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Valve Records

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It's Magnetic - Heatwave     Alternative, Psych 03/04/2020
Brisbane based band comprised of MIA GOODWIN and JAMIE TREVASKIS - discerning hosts of the much revered Junk Bar, along with BEN ELY from Regurgitator.
A light to lead the way in...

Other tracks by It's Magnetic:  Out of Time
Dicklord - Boring     Punk, Rock 03/04/2020
Hailing from some god forsaken sh*t hole. They pretend to be some kind of violent gang from the 1950s, all switchblades and bandannas, but sound more like rollerblades and bananas.
Nothing boring about this little ditty...

Other tracks by Dicklord:  Moll on the Dole
Regurgitator - No Point     Rock, Punk, News 03/05/2019
Brisbane band - 25 years down the track, made a bunch of records and then some… continue to play havoc. Still trippin' the light fantastic!
No point in going on. Just listen and take it all in. Hit play!

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Regurgitator - I Get the Internet     Pop, Rock, Electronic 09/11/2018
Brisbane band - been around for a while, made a bunch of records and then some… continue to play havoc. Still trippin' the light fanastic!
News in: fibre-optic spirals will make the Internet 100 times faster than it is today. That means the only viable way to process exponentially burgeoning cancer of shizzput will to become a robot. The question is will I self-engineer quick enough to accommodate it or will my body become hopelessly beached and shrivel up on the lonely shoreline of society?

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I Heart Hiroshima - Action     Pop, Garage, Electronic 03/08/2018
Brisbane 3 piece are a ragged joy of guitars and drums…
If you are a fan of Gang of Youths then this one is for you. With a pulsating beat and big guitar builds, the track combines little snippets of dark vocals, simple structures and moments of slow reflection. A real anthem of catharsis. As the song develops, the control shakes and trembles, it becomes a wild and emotional release.

Regurgitator - Party Looks     Funk/Soul, Pop, Electronic 19/07/2018
Been around for a while, made a bunch of records and then some… continue to play havoc. New tunes headroxxing your way soon!
P. A. R. T. Y. Have you got the looks? Yeah we got the looks.

The song is essentially inspired by having a conversation on a dance floor with another person in a very loud environment and completely misinterpreting what the other person is saying.

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Other tracks by Regurgitator:  Roxx For Brains
Regurgitator - Light Me on Fire     Rock, Experimental, Electronic, Comedy 05/05/2018
Latest new tune by Regurgitator.
Beat, rock, noise and voice jammed in a jar, filled with fuel, stuffed with a rag and thrown in the crowd. Who knows what goes...

Other tracks by Regurgitator:  Don't Stress
The Mavis's - Happy When I'm Down     Pop, Rock 05/05/2018
Darlings of a time when Rage & Recovery were TV-diet, Triple J was on speed-dial. From Ballarat babes to national treasures, The Mavis's were a force to be reckoned with!
The Mavis's in shimmer pop anthem mode. Dreamy layered beach boys harmonies colour a bittersweet lyric.

Ben Ely - Aussie Road Move     Rock, Folk, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 02/09/2017
Ben Ely is generally known for his work with the band REGURGITATOR, though over the last few years has spent a large amount of time writing and recording solo works.
First tune floats free from Strange Tales... smoke, dust... and just roads forever.


I Heart Hiroshima - Born Too Late     Rock, Garage, Pop 02/09/2017
Ragged garage pop joys breathe much more than lets on. After Spillin' the Light in 2016, IHH are now looking to the present and beyond: Dreamin' Heavy.
First tune from this latest EP... never too late for something new.

Other tracks by I Heart Hiroshima:  Action
I Heart Hiroshima - Glow     Rock, Garage, Pop 25/11/2016
Always walking the edge of a chasm of togetherness. I Heart Hiroshima break like an intruder into the night. Always a ragged joy of guitars and drums. New tracks!
Cruisin' garage pop glory possessed of I Heart's male/female response vocals all with that certain glow! Sweet.


I Heart Hiroshima - Fifty Three     Rock, Pop, Pop 29/07/2016
A ragged joy of guitars and drums… since their 2005 dawn they've strung their self-styled way. Matt, Cameron and Sull set the pace for a new tune of episodes.
First new track in a bunch of years... and full of life and experience for it. Just check it out. Ha!

MUSIC CO-COORDINATOR PICK: Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ, Brisbane (QLD)

Curse Ov Dialect - Twisted Strangers     Hip Hop, Experimental, Pop 09/03/2016
One of Australia’s most original proponents of hip-hop return after time off for living… Curse Ov Dialect follow recent dates with Future Islands with first album in 7 years!
“Twisted Strangers” - title track released into this strange world featuring special guest Hemlock Ernst (aka Sam Herring - Future Islands).

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Ben Ely - Goodbye Machine     Folk 23/09/2015
Ben has been playing in bands for the past 25 plus years... from Pangaea to Regurgitator. Now for the first time he has ventured into a genuine wood-grained solo album.
First track from new solo album.

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Regurgitator - ! (The Song Formerly Known As) (Retrotech Live Version)     Rock, Funk, Pop, Live Performance 10/08/2015
Verging on 22 years since forming late 1993, playing 800 plus live shows since early 1994, Regurgitator release debut live album Nothing Less Than Cheap Imitations:Live at The HiFi 2012
Great live version of mid 90s Regurgitator classic funk rock homage to Prince.

Quan (featuring Seja) - Chocolate Milk     Hip Hop 03/08/2015
Quan (Regurgitator) has stepped back up to the solo block after some time away from the music game emerging with new hiphop track in next wave of creative output.
Sweet sweet badass hiphop tune from Quan - Choclate Milk - new solo track featuring Seja on guest vocals. Opening track in latest wave of creative output from long term Regurgitator member.

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Bandito Folk - Mona Lisa     Rock, Pop, Country, Easy Listening 03/11/2014
Brisbane 5 piece Bandito Folk release second EP The Perimeter Fence. For fans of Midlake, Jeff Buckley, Halfway or The Middle East.
Bonnie & Clyde, Cadillac, route 66.

Mad Warrior, Violent Leader - Condamine     Folk, Alternative Country, Rock 15/10/2014
Mad Warrior, Violent Leader is a Brisbane based eight-piece ensemble project that composes what could reductively be called post-folk.
Heavenly post-folk rock that like a river builds to a liberatory ocean of crescendo.

Ed Kuepper - Swing For The Crime     Folk, Punk, Acoustic 16/06/2014
Brisbane's Ed Kuepper acoustic rewordings of earlier Kuepper classics spanning material by The Saints, Laughing Clowns and of course Ed's lengthy solo career.
Classic Saints track from Prehistoric Sounds acoustically reinvented with a sense of urgent folk intensity. No time for remaining locked in that roomful of words.

Other tracks by Ed Kuepper:  The Way I Made You Feel
Bandito Folk - Into the Fire     Rock 28/03/2014
After a warm reception to their recent performances with Dan Sultan and Gin Club Brisbane's Bandito Folk grab the cashbox and run through the flames to stir up musical trouble.
Into The Fire pulls back the tempo without any loss of intensity of emotion and shows Tuck's lilting tenor and the band's razor-sharp arrangements to impressive effect.

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