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Bright Knights - This Love     Rock 21/01/2011
Melbourne band BRIGHT KNIGHTS release their single ‘This Love’ lifted from their debut album ‘The Ocean And The Night’ to media on 10th January 2011. Produced/mixed by Scott Horscroft.
Produced and mixed by Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Birds of Tokyo, The Sleepy Jackson, The Temper Trap), 'This Love' is chilled out with smooth vocals and an irresistible pop/rock hook.

Beats Working - Shake My Pockets     Hip Hop, Rock 03/02/2011
Oz hip-hop with and edge. Think noisy punk and Australian hip hop fused with a smattering of of surf rock inspired beats and killer hook courtesy of Ezekial Ox (Mammal).
Aussie hip hop melded with noisy punk and surf rock beats. Vocal hook courtesy from Ezekial Ox from Mammal.

I, A Man - Big Ideas     Rock 11/03/2011
I a Man are meticulous, their music shattering and rebuilding each song until perfect, layering harmonies, intricate melodies and complex rhythms that lodge in your vein an redefine your pulse.
We tried to keep the songs unpredictable and ambitious, rebuilding them through layers of harmonies, intricate melodies and complex rhythms. People say a lot of different things about how we sound but we do get disjointed and dreamlike a lot.

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Apollo Pathway - Never Ending Story     Rock 12/03/2011
Apollo Pathway entered the recording studio with open minds to work towards their debut album with acclaimed producer Tom Larkin (Shihad). Drawing inspiration from bands like Weezer and The Cars.
The track was recorded and mixed in a number of Melbourne studios by Tom Larkin who has worked the same brilliance with some of Australia’s best immerging bands as Calling All Cars, Red Ink, The Galvatrons & Young Heretics. Power pop rock with hooks aplenty.

Kimbra - Cameo Lover     Pop 08/04/2011
With a voice that belies her age, Kimbra’s soul-influenced theatrical pop is inspired by a range of musical genres and artists, from Nina Simone to Bjork and Prince.
With a voice that belies her age, Kimbra’s soul-influenced theatrical pop is inspired by a range of musical genres and artists, from Nina Simone to Bjork and Prince.

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Blanche Du Bois - The War In Me     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat 13/10/2011
Perth-based sisters Nadija and Adriana Begovich, have created a song with subtle instrumental nuances, ethereal vocal harmonies and a chorus you’ll be humming long after the song’s finished.
The first single off 'Young Heart'

Kitchen Knife Wife - Easy To See     Pop, Rock, Retro 09/11/2011
Melbourne 5-piece who are energetic performers who have support The Wombats across Germany, Finland, and The Netherlands. Have also played St. Jerome's Laneway, and supported The Vasco Era.
Mid-tempo alternative pop/rock song.

Emmy Bryce - Every Star Is A Setting Sun To Someone     Pop, Folk 17/01/2012
Regina Spektor meets Feist...Emmy Bryce is a Melbourne based songstress - more exotic one. Breezy pop/folk gem, splash of brass and plenty of melodies to make it a summer gem.
This single is a bright, mid-tempo pop/folk song with plenty of melodies and a hint of brass to make it an anthemic summer sing-a-long.

Gasoline Inc - The Wanted One     Rock 17/01/2012
Originally from Perth, now Melbourne-based, Gasoline Inc are an explosive rock outfit with a reputation in Perth for explosive live shows.
Brace yourself for Gasoline Inc! The band storm into 2012 with a dynamic new single The Wanted One. With powerful melodies and driving guitar riffs, The Wanted One proves again the bands ability to write and produce well-crafted insatiable rock songs with universal appeal.

Twisted Affection - That's What She Said     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 17/01/2012
Confident young four-piece from Perth who have only been around a short time. High energy punk rockers with throwbacks to killer melodies and riffs.
Powerful, uptempo punk/pop/rock tune with familiar old school punk riffs & melodies.

William Street Strikers - Madboy     Rock, Ska 17/01/2012
The band had great success with their two EP's, particularly "No Not Nick". Received strong airplay across many community stations including JJJ, RRR, 4ZZZ, FBi and more.
"Madboy" is a solid mid-tempo rock/pop song with very strong ska overtones. Hooky throughout, "Madboy" is instantly familiar with it's horns and catchy chorus.

Noemi Liba - Unwinding     World, Ambience, Electronic, Soundscapes 30/03/2012
Soulful, percussive, loops and soaring vocals...this woman has crafted songs beautifully to create a wonderful melding of sounds and a word - "daring".
A melding of pop, ambience, jazz, middle eastern and electronica. Unwinding has the elements of strings, horns, striking beats and arrangements, it is in a work, "eclectic".

Empra - Doesn't Make Much Sense     Metal/Punk, Rock, Pop 05/06/2012
Rock & roll spirited band where louder is better. Uplifting punk-pop where Green day meets Weezer. Raw honest and supercharged album produced by Ricki Rae (Electric Mary).
Fast and furious pop/punk which is overflowing with positive vibes and uplifting energy. A relentless journey to kick your butt and lift your spirits.

Buchanan - Run Faster     Pop, Rock 18/06/2012
Stunning pop melodies laden with progressive rock arrangements.
Weaving the classic pop melodies of the likes of The Beach Boys with stunning progressive rock arrangements. Buchanan have created intricate rhythms and driving baselines to create a sweeping instrumental sound.

Butterfly Boucher - The Weather     Pop, Electronic 18/06/2012
Boucher not only draws on 80's pop such as The Cure, but also the modern sounds of Kate Nash. A masterpiece of musical design, featuring exquisite instrumentation to intrigue/excite.
The Weather is a heart-felt song penned about the unpredictable nature of lending your heart to another. “The Weather is a song about being back in the arms of your love but knowing it will only be for a short time before you must part ways again".

Naomi Braun - Deeper     Electronic, Dub, Soul, Hip Hop 02/07/2012
People often liken Naomi’s vocal abilities to that of Erykah Badu, Little Dragon, Portishead, M.I.A or Santogold and the album has production styles akin to that of Massive Attack.
Naomi has collaborated with Sly and Robbie; Jamaican reggae music extrodinaires who have worked with No Doubt, Grace Jones, Madonna and the Fugees to name just a few.

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Other tracks by Naomi Braun:  Live In Lies  -  Through the Devil's Wood
Sharaya - Addiction     Rock, Blues 06/07/2012
Melbourne based rock band who sound like a concoction of Garbage meets Evanescence on steroids to create a solid blues/rock sound.
Imagine Garbage on steroids, the energy of the Foo Fighters, throw in a little Evanescence … then add to the mix a montage of blues/rock influences from Janice & Zeppelin to Heart & Aerosmith, and you’ll discover the undeniable uniqueness of Sharaya, with their distinctive and dynamic sound.

Solla Sollew - Sting     Electronic, Classical, Folk, Pop 30/07/2012
Solla Sollew is an original Melbourne-based band formed by Dave Long and Lee Goral. Played gigs and festivals throughout Melbourne and surrounds, musically they're classical/electronic, and folk. Dare your senses.
"Sting" is a solemn track which exudes a deep dark mood, with piano melodies and sauntering string arrangements. Slow in tempo, Sting has the quality of a dark film score waiting to happen. Cinematic songs of love and loss.

Marlow - Always There     Pop, Rock 10/08/2012
Independent pop/rock band who thrive on creating infectious hooks and melodies. Soaring guitars and uplifting vocals.
Hooky uptempo pop/rock that will have you singing along. Massive hook and chorus that will have humming in no time.

Bento - Diamond Days     Rock, Pop, Funk 17/09/2012
These are and this is Diamond Days, the sparkling debut album by Bento – the new musical creation from Ben Gillies, drummer and co-founder of Silverchair.
Uptempo Rock with with funk/pop rhythms. Uplifting lyrics and bristling with spirit. Ben performed all vocals, rhythm guitar, keys and percussion – with a little help from some industry friends, including the likes of Thomas Rawle from Papa Vs Pretty.