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Bright Knights - This Love     Rock 21/01/2011
Melbourne band BRIGHT KNIGHTS release their single ‘This Love’ lifted from their debut album ‘The Ocean And The Night’ to media on 10th January 2011. Produced/mixed by Scott Horscroft.
Produced and mixed by Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Birds of Tokyo, The Sleepy Jackson, The Temper Trap), 'This Love' is chilled out with smooth vocals and an irresistible pop/rock hook.

Briana Cowlishaw - Paper Mache City     Jazz, Pop, Soul 18/09/2013
24 year old Briana is a Sydney raised vocalist and composer. Graduated the Australian Institute of Music (BMUS) in 2008, awarded ‘Artstart’ grant by the Australia Council of the Arts.
With influences ranging from Joni Mitchell and James Taylor to painters Rothko and Picasso, Cowlishaw's new sound is a heady brew of contemporary Jazz fused with melodic pop. A voice with a warm and silky timbre, lyrics that ooze honesty and contemplation and melodies that weave beautiful threads.

Breakaway - At The Worlds End     Rock, Pop 06/04/2013
It’s difficult to believe that Breakaway started up only a year ago. Their EP embodies a wide range of influences, from iconic pop-rock predecessors to today's alternative, radio-ready music stalwarts.
At The Worlds’ End transcends the typical, predictable pop-rock sound with its infectious melodies, sing-along choruses and smooth, unique hooks. It is an emotional strain at the end of a relationship and the paradox of missing and hating someone at the same time frustration of realising it’s because you care.

BOI - Sick Of Loving You     Pop, Indie 03/09/2019
BOI is the moniker of Newcastle creative and performer Anna Buckingham. Growing up she was told to act more like a girl, her moniker reclaims those insults, taking ownership BOI.
Sick of Loving You is the sophomore single from solo artist BOI, a driven anthem that brings strength to the madness of love. The lyrics weave a personal narrative that was penned about “loving someone so deeply, but knowing they’re not right for you, yet you can’t help but stay and love”.

BOI - Beast and Beauty     Pop 20/11/2019
BOI is Newcastle creative and performer Anna Buckingham. Growing up she was told to act more like a girl, her moniker reclaims those insults, taking ownership of the label BOI.
“Beast and Beauty” is the 3rd single from BOI, another-driven-anthem about the battles of love. The lyrics weave another personal narrative, “Just like the beautiful-and-ugly truths of being in a relationship, it’s as much about the beast and the beauty within oneself, the distortion of the truth to protect the ego, the manifestation-of-distorted realities rather than responsibility over action.

Blanche Du Bois - The War In Me     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat 13/10/2011
Perth-based sisters Nadija and Adriana Begovich, have created a song with subtle instrumental nuances, ethereal vocal harmonies and a chorus you’ll be humming long after the song’s finished.
The first single off 'Young Heart'

Blackchords - Oh No     Pop, Rock, Britpop 18/01/2013
Indie-Rock Melbourne band who know how to write an infectious hook. Melodic and lyrically powerful, this is pure bass guitar-heavy, rhythmic pop territory.
Potent lyrical track that is laden with heavy bass guitar lines. The track is rhythmic pop not unlike acts such as Coldplay...only better because it's Australian!!

Other tracks by Blackchords:  Sleepwalker
Black Summer feat. Chloe Campbell - Sadness     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 14/03/2018
Unearthed by triple j at the age of 11, Rhys Toms (now 14) appeared at Groovin' The Moo and gained international attention after being added to high rotation on JJJ.
Sadness is hooky, with masterful production that swells around Campbell's expressive vocal. The track is in heavy emotion, something that Rhys has woven within the music. The arrangement borders on subtle, yet percussive patterns and dense synths duck underneath the lead melody in impressive layers.

Black Summer - Double Edge     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 08/11/2019
Electronic music wunderkind Black Summer has today announced his new, heartwrenching single “Double Edge”, featuring Australian vocalist Aston.
“Double Edge” is affecting, melancholy; the kind of song listeners will put on for comfort in the midst of a breakup or breakdown. Gentle piano plays calmly throughout the swooping, sparkling dance of synthesisers and percussion. Aston’s heavenly vocal guides the listener as the song reaches its peak, resulting in a deeply poignant journey from start to end.

Black Fox - Beatles Party     Rock, Pop 17/09/2012
Growling bass, foot to the floor stomp, robo-rock guitars and hazy vocals; This is the sound of Black Fox and nobody else.
Black Fox brings you Beatles Party—the second single to herald from their debut album, Line Of Sight, and their most instantly accessible outing to date. Embracing dark guitars, escalating melodies, and machine gun rhythms prime for dance floor consumption; this is thoughtful pop for the mind and body.

Other tracks by Black Fox:  Day In Lieu
Bento - Diamond Days     Rock, Pop, Funk 17/09/2012
These are and this is Diamond Days, the sparkling debut album by Bento – the new musical creation from Ben Gillies, drummer and co-founder of Silverchair.
Uptempo Rock with with funk/pop rhythms. Uplifting lyrics and bristling with spirit. Ben performed all vocals, rhythm guitar, keys and percussion – with a little help from some industry friends, including the likes of Thomas Rawle from Papa Vs Pretty.

Ben Fear - Lotus     Hip Hop, Hip Hop 23/08/2019
Western Australian emcee Ben Fear, takes a more definitively-hip hop approach, incorporating elements of trip hop, jazz, classic rock, and world music, bringing together his trademark poetic style.
The dark-yet-playful lyricism of Lotus examines: the frenetic, sickly nature of modern life; the search for perspective; and the arguably-narrow vision of current political discourse and of Western culture.

Bell City Square - Make Me Feel Nothing     Pop, Electronic 13/08/2018
3-Piece have relocated from Darwin to Melbourne. Shimmering synth/pop. Bell City Square cleverly incorporating electronic elements and often it's the spaces between instrumental flourishes that add lustre to the arrangement
Weaver's matter-of-fact delivery during verses makes the perfect foil for the heart-bleeding vulnerability\u2028 of the single's chorus; his vocal range and emotional investment throughout the song's duration equally impressive. Enter piano stabs to signal the breakdown, giving us a chance to catch our collective breath before one last beseeching chorus plea: "I need something to make me feel nothing!"

Bec Sandridge - W MY EX     Alternative, Rock, Pop 09/10/2019
Bec Sandridge has been kicking around with her Kate Bush-meets-Karen-O vibe for a few years, but only now do we finally have a debut LP to wrap our ears around.
“W MY EX” is the next focus track taken from the album and it’s another undeniable earworm.

Bec Sandridge - Stranger     Pop, Rock 19/08/2019
Exploring anxiety in individualism, identity and gender with an artful yet tongue-in-cheek approach that has become uniquely her own, Sandridge has toured Australia and internationally through the UK and Europe.
Adored by her commanding voice, angular guitar work and in-compromising bravery Bec Sandridge returns with her new single “Stranger". Which exhibits her raw pour and emotion, as she continuously push's her artistry to another level.

Bec & Sebastian - Barricade     Electronic, Pop 03/11/2014
The chemistry and bond the twins share is evident in their uplifting/infectious pop sensibility. The siblings maintaining truth and a rawness that manifests itself through stunning vocal harmonies and lyrics.
The chemistry and bond the twins share is evident in their uplifting and infectious electro/pop which delivers a relatable rawness that manifests itself through stunning vocal harmonies and lyrics. File under Massive Attack, Sia & Robyn.

Beats Working - Shake My Pockets     Hip Hop, Rock 03/02/2011
Oz hip-hop with and edge. Think noisy punk and Australian hip hop fused with a smattering of of surf rock inspired beats and killer hook courtesy of Ezekial Ox (Mammal).
Aussie hip hop melded with noisy punk and surf rock beats. Vocal hook courtesy from Ezekial Ox from Mammal.

ËMMË - Good Love     Electronic, Pop 14/02/2018
Sydney based producer has worked with several international heavyweights such as Sherry St. Germain (of Akylla), PON CHO, and Dennis Waakop-Reijers (Tiesto) with some big international collaborations in the works.
Good Love is co-written with fellow Australian Jay Le Kat (previously of GRRL PAL), fills the spectrum with happy electronic pop vibes inspired by ËMMË's bass/trap background and sprinkled with Jay's acoustic influence. The song flows, carried by Jay's vocals and accompanied by emotional synth chords and driving rhythms throughout.

Asta - Want You To Know     Pop 26/11/2019
Asta returns to the spotlight with “Want You To Know” – a song destined to become one of Summer 2020’s pop-gems. The track shimmers with nostalgic-synth-pop and early Whitney tones.
Speaking about the inspiration for “Want You To Know”, Asta says, “It was really just about a certain booty call, but he lived very very far away which drove me crazy.”

Produced by Patrick Liney (Cosmos Midnight) and Yeo, the song came about “after listening and dancing to Mark Ronson tracks all-day in the studio with good friend Janeva.

Apollo Pathway - Never Ending Story     Rock 12/03/2011
Apollo Pathway entered the recording studio with open minds to work towards their debut album with acclaimed producer Tom Larkin (Shihad). Drawing inspiration from bands like Weezer and The Cars.
The track was recorded and mixed in a number of Melbourne studios by Tom Larkin who has worked the same brilliance with some of Australia’s best immerging bands as Calling All Cars, Red Ink, The Galvatrons & Young Heretics. Power pop rock with hooks aplenty.