rock 20/03/2019
Named Total Guitar's Top 10 Best New Guitarists in 2018 two years after being named one of Yahoo! Music's "Top Ten Best New Artists," Hamish has a new album coming.
Breaking Down is like a bull at a gate, chugging guitars provide an irresistibly catchy bed for some ripper riffs the track progresses. This track is overflowing with pent-up frustration and undeniable passion, and it's a mouth-watering concoction for some killer classic Americana-rock.

Martika - How Did I Get Here     Electronic, Soul, Pop 20/03/2019
The enigmatic Martika has today announced her debut single How Did I Get Here, a thoughtful, soulful track that explores the difficulties of chasing dreams, out March 15.
How Did I Get Here is a mellow, contemplative track, with an undeniable groove and stunning, eclectic vocals. Gentle yet driving percussion percolates underneath a constant, melodic bassline, as organ and synthesisers swirl together with unexpected and satisfying harmony. Fans of Aurora and Massive Attack will love Martika’s incisive style.

Kaurna Cronin - Leave Your Love Behind     Folk, Acoustic 09/04/2019
Cronin's unique folk blend and moving performances have been capturing audiences throughout Europe and Australia, establishing this young singer songwriter as an emerging international sensation.
Kaurna Cronin's latest musical offering "Leave Your Love Behind" is a thrilling emotional portrayal of what Cronin does best; writing songs with both substance and style. Leave Your Love Behind drives hard with attitude and grit whilst inviting you within the intimate narrative. It's a unique blend of the undiscovered and nostalgic, both foreign and familiar.

Yothu Yindi & the Treaty Project - Mabo     Indigenous, Australian Indigenous, Funk 25/04/2019
Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project, is a contemporary ensemble which includes Witiyana Marika, Stu Kellaway, long-time collaborator Gavin Campbell (Filthy Lucre) and multi-instrumentalist Ania Reynolds (Circus Oz musical director).
Mabo is a joyous celebration with a driving, tribal funk groove, and a stomping crowd favourite at every Yothu Yindi & The Treaty Project show. Produced by Filthy Lucre, the song features powerful yidaki (didgeridoo), deftly woven through layers of synths, percussion and anthemic group vocals, sung partly in Yolngu Matha (language), ably led by emerging Yolngu vocalist Yirrnga Yunupingu.

Restless Minds - Flight     Rock, Chill 10/05/2019
Restless Minds is hell bent on being as anonymous as possible, they don't want attention or to flash ARIA awards around, they ... just let the music speak for itself.
Flight is a track from a twilight world in which to lose yourself. the music itself is so expansive and enveloping that it feels like it should be everywhere...and it is!

FLUIR - Higher Ground     Electronic, Dance, Pop 17/05/2019
FLUIR is an independent Australian singer, songwriter & producer, crafting emotive dance electro-pop with a uniquely personal edge. FLUIR recently worked alongside producer Sam Littlemore (Sam La More/Pnau/Tonite Only).
Higher Ground is one of those songs that manages to combine a number of different genres - dance, pop, electronic - in a sophisticated, not to mention inherently catchy, way. Higher Ground drives forward with propelling percussion, intricate production and gentle, assured vocals from Fluir.

Luke Million x Asta - Heard It On The Radio     Electronic, Pop 16/07/2019
Luke Million’s 2017 EP "Come Together" solidified his standing as one of the country’s most prominent and innovative producers and artists.
‘Heard it On The Radio’ - a collaboration between the Adelaide based producer, Touch Sensitive and the incredible Asta.

"The track was born in Touch Sensitive's studio. We had been jamming on a disco tip for an hour and then decided to drop the bpm and head into the synth wave realm" says Luke.

Jaymee Franchina - Next To Mine feat. Alina Renae     Electronic, Pop, Dance 09/08/2019
From the hotbed of Australian musical talent comes Jaymee Franchina, the latest in the Perth processional to set his sights on the top of the Australian charts.
Now on the cusp of releasing his debut original project, Jaymee is ready to share the first single, entitled “Next to Mine”on August 16. Collaborating with Chicago artist Alina Renae, the track features soothing melodies, and a captivating sound that addresses all tastes of music listeners worldwide.

Bec Sandridge - Stranger     Pop, Rock 19/08/2019
Exploring anxiety in individualism, identity and gender with an artful yet tongue-in-cheek approach that has become uniquely her own, Sandridge has toured Australia and internationally through the UK and Europe.
Adored by her commanding voice, angular guitar work and in-compromising bravery Bec Sandridge returns with her new single “Stranger". Which exhibits her raw pour and emotion, as she continuously push's her artistry to another level.

Ben Fear - Lotus     Hip Hop, Hip Hop 23/08/2019
Western Australian emcee Ben Fear, takes a more definitively-hip hop approach, incorporating elements of trip hop, jazz, classic rock, and world music, bringing together his trademark poetic style.
The dark-yet-playful lyricism of Lotus examines: the frenetic, sickly nature of modern life; the search for perspective; and the arguably-narrow vision of current political discourse and of Western culture.

Little Quirks - Life Wouldn't Be     Folk, Folk 23/08/2019
They’ve got the hooks, the harmonies and the explosive live energy, but if there’s one thing Little Quirks are missing, it’s a good fake ID.
Comprised of sisters Abbey, Mia and cousin Jaymi the talented youthful sweet trio that make up Little Quirks, arrange music in a way that's so inviting its almost mesmerising, as their three part harmonies combine to create their own distinctive sound.

Now their new single “Life Wouldn’t Be”, brings some exhilarating pop and indie to their delicate folk side.

Dream Dali - Little Lights     Indie, Psych 30/08/2019
Dark wave band with surrealist dreams. After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. A band looking into the shadows to find a vulnerable truth.
Little Lights feels simultaneously nostalgic. The Hypnotic, trance-like and moody tone is soaked with defined vocal melodies and a dark, melancholic feel. Little Lights comes from a personal experience in dealing with a challenging and dark time with a relationship. Lots of allegedly supernatural things were happening that caused a lot of issues with anxiety and trauma.

Mick Lindsay - If You're Sleeping     Country, Folk 30/08/2019
Mick’s selection of musicians has led to a powerful, and precise band, which displays a vigour that will stand up to the most discerning music critics.
If You're Sleeping is set to be a hard hitter, with new-found swag and honeyard tones. Brining an intimate vibe, mixed with his own distinctive sound and flavour.

BOI - Sick Of Loving You     Pop, Indie 03/09/2019
BOI is the moniker of Newcastle creative and performer Anna Buckingham. Growing up she was told to act more like a girl, her moniker reclaims those insults, taking ownership BOI.
Sick of Loving You is the sophomore single from solo artist BOI, a driven anthem that brings strength to the madness of love. The lyrics weave a personal narrative that was penned about “loving someone so deeply, but knowing they’re not right for you, yet you can’t help but stay and love”.

Dream Dali - Little Lights     Psych, Indie, Experimental 03/09/2019
Comprising of three mysterious musicians whose collective experience has seen them gracing hallowed stages at Coachella, Primavera and SXSW, comes Dream Dali, a dark wave band.
Little Lights is driving, soaked with defined vocal melodies and a dark, melancholic feel. Little Lights comes from a personal experience in dealing with a challenging and dark time with a relationship. Lots of allegedly supernatural things were happening that caused a lot of issues with anxiety and trauma, but I always had hope. The Little Lights are the hope.”

Dami Im - Crying Underwater     Pop 12/09/2019
One of Australia’s brightest and most loved performers, Crying Underwater is Dami’s first single release since 2016 and is an exciting precursor to a plethora of new music-to-come.
Crying Underwater is about something many can relate to about feeling sad and isolated but each day putting on a mask for other people. “There is so much pressure in today’s society to always look happy so we end up feeling like we’re not allowed to talk about how we really feel.. Just like you’re crying underwater.

Casey Barnes - A Little More     Country 17/09/2019
Country Music’s most upbeat and energetic love song for 2019 is from Australia’s most exciting and popular country rock performer, Casey Barnes.
‘A Little More’ is a shout out to everyone out there that thinks that's a load of B.S!’. When-we sat down and wrote this song, we wanted it to come from the perspective of a couple in love where one is expressing to the other that they actually love all the things they may not like about themselves the most!